Say your piece would indicate that you"ve had actually the opportunity to do your part of the statement on the subject.

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Say her peace would indicate that you"ve had the possibility to speak and collection your mind in ~ ease.

Clearly, lock both make perfect sense in those contexts. To it is in clear, I want to recognize which is the form used by most people?


It appears to it is in say your piece and also hold her peace. Since "peace" and "piece" room homophones, castle are conveniently confused.

Google Ngram mirrors piece being 20X more common than peace in 2008, however 45X more common in 1999 (acknowledging the horrendous predictive worth of Ngrams). So, in a decade or so... It may well be; not based on the Ngram, but based upon how misuse has actually so often turned into typical usage.


I have always seen "say your piece," as if telling an actor to recite their script.

Other than that, I found that "speak your peace" can be used, however only in a very minimal context, wherein "peace" literally way "peace." The general kind uses "piece." This article additionally mentions the "speak her peace" is usually offered as a variant of "hold your peace."

I am only familiar with "speak her piece" in the feeling of "I offered him a piece of mine mind", or "a item of advice".

I have never encountered the "peace" spelling outside a church context, once in the ritual of "pax vobiscum" human being exchange a sign of peace. Maybe the "peace" instance here can be a mutilated referral to this, otherwise i fail to see how you have the right to say friend "peace of mind", although friend can definitely seek, and attain it, and also "get other off her chest to have some peace of mind".

Furthermore, looking in ~ the source link in the price above, it"s complete of inconsistencies and errors - "peace" is puzzled with "piece" in the an initial answer slide, i beg your pardon doesn"t assist matters in ~ all.

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I translate "piece" together "your thoughts on the subject" or perhaps, just "your thoughts". Except in a spiritual or quasi-religious context ns can"t conjour up any kind of instance wherein "say your peace" would really make lot sense. Perhaps after "saying her piece" you would attain peace of mind, but that"s as close as I have the right to get.


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