I choose up a Savage 1907 that someone sanded the complete off of. I"m looking come rust blue it yet need to fully disassemble it to obtain an also finish. Go anybody know exactly how to disassemble the breech plug and remove the safety bar so that i can gain the ideal finish?

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A little bit of help


Location:3rd absent from the Sun, CDB land(Mt Juliet)


Are friend talking about (look at the pic) #6 and also related parts? If so simply look close and do what is needed. I understand I do it sound easy, I have actually not taken her pistol apart, ns am no a gun smith. I have the right to see the there is a firing pin Retainer. Likewise a Cocking bar Hinge Pin the will need to come out as well. Job-related inside a clean plastic bag so thing perform not go much when points let go.

I very own a couple of Savage pistols. I"ve never done much more than ar strip them. However, in my research, I"ve checked out it said plenty of times do NOT disassemble the breach plug. Its complete of tiny little parts and also its a real booger to get earlier together properly. 


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Yeah. I wouldn"t even think about it if someone prior to me hadn"t decided to sand the finish off that everything. Didn"t also do a great job of it. 

Not a gunsmith and also never own Savage 1907 however I never ever took something personally I could not put earlier together. Shows up to me that when pin 13 is removed component 7, the cocking bar should come out. Probably a tiny caution here as the firing pin or component 14 may have some tension and may or may not paris out. Component 8 looks favor the tricky one together I deserve to not tell from the diagram if it come out before or after ~ the firing pen assembly. Good thing is the firing pen spring appears to be captured on the firing pin so components 14, 15 and also 16 will certainly come out as 1 unit. Parts 9 and also 10, the extractor and also extractor spring look reasonably common to most extractor assembles and is just hosted in through spring tension. The same shows up to true for parts parts 11 and 12, sear and also sear spring being hosted in place with spring tension. All this sounds straightforward and probably is yet may it is in a check of your nerves when it come time come look because that the little parts that fly the end from feather tension and also align everything back up to reassemble. Good Luck!