I used (and have gotten the conditional offer, every o the emails, done the drug test, etc.) for an RC position, yet the main title is 'RURAL CARR ASSOC/SRV REG RTE'. Can anyone call me what the second component means, SRV REG RTE part?


According to this forum post:

SRV REG RTE: business Regular Route

SRV VAC RTE: organization Vacation Route

I'm assuming that the REG RTE is a course that you would cover together your regular work, and the VAC RTE is one the you would perform in location of someone who is ~ above vacation.

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I don't work for the USPS, so i am not certain if this is 100% right.

Actually they mean:

Serving consistent Route offer Vacant Route

The difference is one is a carrier that works as a back-up relief transport to cover the regular carriers on your days off. They normally rotate indigenous one course to one more each day. It supplied to be on a continuous weekly schedule.

The various other covers a route that has been vacant for much more than 90 days. Commonly this carrier just does the one route each day.

Both carriers might be assigned various other sections of other routes together needed.

I haven't been in a landscape office for a couple of years so this may be a bit various now.

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