ON SUPER key day, you could think Americans desire to recognize the score. Or the most popular ad. Or what songs Katy Perry will certainly sing. Nope, guess again.

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SUPER Bowls space numbered in roman numerals. Most Americans don’t understand Roman numerals. That’s why there’s really just one thing Americans want to recognize today.

Forget the score or everything tunes Katy Perry will warble in she four-song halftime set. On this day, Americans desire to know just how the heck to review those darn roman inn numerals.


This quite amusing google graph expose all. As you have the right to see, there’s a massive spike in the variety of people asking “how to review Roman numerals” about a month into the year, once the Super key is held.

There’s an interesting background behind the reason the NFL offers Roman numerals.

America’s NFL (National football League) to be the country’s premier American football benidormclubdeportivo.orgpetition, yet a rival league, the AFL, was formed in the 1960s.

The at sight Bowl arised as the game that would decide the champion of both leagues (now two divisions, the NFC and AFC, playing in the one league, the NFL).

The first Super bowl was organized at the end of the 1966 season, although it wasn’t actually called Super key I. Instead, it had actually the not specifically romantic name of the “AFL-NFL Championship Game”.

Roman numerals officially benidormclubdeportivo.orge in five years later on for Super key V.

See? Number 49, held in 2015.

The factor Roman numerals were employed to be to identify the game number native the year in which it is played. Because that example, this year’s Super bowl XLIX (49) is gift played in 2015. If they just dubbed it Super key 49, some people might think it was or will be played in 1949 or 2049. Or something. Americans are easily confused, girlfriend know.

And for those quiet in the dark: how TO review ROMAN NUMERALS

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