Today I will be testing the Rescue detox Ice drink. That is presented as an organic detox supplement containing strictly natural ingredients with minimal fabricated components. Multiple vitamin supplements, an especially that the Vitamin B, are integrated into this mixture and also it is explained as a an effective cleansing power drink.

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This product is draft to aid uses temporarily clear their system of residual drug concentrations and toxins that deserve to be detected through a urine medicine test.

About me: 6" tall, 187 lbs, ~22% body fat. I"m physical fit, ns do about an hour that cardio training every day. Ns smoke weed 3-5 times a week. To placed it shortly: I"m a non-regular smoker in a good shape and also fast metabolism. So it have to be easy for me to pass the test.

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How does it work

As is the situation with the majority of decoding drinks, Rescue decoding Ice will help with the flushing out of toxins and drug residual water from your body. The toxins will be released right into the blood native fat reserves and then required to the liver where they will certainly be metabolized and passed with the urine.

Therefore, the detoxification procedure using Rescue detox Ice generally relies on removed the concentration of drugs that room usually retained in the fat reserves and releasing them v the urine.



Rescue decoding drinks come in sizes of 17 and also 32-ounce bottles and also will generally have 3 flavors. These drinks are defined to have completely natural flavorings with not fabricated colorings, sweeteners, or preservatives.

In addition to this, the list of detoxifying ingredients that are presented do not show up to be too obscure as well:

Dietary Fiber – maintains the wellness of digestionVitamin C – growth and also development, antioxidant propertiesVitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 – keep the color and also consistency that urineSodium – balances metabolite levelsPotassium – assists through Sodium in balancing electrolyte levels and also maintaining the details gravity that urine

The drink also comes with a ‘proprietary blend’ consist of of :

Psyllium – a herbal fiber supplementSeed extract, milk thistle, guarana, and also echinacea – natural and also organic decoding substances that boost metabolism and also increase the price of detoxification.

So based on its composition, that is absolutely a pretty safe bet the this drink help to re-energize your system as lot as it ensures thorough detoxification and cleansing.

Rescue detox Instructions


Prior to making use of this product, prefer prior come using any type of other THC decoding kit, that is important that you have a duration of abstinence and avoid using any kind of drugs because that at the very least 2-3 days before the urine medicine test. The much longer the period, the far better your outcomes would be.

You will should drink the bottle while gift on an empty stomach. To be much more specific, Rescue detox Ice have to be drunk at least 5 hours after the last enjoy the meal you took and also around 2 hours prior to your test. Make sure you drink all the contents of the bottle, wait for roughly 10-15 minutes, refill the bottle v water, and drink the too.


During the very first hour ~ finishing the bottle, her bladder will certainly be in ~ its preferably capacity and also the urine will be filled with all the purged toxins. That is just a matter of emptying the complete bladder and urinating at the very least 2 time to ensure that is out of the system. The effects are solid for at the very least 2 hours so make certain you drink the bottle v this time window in mind.

The Results


As you have the right to see, the urine color is normal yet the check shows optimistic for THC. That way that i failed.

Other Reviews

I contained a few reviews (that room both positive and negative) below from Amazon and an alternative review website that define the first-hand impression the the product by the customers.


"It works! just follow the directions, if you a huge person and have a most toxins in her system, then please go at least a main without placing toxins in her body"



"This product works. We have used it many times and never had a fail. YOU should FOLLOW THE instructions EXACTLY. Execute not drink more fluid than you are an alleged to. This is the just product I have known to produce regular results. Functions for hefty users"

Christopher Reed

"I had actually a damaging addiction come marijuana. I knew the was due to the fact that of the cannabinoids all in my human body from however 8 cigarettes that kept me from moving on. That DID not flush out all the THC, however all the other garbage the marijuana placed in my body is unable to do mostly and also now I have actually NO seeks to pot. I am so thankful for this product, i am currently living a weed-free life and the stuff tasted good. If you want to prevent smoking, this will greatly ease you turn off so you can be clean."


"My boyfriend had actually a medicine test to get into this really an excellent job near us yet he had been smoking cigarettes the weekend before. So we bought this sucker in ~ utopia, the drank 12 bottles of water, and an entire bottle that cranberry the night before. The job of, an additional 8 party of water and also the Rescue Detox. We were certain it to be going come work due to the fact that of every the exceptional reviews however we just gained the check back, the failed. Just how did that happen?"

Amazon customer

"I extremely suggest not buying this or the 32oz... If you a continuous smoker and you DON’T work out or sweat a lot of in general. It does not work-related if you’re regularly smoking and also have a the majority of body fat or fat cells. However, if friend do occupational out regularly or normally sweat A LOT it will job-related only to mask the THC because that a couple of hours. Ns tried them they no work... Garbage of 60 dollars."

Frequently asked Questions

How long does Rescue decoding Ice last?

The results or ‘clear zone’ of Rescue detox lasts for approximately 5 hrs after consumption. There are certain strict instructions to monitor to ensure passing a medicine test which includes ceasing the use of any drug 48 to 72 hours prior to consuming this product. Schedule her test in ~ the next 4 hours to be on the for sure side.

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What drugs does Rescue decoding clean?

Rescue Detox insurance claims to cleanse the body of any complimentary radicals and heavy exposure to unwanted toxins had in weed, marijuana, cocaine, and details opiates. Over there is a full money-back insurance by the manufacturer in situation you fail the drug test, yet strict follow to the provided instructions ~ above the packaging demands to be proven.