(pockets plural & 3rd person present) (pocketing present participle) (pocketed past tense & previous participle )

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1  n-count A bag is a sort of little bag i beg your pardon forms part of a piece of clothing, and also which is used for carrying small things such together money or a handkerchief. oft poss N, n N He take it his flashlight native his coat pocket and also switched the on..., The male stood with his hand in his pockets.  
2  n-count 
You can use bag in a lot of of various ways to refer to money that civilization have, get, or spend. For example, if someone gives or payment a many money, you have the right to say that they dig deep right into their pocket. If you provide of something due to the fact that it is very cheap come buy, you can say the it suits people"s pockets. ...ladies" fashions to suit all shapes, sizes and pockets...  
3  adj 
You usage pocket to describe something the is small enough to fit right into a pocket, regularly something that is a smaller sized version the a larger item. ADJ n ...a bag calculator., ...my bag edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.  
4  n-count 
A pocketof something is a little area where something is happening, or a tiny area which has actually a particular quality, and which is various from the various other areas approximately it. usu N the n He endured the earthquake ~ spending 3 days in an air pocket..., The army controls the city apart from a few pockets that resistance.  
5  verb 
If someone who is in possession of something an important such as a amount of money pockets it, castle steal it or take it for themselves, also though the does not belong come them. Dishonest importers would have the ability to pocket the VAT accumulated from customers.  V n 
6  verb 
If friend say the someone pockets miscellaneous such as a compensation or sum of money, you typical that they success or achieve it, often without needing to make much initiative or in a means that seems unfair.  (JOURNALISM) He pocketed much more money indigenous this tournament 보다 in his entire three years together a professional.  V n 
7  verb 
If someone pockets something, they put it in their pocket, because that example since they desire to steal that or hide it. Anthony snatched his letters and also pocketed them...  V n 
8 If you say that someone is in who else"s pocket, you refuse of the reality that the an initial person is ready to do every little thing the second person speak them, for example out of weakness or in return for money. ♦in someone"s pocket 
 phrase usu v-link PHR  (disapproval) The plank of directors should surely have remained in Johnstone"s pocket.  
9 If friend say the someone is lining their very own or someone else"s pockets, you reject of them due to the fact that they are making money dishonestly or unfairly. ♦line one"s pockets  phrase V inflects  (disapproval) It is estimated that 5,000 bank staff can be lining their very own pockets from client accounts.  
10 If you space out the pocket, you have less money than you should have or 보다 you intended, for example since you have spent too much or due to the fact that of a mistake. ♦out that pocket  phrase v-link PHR, PHR after ~ v They were well out of pocketthey had spent far an ext in Hollywood than he had earned...   → out-of-pocket 
11 If someone picks your pocket, they steal other from your pocket, commonly without friend noticing. ♦pick someone"s pocket  phrase V and N inflect They were an ext in danger of having actually their pockets picked than being shooting at.  
breast pocket 
  (breast pockets plural )The chest pocket the a man"s coat or jacket is a pocket, generally on the inside, alongside his chest.  n-count with poss I retained the perform in my chest pocket.  
 Out-of-pocket costs are those which girlfriend pay the end of your own money on behalf of who else, and also which are regularly paid back to friend later.  adj ADJ n  → pocket 
pocket knife   (pocket knives plural ), pocketknife A bag knife is a little knife with several knives which fold right into the take care of so that you can lug it about with girlfriend safely.  n-count (=penknife) 
pocket money  , pocket-money Pocket money is money which youngsters are given by their parents, commonly every week.  (mainly BRIT)  n-uncount We i agree to offer her £6 a week pocket money.  in AM, commonly use allowance  
 , pocket-size If you explain something together pocket-sized, you approve of it because it is little enough to fit in your pocket.  adj usu ADJ n  (approval) ...a handy pocket-sized referral book.  

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