Once recognized as the lumber resources of the world, Bangor is a 35-square mile tract of land sit in the facility of Maine’s vast coastline. It is one of a couple of urban areas in a state otherwise filled with vast acres of forests.

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The state the Maine was originally lived in by the aboriginal Penobscot peoples, who lived modest resides as migratory hunters and gatherers. Europeans saw the Bangor area starting in the 1500s to trade pet pelts, yet the an initial formal settlement of Bangor didn’t occur until Jacob Buswell started a site in 1769. The city was integrated in 1791 through a populace of 567 and also a prospering sawmill.

By 1860, Bangor was the biggest lumber harbor in the world, operation 150 sawmills along the river. They shipped end 150 million board feet of wood annually, much of which to be shipped on boats built by the suppliers of Bangor. Together steal and heavy steam began to take host of the world, the sawmills of Bangor relocated from lumber manufacturing to paper/pulp production. The paper mills likewise eventually closed due to global competition.

Today, Bangor is residence to 30K inhabitants that brave the frozen winters searching for a simpler, much less expensive way of life.


It need to surprise no one that there is a link in between drug use and also crime. This stop true in Bangor where an approximated 79% of criminals are likewise drug users. The rate of building crime in Bangor is a shocking 63, nearly dual the national average of 35. Citizens of Bangor have actually a 1 in 28 opportunity of gift a victim the a building crime. To put it simply: numerous folks space stealing lots of things in stimulate to market them for several drugs.

In Bangor’s defense, the level the violent crime is just 16 matches a national average of 22. The chance of a resident gift a victim that a violent crime is 1 in 922. Maine has actually one the the lowest rates of violent crime in the nation.

Just remember, when you listen “Maine has such low crime rates”, they space referring to violent crime rates; since that explain is not exact for residential or commercial property crimes.

Con#5: Lower education and learning Levels

The university of Maine, the state’s biggest university, is located just a few miles northeast of Bangor. Despite, this proximity come a major university, only 36% of Bangor residents have a university degree. The youth of Bangor might attend the local university, but it doesn’t appear they are sticking about the area ~ graduation.

Con#6: Taxes space High

Maine is ranked fourth in the nation for having the highest possible taxes. The median resident of Maine will contribute 10% of their earnings to state and local taxes. The income tax price of 7% is nearly twin the national median of 4%.

Maine is taken into consideration not tax-friendly come retirees, through non-Social Security earnings being taxation at 7% and also property taxes the are over national averages.

Con#7: lack of Diversity

Maine is ranked the second worst state in terms of diversity, with only West Virginia being worse. The demographic of Bangor is 90% white matches a national median of 61%.

Con#8: lack of population Growth

In general, one increasing population is considered an excellent for a city as it boosts personal, business, and also property taxation revenue. A well-functioning city have the right to then re-invest that taxes revenue ago into the city infrastructure, hope attracting even more development. In addition, increasing populace implies that civilization want to live in a city, for this reason serving as a yardstick because that the city’s popularity and also attractiveness.

The populace of Bangor has been grounding at approximately 30K people since the 1940s; that’s over 80 year of stagnant growth.

The last significant attempt at urban renewal in Bangor remained in the 1960s; locals have largely asserted this job a failure together it relocated successful businesses away from Downtown and failed to replace them v anything better.

The last effective urban rejuvenation in Bangor was after the good Fire that 1911 which destroyed much that the downtown area taking out 285 residences, 100 businesses, and 6 churches. The area was conveniently re-developed in between 1911 and 1915, using building designs from several of the leading architects the the time. Today 48 of these rebuilt structures still stand in what is called the great Fire the 1911 historic District.

Con#9: The ocean Water is Cold

Pro #1 brags around Maine’s 3,478 mile of tidal shoreline. The is truly a beautiful coastline to watch at, however a summer-time water temperature median of 55 levels makes for a hard swim.

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Before donning that black color swimsuit, you re welcome be conscious that the shark population off Maine’s coastline has been enhancing nicely end the last few decades many thanks to regulatory security of sharks and also the seals they prey on.

Con#10: Insect Pests

So you’ve chose to avoid the cold s waters and also head inland to enjoy the substantial lands of pine tree nothingness. Girlfriend had better wear lengthy sleeves and also bathe yourself in DEET due to the fact that the summertime bugs in Maine are the ingredient of legend:

Clouds of biting black color flies throughout the day, jokingly dubbed the Maine state birdSwarms that mosquitos in ~ nightPainful deer fly bitesDog and also deer ticksAnd also a tiny brown moth caterpillar who hairs can reason itchy rashes