The prime meridian is the zero-degree the longitude, whereby the East meets the West.

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it is an arbitrary line, an interpretation any heat of longitude might be favored as the element meridian. However, the international agreement of ‘International Meridian Conference,’ agreed upon the meridian to run through  Greenwich as the main prime meridian of the world. Likewise called the Greenwich meridian, the separates the Eastern hemisphere from the Western hemisphere, as similar to the Equator dividing the Northern and the southerly hemispheres. End at the North and South poles, the imaginary line of prime meridian and also its respond to meridian: the 180th meridian kind a Great circle.

Prior to the facility of a universal prime meridian, each nation took the freedom to decision their very own meridians, typically passing with their respective countries. Yet this was inconvenient because that the sailors and also the travelers that the 19th century, come refer on their maps because that trans-continental and also trans-oceanic travels. Hence, over there arrived a require to develop a globally accepted prime meridian. In the International Meridian Conference, organized in Washington, D.C., in 1884, a team of forty-one delegates from twenty-five countries gathered and chose the meridian passing with the  Airy transit one telescope, housed in ~ the  imperial Observatory, Greenwich, London together the element meridian. The two main reasons the the the Greenwich meridian was favored as the prime meridian were: its currently being advert by over two-thirds the the world ships in their maps and also charts, and also 72% that the world’s commerce depended ~ above sea-charts that used Greenwich as Prime Meridian.

The Greenwich meridian is additionally used as the recommendation for all various other meridians of longitude, numbered with east or West the it. Serving together the basis of the world Standard Time ar system, the mean Solar Time at Greenwich is embraced as the global Time. Formerly referred to as the Greenwich typical Time, the standard time consequently becomes, 4 minutes previously at every longitude West of the Greenwich and also four minutes later on at every longitude east of the Greenwich. This accept of Greenwich Meridian as the universal base point in the calculation of longitude, was changed after the IERS reference Meridian was established in 1983 with the Global Positioning system (GPS). The findings revealed the the Greenwich meridian does not fall specifically on the zero-degree, zero-minute and also zero-second longitude. Yet it lies 5.3 seconds West to the yes, really zero-degree longitude.

Featuring a total length the 12,429.9 miles, the Greenwich meridian, is of the same length as any other meridian that longitude. In the north hemisphere, it passes with the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Ghana. whereas the only landmass in the southern hemisphere, with which the Greenwich passes, is the  Queen Maud land in Antarctica.

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The meridian’s fame has actually hundreds of travellers from all over the world, making their method to the royal Observatory. The prime meridian was lengthy symbolized by a brass strip in the courtyard which was later on replaced by stainless steel in 1999. It has actually been significant by a powerful green laser shining throughout the London night sky.

The basic table mentions the nations that lie on the Greenwich meridian:

Countries on the element meridian
United Kingdom
Burkina Faso
Queen Maud Land in Antarctica (Region of Antarctica)

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