What carry out you think about Mary?Let"s talk around something different.I"ve simply read a book around President Putin. The lion to be pacing about its cage.

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We room flying above the clouds.We live in the hills, 1,000 metres above sea-level.It"s just two degrees above freezing point. <+2ºC> that came above you in the test results?


We drove across the desert.The dog ran throughout the road.There is a bridge throughout the river. She resides in the house across the street. It"s practically opposite mine.

after (also conjunction)

We had actually lunch <1pm> after the meeting <11am>.Let"s fulfill the day after tomorrow.


Did you poll for or versus the suggestion?He put his bicycle against the wall.


We walked along the coast for 2 miles.There room trees follow me the road.The toilet is along the corridor.


Their boat came together our boat.Team A operated alongside Team B during construction.

amid | amidst (poetic)

I couldn"t hear her amid the noise.We were shed amidst the trees.

among | amongst (mainly brothers English)

Is there a doctor among us?There were secret police amongst the crowd.I was among strangers. I didn"t recognize anyone.


He appears to it is in anti mine idea.Some human being are anti everything.


We walked approximately the city for one hour.They every sat approximately the camp fire.There is a large fence approximately the house.He to be born roughly 1570.Let"s meet around 7pm.

as (also conjunction)

He is functioning as a waiter.The risk is together nothing contrasted to the profit.Ram is together tall as Anthony.


She satellite astride the horse.


He is at school.We an initial met at a party.Let"s start the meeting at 9 o"clock.He started occupational at 17 (years the age).We room aiming at sales of $1,000,000.

atop (poetic)

The church is positioned atop a hill.

Complex prepositions

according to

According to John, mar was late. I believe John.

ahead of

Anthony is front of Rachel in the race. He"ll win.We have actually a lengthy day front of us. Let"s obtain going!

à la (from French)

It"s a TV show à la CNN. Exact same style, similar content.

along with

Do you want some pork along with the chicken?

apart from

Nobody objected apart from you, so us did it.

as for

As because that Matt, he will arrive later.

aside from

I have another car aside from this one. Both are red.

as per

We need to work strictly as per the law.

as to

As to your behaviour, i think you were wrong.

as well as

You must telephone and also write, just to be sure.

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away from

The cat ran far from the dog and escaped.
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