Jaron Lowenstein is an American country singer-songwriter that was previously one-half that the folk-pop music duo Evan and Jaron, a pairing v his twin brother Evan. Now recording together Jaron and the lengthy Road to Love, he exit this debut solitary to country radio in November 2009.

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In his review of the track for USA Today, Brian Mansfield explained it as "a twisted novelty the combines country"s fondness because that spiritual themes and also relational revenge."
When the song gone into the warm 100 on the chart dated April 10, 2010, it was Lowenstein"s an initial entry since "Crazy for This Girl" perfect a 23-week chart run this week in 2001 after ~ peaking at #15.
Lowenstein make a second version of the music video clip to give some backstory on why he"s so bitter about his ex in the song. He told CMT: "They want a video that reply questions prefer what happened to this guy, and why"s he therefore angry, and show it in a dark comedic way."The singer added that he come close to spreading his real-life ex, actress Kaley Cuoco (The huge Bang Theory), in the duty of his girl friend in the clip. "Originally, I wanted my real ex to perform it. Ns think she would"ve really tried to kill me in the video, and that might have been yes, really funny too!" The part eventually visited actress Jaime Pressly, finest known for her role as pleasure in My surname Is Earl.
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Michael Stipe hadn"t perfect the lyrics once R.E.M. Recorded "Radio free Europe." the calls the vocal "complete babbling."


The crucial "YYZ" through Rush gained its title from the transmitter code for Toronto"s Lester B. Pearson international Airport, close to where the tape is from.

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