All have been the target of someone"s prank one time or the other. That is a purgatory of embarrassment and humor the keeps friend wondering even if it is to laugh, hide, or cry. The is especially hilarious when played top top a loved one, maybe also a girlfriend.

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There’s nothing prefer a good prank. That is specifically hilarious as soon as the person least expects it. Therefore why wait for the first of April to play all the good pranks. Though, it is an extremely important to find the right victim for a prank. How about your girlfriend? select the perfect time, place, and mood; girlfriend don’t desire to make a bad day even worse, also if she will certainly laugh about it later.

Pranks have to be harmless, and let’s try to keep them the way. Pick colors the aren’t permanent, and will easily wash-off in a solitary rinse. Use ingredients the she isn’t allergic to. And also remember, pull the plug top top the prank if the is getting an ext serious than it should. The key is to speed yourself and also not try all the pranks at the exact same time. Remember, you desire to tickle she funny bone, and also not annoy her. Unless, girlfriend are prepared to endure the heartbreak of a break-up. Also remember, the tables can always turn. So as soon as you’ve play the prank, brace yourself. For you recognize what castle say, ‘Nor hell a fury like a mrs scorned’.


Put food color in the hand soap dispenser.

Paint the advice of her pens and pencils v clear nail polish, so none of them work.

Cover the toilet seat v plastic wrap.

Rearrange she drawers and/or document cabinets in a various order. Mix everything about as much as girlfriend can.

Borrow her cell phone and change the language setup to a foreign language.

Swap her favourite shirt v a look-alike, the only difference being the it is 2 sizes smaller sized or bigger than the original.


Coat the soap that she offers with clear pond polish, so the won’t suds up.

Buy a 2nd remote and readjust the channel if she is watching something interesting. Doing this secretly without her understanding what’s happening would certainly be a blast.

The grand mix up; replace salt through sugar, and also wait for her to make braided coffee, beforehand in the morning.

Secretly ar confetti inside her umbrella. The next time she opens up the umbrella she’s in for a surprise.

Put a dash of hot sauce into your sleeping girlfriend’s mouth.

Get a lock of hair extensions that enhance your girlfriend’s hair color and length. And also pretend to reduced her hair, and show she the extensions.


Set an alarm on her cell phone which will go turn off every 15 minutes.

Fill one of her handbag or purse pocket v ketchup or cut foam.

Put mayonnaise or any type of other not authorised liquid within her shampoo bottle.

Paint she nails in part crazy colors while she is sleeping.

Hide she makeup and also beauty products. Be all set for part backlash right here though.

Buy a gift box, possibly from her favourite jeweler. Store a pebble in it and glue the box shut. Girlfriend may pick to gift wrap that or leaving it together it is.

Buy she a small gift that needs a box, and gift plunder it. Place this in one more larger box, and also this in another box. Store repeating this procedure till package is huge in size. Use as numerous boxes are you perhaps can and also gift plunder it. Every you have to do now is gift it come her.

Buy an additional jewelry box and also keep a note inside it saying, “oops… better luck next time!”.

Text her: “I have a an enig to call you, later”. Climate don’t answer or respond to her text for fairly a while.

Text her: “We should talk”. Then don’t answer or respond come her text for hours.

Text her: “Honey, i haven’t been totally honest v you”. Again, don’t answer or respond come her text for hours.

“I know what you did”. After girlfriend send her this text, simply let her answers flow.

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Again, a reminder, the while playing a prank on her girlfriend, make certain she go not gain hurt, and that girlfriend don’t hurt her feelings too. Pranks are just meant for fun.