Pitbulls have actually such a tainted picture that several nations have prohibition them completely within their borders. The breed is believed to be as well aggressive for a pet.

To many people, a pity is only good for one thing: fighting.

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Reports the this each other snapping or tearing children, adults, and other pet apart don’t aid the windy perception either.

However, one mrs by the name of Tia Torres search to adjust the poor reputation the Pitbulls.


In she show,Pitbulls and also Parolees,the 60-year old rescues dogs from this breed and also brings them to her non-profit facilityVillalobos Rescue Center. The show, which premiered in 2009 onAnimal Planet, has been roughly for ten seasons.

Her enthusiasm for rescuing dogs is out of this world. She’s dragged her entire family into the business.

These include her husband, Aren Marcus Jackson, daughters Tania and Maria, and embraced sons Kanani and also Keli’l. They are all actors members on the truth show.

What occurred to AJ?

If friend watched the earlier seasons ofPitbulls and also Parolees, you most likely saw AJ do appearances here and there.

He’s missing in the later seasons, though. The dad of 2 is apparently behind bars until 2022. To say the AJ is a criminal would certainly be the understatement the the year.

The guy has had actually multiple run-ins with the police end the years. Together a matter of fact, Tia met him as soon as he was in jail for theft and also burglary ago in the 80s.

Tia and also Aren | Source: MySpace

Aren enjoys stealing, he is addicted to drugs, and he simply loves break the law. Simply after one year that being through Tia, he to be arrested because that robbing whole property to add stealing a car.

Currently, Tia’s husband is in prison because of 11 felonies, consisting of burglary, possession that illegal weapons, attempted murder, and more.

Jackson pleaded no guilty to any kind of of the charges. The judge uncovered him guilty quiet and set a 15-year sentence for him.

Aren, who was sentenced behind bars in 2007, is set to be exit in 2022. However, somereportsclaim the he can be acquiring out earlier, specifically if he reflects a genuine readjust in the right direction when in prison.

Are Tia and AJ quiet together?

They stayed together for less than a year before they had actually to component ways. This come after Aren obtained arrested again, back in September 2007.

Tia would certainly eventually paper for divorce from Aren. That wasn’t surprising, considering he was serving a lengthy sentence at the time. Tia revealed in one interview that her marriage to Aren had actually ended countless years ago.

As mentioned, Tia and Jackson met as soon as the last was in prison. In case you space wondering, he remained in jail because that a different collection of crimes.

Back climate (in 1980), he’d been sentenced come 13 years behind bars. Tia was in the process of finding the owner of one of the Pitbull she’d rescued.

It turns out; the canine belonged come none other than AJ. That’s how the 2 lovebirds met.


Despite gift in prison, the Villalobos’ boss made decision to love the guy anyway. The two started dating after ~ Aren was the end of jail.

A year later, they had tied the knot. Even with the sort of life Aren lives, Tia has actually stayed through his side every these years.

Source: Instagram

Tia’s decision come date, marry, and stick it out with Aren can be attributed to the reality that she understands hardships and also getting a second chance in life. She had actually a tough childhood herself.

Her parents separated when she was young. As soon as things appeared to take a good turn, she own biological mama died. Therefore she had to relocate in with her dad and also had come be increased by she stepmother.

At the age of 17, she was currently out the the house trying to gain the hustle going. She left residence with her pets and also had to fend because that them as well.

She join suit-wearing gangs, was affiliated in police run-ins, and also even escaped gunshots.

Thankfully, the 60-year old turn things roughly before things got worse. She join themilitaryand drove trucks there prior to completely changing her career.

Tia has actually been homeless, broke, depressed, you surname it. She experiences might have taught she a point or two around not providing up ~ above people.

The dog rescuer began her non-profit rescue center to simply give back to society.

After adopting a pitbull and also realizing she to be the sweet dog ever, she decided to rescue as countless dogs the the same breed together possible.

Tia, the dog trainer

Initially, acquiring financial help for the center was a hard battle. However, points have readjusted for the better after gift on the truth show,Pitbulls and Parolees.

Since she uses actual parolees come rescue the animals, people appreciate her even more. Apparently, it was Aren who argued using paroles to carry out the job.

Aren Marcus Jackson, Tia’s husband’s absence fromPitbulls and Paroleesis very evident.

Despite not being a regular actors member, Aren would certainly make an illustration in the earlier seasons also when in prison.

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His contribution to the show has to be immense. Many thanks to him, some parolees now have a rewarding job.