Not many characters have had actually the nerve to stand up to the force of nature the is Malcolm in the Middle"s Lois Wilkerson, play by woman Kaczmarek. But when Emy Coligado"s Piama Tananahaakna was presented to the hot-tempered matriarch together her brand-new and completely unexpected 19-year-old daughter-in-law, Lois met she match.

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It wasn"t simply the personality who organized her own in a family of solid personalities. Coligado joined Malcolm in the Middle during its 3rd season in 2002, and her deadpan delivery and also unflinching comebacks together Piama made her an instant fit through the show"s well-established main cast.

Malcolm in the Middle wrapped for great in 2006, and also although plenty of people would prefer to view a reboot, there"s no indigenous yet. (At least one actor has been too busy lately, and also we don"t typical Bryan Cranston. Have actually you wondered why the Joker indigenous Gotham looks so familiar?) While we"re wondering where the cast of Malcolm In The Middle is now, we understand that Coligado has actually been liven on and off-screen because we last saw her play Piama. Girlfriend may have actually seen her pop increase on one of several hit shows, recognized her in a Toyota ad, caught her in an indie film, or also run right into her when she to be volunteering in ~ a Los Angeles pet shelter. 


A few months ~ the last episode of Malcolm in the Middle aired, Coligado had a memorable guest duty on an episode of Grey"s Anatomy. (Sadly, that wasn"t as among the stars that took house shockingly substantial paychecks.) She play Janelle, a pregnant woman who reflects up to the ER covered in blood. It transforms out her heart has been pierced by a shard that glass during a auto crash, which meant plenty of delicious drama for Coligado. A year later, in 2007, Coligado returned to Piama"s residence (i.e. Alaska) for an figure on the romantic sitcom Men in Trees. That year, she also appeared ~ above an illustration of the action-comedy collection Chuck

Coligado has likewise had a couple of recurring roles on smaller series since Malcolm in the Middle. Indigenous 2001 to 2007, she appeared on 30 episodes of Crossing Jordan, a Boston-set drama about a medical examiner"s office. She depicted an assistant called Emmy. In 2009, she landed a lead duty on the NBC web collection Ctrl, based on a short she starred ~ above in 2007. Coligado played Elizabeth, the love attention of a man (Arrested Development"s Tony Hale) that finds a means to enhance his mundane office task with the aid of a magic keyboard. That daydream will certainly last much longer than the series did – Ctrl wrapped ~ 10 episodes in respectable 2009.

More recently, Coligado has added some even more impressive series to she TV resume. In 2014, she play a sympathetic social worker on Shameless, and also in 2017, she appeared on episodes of Fresh turn off the Boat and also Claws

If you recognize Coligado"s face from TV however you haven"t caught the mirrors she"s to be on, you could have spotted her in a commercial. Coligado has tried her finest to sell us top top the Samsung Galaxy keep in mind II, a Toyota sale, and also even Navy Federal credit transaction Union.

Outside of her commercial appearances, Coligado has additionally been working hard in indie movies and theater projects. She"s especially keen come promote occupational by other Filipino Americans. In December 2019, the actress appeared in 2 plays created by civilization of Filipino descent. Coligado also has a major role in the upcoming movie musical The Girl that Left Home, which boasts a Filipino American cast. Before that, in October 2019, she had actually the possibility to warm up her musical theater an abilities when she appeared in Interstate, a musical about two transgender eastern Americans. Yet even without the practice, all-singing-all-dancing reflects come naturally to Coligado, who kicked off she career in Miss Saigon top top Broadway.

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Away from work, Coligado splits she time between in LA, Texas, and new York, however makes an initiative to volunteer in ~ LA pet Rescue. She has actually a diabetic, one-eyed rescue dog called Butters, whom she certain adores. If you also like rescue dog (one-eyed or otherwise), Coligado regularly provides her Instagram to promote dogs in search of a home. Us knew and loved Piama because that her hard exterior and also sharp comebacks, however the warmth hidden underneath plainly lives ~ above in the actress who made her so memorable.