The Lightning Thief complies with the story of young Percy Jackson, a troubled 12-year-old boy with a mystery unknown even to himself. Diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, while being raised primarily by his mother, his life so much has not constantly been easy. Percy is consistently kicked the end of school due to unexplainable occasions that aren’t really his fault. When on a sixth-grade field trip come a museum, Percy encounters his strangest event yet. ~ an argument with a college bully, his mathematics teacher, Mrs. Dodds, paint, etc Percy beside to punish him. Mrs. Dodds all of sudden transforms right into a monster and also attacks him. His favorite teacher, Mr. Brunner, rescues Percy through throwing that a ballpoint pen that changes into a sword.

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Although Percy loss Mrs. Dodds, when he reunites through his other classmates, no one remembers her. In response, Percy acts out and is expelled from school. Percy overhears a conversation between Mr. Brunner and his girlfriend Grover regarding Percy’s unavoidable future, for this reason he looks for answers native Grover ~ above the bus journey home. After ~ the bus division down, Percy and Grover an alert three old women throughout the street knitting. Among the women cuts a string, which Percy and Grover talk about as signifying death.

At home, Percy escapes his dreadful stepfather, whom he call Smelly Gabe, by authorized his mother, Sally, ~ above a expedition to your favorite beach whereby she initially met his birth father. Forceful winds and also an unanticipated visit from Grover lead Percy to expose to his mommy the occurrence that occurred with Mrs. Dodds. ~ Percy finishes his story, Sally instructs Grover and Percy to gain into the car where Percy notices Grover has hooves for feet and learns his girlfriend is a satyr. Sally insists the Percy need to go to a special camp because that his safety. A monster chases after ~ their car as they head in that direction, attack Percy’s mother, which causes her to disappear right into a golden light. Enraged, and fearing his mother’s death, Percy defeats the monster and obtains one of its horns together a souvenir.

Percy come at Camp Half-Blood and meets Mr. D, the god of wine, and also Chiron, a centaur, previously known as Mr. Brunner, Percy’s Latin teacher. Chiron and Grover define to Percy the he is a half-blood, or a demi-god, definition that the is half mortal and half god. Due to the fact that his godly parent is unknown, Percy is assigned the cabin dedicated to Hermes. At camp, Percy meets Annabeth, the daughter the Athena; his cabin counselor Luke, the child of Hermes; and Clarisse, the daughter of Ares. One altercation with Clarisse allows Percy to uncover his dad is Poseidon, among the “Big Three” gods. This revelation is cut quick when a hellhound strikes Percy native the fields of Punishment. Chiron protects everyone at the camp by sending Percy off on a special quest to conserve the world.

Percy’s Oracle reveals the Zeus has actually accused Poseidon of stealing his lightning bolt and requires Poseidon’s son to return it prior to the summer solstice. Chiron to trust Hades in reality stole the bolt to start a war between the gods. Percy choose Grover and also Annabeth to companion him on his quest and also together lock head west to the enntrance gate of the Underworld to face Hades ~ above the lacking bolt. Along the way, the 3 will challenge several monsters prior to making it to Hades’ house.

On one part of your journey, Percy and also his friends struggle the Furies, which causes the bus they room on to explode. After ~ escaping into nearby woods, they come across a shop fill with numerous life-size statues. They satisfy Aunty Em, that Annabeth later on identifies as Medusa. Percy defeats Medusa and sends she head come Olympus to show that he’s no a pawn in the gods’ game. Annabeth, Percy, and also Grover take a train to Denver yet stop in ~ an Arch during a layover where Percy to meet the monster Echidna and also Chimera. That jumps off the Arch into the flow to protect against dying and is met by a spirit who tells him to go to Santa Monica prior to going to the Underworld.

In Denver, Percy, Annabeth, and also Grover fulfill Ares, the god the war, who requests their aid in retrieving his shield in exchange for details on Percy’s mother. Regardless of facing a trap inserted by Hephaestus, Aphrodite’s husband, the three successfully grab the shield and also return it come Ares that tells Percy the his mommy is still alive. Ares offers the trio a backpack that supplies and also safe transportation to Nevada.

Percy and his friends continue west however lose track of time in a wonder casino in ras Vegas, which pipeline them just one more day to find and also return the understand bolt. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover come in Santa Monica wherein Percy receives three pearls indigenous the exact same spirit who went to him in the river. The 3 search for directions come the Underworld and also encounter a monster named Crusty. Percy loss this monster and finds the deal with to an enntrance gate to the Underworld.

In the Underworld, Percy barters with Charon, a security officer, to let lock in and also tries to odor Cerberus, a three-headed protection Rottweiler, yet Annabeth is maybe to properly command him. If on their way to Hades’ house, Grover’s flying shoes, top top loan native Luke, pull him toward a pit Percy has dreamed uneasily about. Luckily, the shoes fall off prior to Grover get the pit. Finally, in ~ the house, Hades accuses Percy of stealing his Helm the Darkness and also the understand bolt the surprisingly appears in the backpack Percy got from Ares. Hades discover Percy’s mother to that in a gold light and says she will be returned when his helm is retrieved. Percy denies the allegations yet after Hades intimidates to kill his mother and unleash the dead ago into the world, that agrees come find and also return the helm.

Percy, Grover, and Annabeth escape the Underworld and arrive in Santa Monica with the assist of the miracle pearls. They realize they have actually been manipulated by Ares and Percy confronts him about stealing the bolt and also the helm. The two engage in battle. Percy loss Ares after stabbing him in the heel. Fairly than continue fighting, Ares accepts defeat but points the end that Percy has made a new enemy. The Furies appear and also return the Helm that Darkness to Hades when Percy, Annabeth, and also Grover head to Olympus come return the bolt come Zeus.Percy returns the bolt come Zeus on mountain Olympus and meets his father, Poseidon. Percy informs them the his quest and shares his concerns about the secret pit, but Zeus dismisses the conversation. The rewards Percy by sparing his life. Before returning home, Percy has a quick conversation v Poseidon about his mother who is safely earlier home. Percy learns the he has a decision to make concerning a package Poseidon has sent back to him. At home, Percy shares the details the his pursuit with his mother and also discovers that the package v Medusa’s head has actually been returned to him. Before leaving because that camp, he encourages his mommy to use it on Smelly Gabe.

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Percy returns to Camp Half-Blood because that the rest of the summer. When there, that learns his mom used Medusa to revolve Smelly Gabe right into a statue as she no longer needs to placed up with him to keep Percy safe. She sells the statue and uses few of the money to enroll Percy in a new private institution for the fall. Prior to the end of the summer, Percy learns the Luke was yes, really the one responsible for stealing the grasp bolt and the Helm the Darkness in stimulate to offer Kronos, a Titan and also the father of Zeus. After ~ Chiron tells Percy justice will be restored when the moment is right, Percy renders plans to confront Luke the complying with summer.