Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson warns the reader that if they identify themselves in the story come follow, they should stop reading: gift a demigod is rough. His story begins with a school field trip to the metropolitan Museum the Art. Percy has actually ADHD and also dyslexia, and also he’s acquired expelled native six schools already. The tries tough to be great because he admires his Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, however the evil math teacher Mrs. Dodds damages everything. She takes Percy into the museum alone and transforms into a monstrous creature. Mr. Brunner appears and tosses Percy a pen that turns into a sword, and also Percy slays Mrs. Dodds. Every little thing goes earlier to normal—but various other students think that someone called Mrs. Kerr is the math teacher. Only Percy’s finest friend, Grover, seems mindful that Mrs. Dodds to be real, but he won’t check this. Percy’s grades slip, and he it s okay expelled at the end of the year.

As Percy and Grover ride the Greyhound bus home, the bus breaks down. Percy and also Grover watch a roadside fruit stand where three old ladies room knitting and also cutting thread. This freaks Grover out, therefore he asks to walk Percy to his apartment. Percy ditches Grover, evades Smelly Gabe (Mom’s horrendous husband), and waits because that Mom. Mother announces the she and also Percy space going come Montauk for the weekend without Gabe. The vacation starts the end normal—they talk around Percy’s father, that left when mom was pregnant—but a hurricane roll in. Grover mirrors up, but he has the reduced body the a goat and also says the “he” is after ~ them. Mom tries to journey Percy to a summer camp whereby he’ll be safe, yet lightning strikes the car and also a Minotaur assaults them. Percy and also Mom shot to obtain Grover, who’s injured, past a large pine tree, yet the Minotaur snatches Mom and also she dissolves. Percy manages come slay the Minotaur before passing out. Once he wakes, Grover takes Percy to accomplish Mr. D, the camp director. Mr. D is with Mr. Brunner, however Mr. Brunner claims that isn’t his genuine name—he’s the centaur Chiron. Mr. D reveals that he’s Dionysus, the god of wine. Chiron describes that the Greek gods room real; mount Olympus is in brand-new York City. Chiron and also a girl called Annabeth take Percy top top a tour of Camp Half-Blood, where the campers space all demigods (children of one god parent and one mortal parent). At the Hermes cabin, Percy meets his counselor, Luke. Later, among Ares’s daughters, Clarisse, make the efforts to shove Percy’s face in a toilet, but he somehow makes the water shoot back into her face. Percy is shocked to uncover that his father is just one of the Greek gods—but his father might never insurance claim him. Till Percy’s father actions up, he’ll need to stay in the Hermes cabin. Annabeth and also Percy comment on what’s going on. The weather seems like the gods are fighting, and it’s to be this method since the winter solstice. Annabeth believes that something to be stolen, and also she desperately wants to walk on a search to uncover it.

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Percy drops into a routine at camp, however he focuses on the opportunity that mommy is imprisoned in the Underworld. He also begins to recognize why part kids, favor Luke, resent your immortal parents. Numerous odd things happen: Percy performs a tricky knife maneuver after dumping water on himself, and he’s exceptionally an excellent at canoeing. One afternoon, Grover shares the his assignment to defend Percy isn’t end yet. He likewise tells Percy why there space no youngsters of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades in ~ camp: they promised after world War II to no father much more children. Zeus messed up 17 years earlier and had a daughter named Thalia, but monsters killed her. Later, the camp plays record the flag. Percy needs to stand safety by a stream. Clarisse and also other Ares youngsters accost Percy, however when he drops into the water, the feels strong. As he fights them, his team wins. Instantly after, a hellhound do the efforts to death Percy, and a trident appears over Percy’s head: this means that his father is Poseidon.

The next morning, after ~ a nightmare the two males fighting, Percy receive a quest. Chiron shares the Poseidon and Zeus room fighting, together Zeus’s thunderbolt is missing—and the believes Percy take it it. Percy speak to the Oracle, which says that Percy will go west to confront a god that turned, that he’ll find and also return what to be stolen, the a friend will betray him, and that hell fail in ~ what matters most. Chiron says that Percy must journey to Los Angeles and the Underworld because Hades has the thunderbolt. Percy is thrilled since this way he have the right to rescue Mom. Grover and also Annabeth market to walk too. Prior to Percy leaves, Luke offers him a pair that winged shoes the Percy passes on to Grover; paris is dangerous because that Percy since Zeus hates him. Chiron offers Percy his pen, i beg your pardon transforms into a sword referred to as Riptide. On the means to the bus, Annabeth insists the she and also Percy can’t be friends because Poseidon and Annabeth’s mother, Athena, room rivals. On the bus, the Furies attack and also ask whereby “it” is. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover control to escape the bus and hike till they with a organization called Aunty Em’s Garden Gnome Emporium. Grover insists that he smells monsters, however Annabeth and also Percy room too will on the smell of burgers. Aunty Em, the owner, is pull on in a lengthy gown and also veil that covers her face. She renders them food. Together Percy grows sleepy, Aunty Em asks come take their photo. Percy agrees, but he realizes the Aunty Em is actually Medusa—her garden statues space petrified people. Percy slays Medusa and ships she head to mount Olympus.

That night, Grover confides in Percy that he wants to it is in a searcher and also spend his life looking for the god Pan. They talk about that the Furies are in search of an object, not Percy, yet Percy doesn’t care—he just wants to save Mom. Percy dreams of a voice in a terrible pit that tries to usage Percy to traction itself out. The next morning, lock secure train ticket to Denver. Top top a layover in St. Louis, Annabeth insists on visiting the Gateway Arch. Percy thinks it feels wrong, however he rides the elevator up to the peak with a woman and her Chihuahua. ~ Grover and also Annabeth head ago down, the mrs turns into Echidna and also the Chihuahua turns right into the Chimera. Percy dives turn off the monument into the Mississippi River, whereby he receive a message: he need to go come Santa Monica beach before going right into the Underworld, and he mustn’t to trust the gifts.

The trio arrives in Denver with 7 days to finish their quest. They decide to speak to Half-Blood Hill via one Iris message. Percy speak to Luke around his dreams and his pertains to that he’s on the not correct track, however Luke insists that Hades stole the bolt and mentions miscellaneous odd around no one transforming into a pine tree tree. ~ this, the youngsters go to a diner, wherein a large biker walks in and also offers to salary for your meal. The male is Ares, the god of war. He demands Percy to carry out him a favor and fetch his shield native a waterpark in exchange for carry to L.A. Percy just agrees once Ares claims he has actually information on Mom. In ~ the waterpark, Percy is shocked to uncover that Ares is dating Aphrodite also though she’s married come Hephaestus. Percy discovers Ares’s shield in a ride, yet as he touch the shield, cameras show up to transfer live to mountain Olympus. Percy manages to procure water and save himself and Annabeth. He’s incensed that Ares tricked them, yet he accepts Ares’ offer of a backpack through food and also clothes. Ares likewise shares that mommy isn’t dead.

Percy, Annabeth, and also Grover get into a van transporting 3 abused zoo animals. Percy shares what Luke said around the pine tree, and Grover and Annabeth elaborate: Grover to be Thalia’s keeper, and also Luke and Annabeth joined them ~ above their way to Camp Half-Blood. Monsters attacked, and also Thalia sacrificed herself—but Zeus turn her right into the pine tree tree in ~ the peak of Half-Blood Hill. ~ Grover drops asleep, Percy asks if Athena and also Poseidon will certainly fight each various other again, choose they did in the Trojan War. Annabeth says that no issue what, she fighting together Percy. Percy has one more dream around the voice in the pit, and also he establish a 2nd voice. The following day, Percy allows the pets go in Vegas and also the children enter a hotel. Castle play gamings until Percy meets children who’ve to be hypnotized and also stuck in the hotel because that decades. As soon as Percy drags Annabeth and Grover out, they find they have actually one day to finish their quest and that Percy no much longer remembers his dream. They obtain a taxi come L.A., where Percy wades out into the ocean. A sea spirit, Nereid, provides Percy three pearls to smash if he demands help.

On their way to the recording studio obscuring the Underworld, the trio gets recorded by a man named Crusty—the monster Procrustes, who stretches or cuts civilization to right on six-foot-long mattresses. In the lobby for the Underworld, Mr. Charon refuses to take Percy come the Underworld, yet he agrees once Percy promises to tell Hades to offer Mr. Charon a raise. Annabeth it s okay them previous Cerberus, the three-headed dog, through playing round with him. Percy leader his friends right to Hades’s palace, however Grover’s shoes sprout wings and carry him away, directly toward the pit from percy’s dreams. They escape since the pair of shoes fit poorly approximately Grover’s hooves. Finally, they enter the palace. Hades is incensed about what the Percy did, when Percy asks because that the bolt earlier and begs Hades to not start a war. Hades insists that he doesn’t desire a war—he has actually too plenty of dead world already. The admits that his miracle object, the helm of darkness, is missing. He believes Percy has the helm and also the bolt, so he conjures Mom and threatens to death her if Percy doesn’t hand the objects over. Percy discovers the bolt in the backpack the Ares offered him. Annabeth and Grover sell to continue to be in the Underworld in Mom’s place, yet Percy to know that mother wouldn’t pardon him if he enabled that. He gives his friends the pearls, and also the three of them escape v the ocean. On the beach, Ares reveals the he set Percy up through the bolt: he desires a war, and he additionally has the helm. Percy challenges Ares to a fight. That believes he can win due to the fact that he suspects that the being in the pit is controlling Ares. Percy injures Ares, and also a dark pressure passing v ends the fight. Reporters and police at the step “rescue” Percy and also raise money to fly them earlier to brand-new York, while the Furies take it Hades’s helm ago to him.

Percy walk alone to the empire State Building. Once he get the throne room in Olympus, the bows to Poseidon. Poseidon appears distant, i m sorry Percy thinks is the most honest reaction. Percy return Zeus’s thunderbolt and tells Zeus everything, including his suspicions around what’s in the pit in the Underworld. Zeus disappears. Poseidon confirms the Kronos, his and Zeus’s father, lives in the pit, and also he make the efforts to convince Percy that Kronos is powerless. He tells Percy that mom is house now. As Percy leaves, Poseidon praises Percy. Percy then reunites through Mom. Gabe seems also crueler than ever, and Percy realizes the he’s to be hitting Mom. In his bedroom, Percy finds the box containing Medusa’s head. The tells mother what’s in the box and returns to camp, emotion as despite he belongs. He bids Grover goodbye when Grover pipeline to search, and also he’s thrilled when he learns that mom sold her first sculpture (the petrified Gabe) and also is utilizing the money to pay because that college. She uses to permit Percy live at residence to attend school.

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The last morning the camp rolls around, and Percy hasn’t chose what to do. He agrees to go uncover monsters through Luke. In the woods, however, Luke reveals that he’s a twin agent: he’s working for Kronos, and also he stole the bolt and the helm. He sets a pit scorpion ~ above Percy. Percy manages to defeat the scorpion, ~ which he goes come the farmhouse. Chiron convinces him that he can’t do anything around Luke or Kronos now, yet he walk say the Percy will certainly be a good hero. Percy decides come go house for the year as soon as Annabeth shares that she’s walking to shot to live at residence with her dad. Percy guarantees Poseidon the he’ll return following summer.