Pawn shops are favor antique shops for a new generation: all the points you desire to buy at a decent price, without every the dust on top. An afternoon in a pawn shop is an afternoon fine spent. But as girlfriend wander around, friend may uncover a few... Exciting items.

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Pawn shop salesmen to be asked: "What is the strangest thing a person has tried come pawn at her shop?" these are some of the ideal answers.

This might have finished SO badly!

A male literally carried in a rocket-propelled grenade. He to be doing yard occupational for this old lady who husband had passed. She provided it to him for doing some yard work, not realizing it was live and also active. This guy was career military, and after the bomb formation came and disabled it, they saw her house and also found a trove of an in similar way illegal army grade weapons.


Not everything old is worthwhile


We had plenty that sketchy world coming in through their kid’s old YuGiOh and also Magic cards reasoning they were very valuable. Usually, it was simply a mismatched starter set from the beforehand 2000s or the like. I’m not sure what began the idea the old trading cards to be going to be ridiculously valuable. But no, ns won’t offer you meth money for her Dark Magician. The level of disappointment, and also often outright fury on their part was daunting to transaction with. I began just telling creepy-looking people (who weren’t save regulars) that us didn’t purchase cards.


I’m pretty sure that’s illegal…

Someone came in v an obviously freshly used dialysis an equipment (still had actually blood sprayed on it prefer they ripped it far while it was in use) and also tried to sell it for countless dollars. Us passed.


That escalated quickly!

A man comes in v a brick the spray painted gold. Then he gained mad and also threw it in ~ my co-worker once he wouldn’t look in ~ it. So mine co-worker got a cattle prod he keeps in ~ the counter and also chased the guy right into the street. Never saw him again.


You can keep the to yourself, give thanks to you an extremely much

I once had a guy shot to pawn a sterling silver prick ring. At least he said it was sterling silver. Ns wasn’t emotional that point to discover out.


What an absolute idiot!

I had actually a guy shot selling me a gun. Before I could even obtain him the end of there, he began to suggest the gun approximately with world all end the store, PULLING THE TRIGGER. The guy… That man was a special kind of guy. Fortunately, the pistol wasn’t loaded. However still.


To buy more cookies

I had actually a man come in with a 40-inch 10k gold connected chain that was massive. This chain had actually a Cookie Monster charm bigger 보다 my fist through 2.0 karat diamonds because that his eyes. The totality thing chin weighed 153.4 grams. I might easily have provided him $1500, yet he just wanted $100.


Drugs really do mess with your noggin

A customer tried to pawn a truck the we currently had the deed too. That’s right, we already owned the truck and he want to pawn it. Ns guess that forgot because of drugs.


Uh, no say thanks to you

My dad had actually some woman come in and try to pawn her crack.


Maybe one person’s trash is another person’s endowment though

We had this male who would dig v garbage cans and try to bring us stuff to sell. That’s not uncommon, yet it was an extremely obvious that this ingredient was directly up indigenous a dumpster and he had actually dug it out like 10 minutes before he go in the store.

One time, we had to kick him out because he was losing his mind end the reality we wouldn’t offer him $15 because that a desk lamp that had a broken neck, regardless of the reality the pawnbroker pulled up the specific lamp ~ above Target’s website selling for $10. This guy just did not acquire it.


Some civilization are just that desperate

People try to pawn prosthetic appendages (yes an ext than one person). Like, their own. As in, “I’ll just leave mine leg and hobble home.”


I feeling so poor for this man

He tried come pawn a bread of bread and also 4 cans of soup. Then he endangered to kill us when we refuse him.


Like, how desperate was this person?!

Somebody carried in your dead grandmother’s gold tooth, plucked from she ashes. Us told her that the tooth had to it is in separated from the yellow for united state to sweet it. Castle desecrated your loved one’s remains for less than $2.


Nope nope nope nope nope

Someone lugged us diamond-encrusted sex toys. The keep manager finished up acquisition them in; ns can’t mental for exactly how much though.


‘You deserve to keep your… leg…’

was offered a prosthetic leg and a portable 8-track player at the very same time just last week. I bought the 8-track.


What a loser

I once had a customer walk as much as the counter, on slide a yellow coin to me, and say, “I think this is gold, man.” This certain customer reeked that bile and looked like he to be high on every little thing possible. Ns looked in ~ the coin and also slid it back to him and also replied, “I think it’s a lining E. Cheese token. I deserve to tell through the computer mouse on it.” He just said, “Oh,” and also walked away.


‘It’s worth millions ns tell you… millions!’

A couple came in v an old 1990 30″ TV claiming that it to be an antique and refused to leaving the keep until we offered them $800 for it. We verified them offering online for literally a couple of dollars, however they refused and said they knew what lock had.


Some things are better left unexplained

A coworker said me around these little pony figurines he take it in. There were most likely 5 that them and also he did like 10 bucks each. The lady finished up paying attention on castle for around five years prior to finally getting them out.


Nor execute I desire to ask

I had actually a young male come in with two yellow teeth. He pawned them and also actually got them back. The point was though, he had actually a full set of teeth, so ns don’t know whose lock were…


This can easily have been googled

I had a friend who functioned in a coin shop. A many of civilization thought it to be a pawnshop, therefore he would obtain wheat pennies all the time; people were persuaded they to be worth $50 each.


What a garbage of everyone’s money and also time


A guy brought in a rock painted eco-friendly claiming it to be “ancient gold” and also that ~ eons that had developed a patina. Ns tried to describe to him the all gold is old gold make in supernovas, however he insisted it was gold. After about 30 minute of discussion, he compelled me to test it. When I confirmed him the wasn’t gold, he told me he spent 4k buying it off some guy.


Now that’s one because that the books!

I used to work-related for one of those roadshow businesses, where we would set up shop in hotel banquet rooms and buy people’s collectibles native them. Most of the time, people brought in things choose coins, gold and silver, and also vintage guitars. Us were law a display in Tennessee, and while I’m sitting over there at my workstation, one of the men who operated for me just burst the end laughing. Ns look over and I view the lady who had been sitting at his table walking out of the room. So ns went over and also asked that what to be going on.

He told me that she collection shoe box down on his table and when he asked what was in it, instead of her saying jewel or coins or something regular that we check out every day, she said him: “Back in the 1960s, I had a one night stand v Elvis Presley. When he left my apartment, I got in the bathroom and realized the didn’t flush. SS I saved it.” She literally saved Elvis Presley’s poop for 50+ years. Us didn’t actually gain to view it, nor would we have actually wanted to, however I couldn’t imagine the it would’ve quiet been preserved at all.


If you speak so…

Someone brought in a clump of bent and also slightly melted forks and also spoons explain it was a meteorite fallen native the ISS trash intake shot right into space.


Keep it yourself

We had a woman lug in this bizarre feather machine. She sets that on the counter and also says, “I want five hundred for it.” We’re just staring in ~ the machine, and then looking at her. Finally, the pawnbroker goes, “Uh, what is it?” It was a homemade chest pump. Yeah. This mrs made her own breast pump and also thought she would acquire $500 for it. So weird and gross.


I mean, deserve to you reference her?

A lady comes in with 4 or 5 Folgers cans filled with wheat pennies and also wanted some exorbitant lot of money because that them. We sell her the value of the pennies, due to the fact that that’s every they’re worth. She proceeds to flip out and also gets for this reason upset that she decides to leaving the cans on the counter rather 보다 lug them earlier to her car.


They’re precious something yet not the much

I have a buddy whose parents run a pawn shop. He had a lady come in with one of those yellow plated Pokemon cards from a citizens King promotion in the ’90s, swearing it was solid gold and worth thousands. That told she there was no means it was gold and that that was most likely plated steel. Yet she wouldn’t have it, and refused to leave till they examined it.

To appease her, he offered to check it, however warned the if it wasn’t real gold, the test would scar the card v a irreversible black mark. He had her sign a waiver, walk the test, and also the card got scarred, proving it was worthless. She immediately got angry and threatened to sue. He reminded her around the waiver and also she stormed off, leave the card behind. I think the shop still has it too.


The money in your pocket is worth exactly what it states on it

I work at a coin store, and also it is exceptional the number of people that think their pocket adjust is precious thousands. It is always weird as soon as we get dental gold too; it is super creepy looking.



A male walked in v a metal lockbox and said he had something worth billions. He opened the lockbox and also there were hardwood chips, attach by the odor of spray paint. He claimed they were relics that the cross Jesus was crucified on. He is lower from an old and noble line of knights that took oaths to defend the cross. He want $2000 because that the lockbox and wood chips.


How would you even provide it to the pawn shop?

I had a man a pair years back trying to market me the bathroom in his apartment. He’d written up this kinda-legal feather thing, yet when ns told the the whole proposal do no sense, and that that didn’t very own the restroom anyway, the male got very upset. He told me the was whereby he pooped, that had to it is in of some value, and that ns was a con artist. He was yelling around writing the branch on his method out the door.


Some civilization really need that $$$

Someone lugged in a “Rolex” watch, claiming their father gave it to them. As soon as I showed her that it actually said “Rolflex” and “Skiss made,” she declared that those were misprints and meant it to be worth much more because that it. After I opened the clock to display her the movement, I experienced that there to be no movement at all yet just a load in the back.


Had come Google one insult.

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Pawn shop manager here, been in the pawn organization for about seven years. I have actually seen just around everything, however I have this one customer that takes the cake.

Guy comes in to pick up his pressure washer the he has currently pawned number of times, indicators that he has actually redeemed his item after checking it out and also saying, “That’s the one, have actually a an excellent day.” He then proceeds come walk out to his auto with it and also then timeless storms back into the save with that proclaiming the isn’t his. I calmly try to number out what the problem is as he is walk ballistic. Transforms out the serial number was placed in our device incorrectly therefore I might not prove it to be his. I went ahead and also informed the a mistake was made on our side and I would change it through a new one from residence Depot. Supposedly that was no okay, he then dubbed me the B word number of times over, as well as another name. I’d never even been dubbed that and I had to Google it. I finished up having to speak to the police on the to have him 86’ed from the premises. It turns out he’s bipolar and also doesn’t take it his medication.

I recently had a young child come in who stated he had a rare one dissension coin. It was a U.S. One disagreement coin through Ulysses provide on it. He asserted his grandfather provided it come him in ~ birth and also he had actually it end 10 years before he to be born. He supposedly uncovered it on the net for over $100. I had to be the negative guy and tell that the coin wasn’t also minted till after 2000, and also it was still just valued at a dollar in the current problem it was in.

I likewise have this lady customer who comes in with jewelry and also wants close to sleeve price. I battle with she every time she come in. One time I readily available her $15 for a piece she had and she told me, “Well you’re just gonna revolve around and sell it because that over 30!” i replied, “That’s just how it works otherwise ns wouldn’t it is in in business.”

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Oh, yes. This is entirely our stuff.

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Not an employee yet I recognize of a story that happened in London, Ontario where two greasy potheads brought in what was obviously a an extremely high quality set of hockey goalie equipment in London Knights color (they’re our OHL team therefore it’s sort of a huge deal and also really famous in town). They obtained it indigenous a rest in if i remember right. The employee said, “Yeah, simply wait right there if I number out exactly how much us can offer you for this.” they then called the cops, who came and took the red-eyed stupid criminal to jail.

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There’s value if i say there’s value!

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I controlled a pawn shop in Michigan (that was no American Jewelry and also Loan) and also these were the highlights:

Someone carried in brass paperclips trying to to convince me they were gold.

Someone else carried in what was clearly the peak of a TV tray and tried to pass it off together an neck painting.

And my an individual favorite:

Teeth. Due to the fact that they were roughly a yellow tooth.

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Sir, girlfriend forgot her money.

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I provided to work-related I a pawn shop in Los Angeles. One time this guy lugged in 100 $2 bills (non consecutive) and also wanted a loan that $120. My boss told me to do the loan for this reason I followed instruction and also gave the man $120. The man then regulated to not come earlier for the bills so us made one $80 benefit from slim stupidity.

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That took a turn.

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I work-related at a offered bookstore and had a client come in with very great condition DVDs, books, and also CDs. Our old means of purchase things provided to be that we would judge every single object that come in based upon condition, and determine the price from there (usually approximately one disagreement if the book was in good condition). However, us now had actually a scanning mechanism where we would certainly scan a barcode and also a price would be generated based upon prices of the online, regardless of condition.

Back come the customer. She’s a scrawny old lady and looks pretty lot like her stereotypical witch, yet with a tank top and also shorts. She comes into our save often and usually selling a couple of cartfuls of books and dvds. Through our old buyback system, her full would typically come out to approximately $70 (a greater amount than many buybacks), and would periodically throw a tiny fit if she didn’t gain enough.

Now she comes in after us implement our brand-new buyback system. She selling the usual: cartfuls of books and DVDs in really great condition. Yet now her total came to approximately $17. And also she flipped she lid. She asked “Why do you need to use this buyback system?” began calling us random slurs and also insults. She likewise knocks her books down and also calls united state racist “just due to the fact that I’m white? friend gotta be racist versus me? Why do I have this treatment?” She inquiry to talk to the manager, and he came. That told she that’s “just exactly how it is now. Girlfriend don’t have to sell to united state if you’re not satisfied.” He mentioned that the agency had to adjust the system due to the fact that we weren’t purchase books and also stuff at an accurate price. The lady didn’t desire to take it and tried come shame us by telling everyone around her and also the shopping mall that we were racist against her and that she’ll call the cops.

She referred to as the cops ~ above us, yet when castle came, she instead gained arrested for public disturbance and was ultimately banned native our keep for part time.

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It’s no worth what girlfriend think.

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I’m the local “I’ll buy your stuff” guy. Ns resell stuff and also I’ve been doing it because I to be 13. Everyone tells me that ns should just open increase a pawn shop.

About when a month, and especially since Pokémon walk has become popular, I have someone contact me about buying one “ultra-rare Pokemon map worth, like, $2,000.” No matter what, I carry the cash, and they show me the card, i m sorry is always a non-first edition shadowed Charizard in negative condition. Climate I have to spend the following 45 minute explaining to them why i won’t buy their card and also why that isn’t precious $2,000.

Also, ns am extremely exhausted of explaining PSA qualities to people.

Another is the very first appearance the Superman. What upsets me the most is the it’s a game of “are you more stupid 보다 I am” from world who space trying to offer off your 1970’s reprint of activity Comics #1. The comic is likewise known together the very first appearance the Superman and I’ve already discovered it’s a reprint. Those civilization just want to view if I would pay anything because that it.

I can typically tell if something is stolen in ~ the first 20 seconds of the conversation. I’ve bought probably 100 bikes because that $20 simply to view if they were reported steal by the police and to return them.

As for dumbest, and not just ignorant… critical year I had actually someone shot very hard to sell me a “very old” antique statue of a Japanese Sumo. He said he had it appraised come be precious $30,000. To be fair, the was really cool looking. That looked familiar. I peel away some stuff on the bottom and also I watch a date that is difficult to read. I look that up and also realize I’m looking at a child’s well-made pottery project depicting E. Honda indigenous Street Fighter. Ns legitimately wanted it because that the story in ~ this allude and offered the guy $20 because that it which that declined because he “knew what the had.”

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Tales from the pawn shop.

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-We had a very big woman bring in this bizarre spring machine. She sets it on the counter and also says, “I want 5 hundred for it.” We’re just staring at the an equipment and then looking in ~ her and also finally the pawnbroker goes, “Uh, what is it?” Homemade chest pump. Yeah. This mrs made her own breast pump and thought she would acquire $500 because that it. Therefore weird and also gross.

-So many world trying to lug in your tattoo guns/equipment. Ns don’t know if other pawn shops take stuff favor this but any type of in my area is a difficult pass as result of bodily fluid. Gross. And some of these civilization get upset when you tell castle no. Screaming about how they spent $6000 top top this and how deserve to we not take it?

-We had actually this male who would dig with garbage can be ~ and shot to carry us ingredient to sell. Not uncommon yet it was an extremely obvious the this stuff was right up indigenous a dumpster and he dug the out choose 10 minutes before he to walk in the store. One time we had actually to kick him out due to the fact that he was losing his mind end the truth we wouldn’t provide him $15 for a workdesk lamp that had a damaged bendy neck. In spite of the fact the pawnbroker pulled up the exact lamp ~ above Target’s website selling for $10 no broken. This guy just did not get it and was calling united state all names end it.

-One of my favorites is the lady who called asking if us take books. We told she we’ll consider collector item publications but prior to we could explain she gained all excited and also hung up saying that’s exactly what she had. Now when i say collector’s items i mean an initial editions or one of those special edition movie books or whatever. This lady proceeds come come and also ask for help carrying in her 10, correct that’s right, 10 totes of “collector books.” this collector books? 10-cent romantic novels the you can buy in bulk from any thrift store. The conversation to be the following:

Pawn Broker: “Ma’am these room not collector’s items. Us can’t provide you anything because that them.”

Lady: “What carry out you mean? They room collector’s items! They space all indigenous the same publisher and everything.”

Pawn Broker: “Yeah… that’s not what makes them collector’s items. I’m sorry we will certainly not take it these items. Girlfriend could think about donating them come a thrift store.

Lady: “ARE friend KIDDING ME? perform YOU know HOW many YEARS I’VE spent CHERISHING THESE? THEY are COLLECTOR’S ITEMS! ns AM COLLECTOR and also I built up THESE!”

Pawn Broker: “…I’m sorry, ma’am.

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Lady: “I will not it is in leaving this store until I gain at least three hundreds dollars for my collection!”

We finished up having to call the police because she sat in the parking lot for 5 hours ranting and also raving around us and also how we’re a scam. The critical straw for my ceo is once she opened the door and also screamed at the peak her lungs choose a five-year-old and also then slammed the door.