There’s naught quite prefer seeing someone say goodbye come a spouse, family member, or friend in uniform at the airport.

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A long, silent hug. A tenderness wave. A tearful goodbye in ~ the parting that ways.

One chin lifted bravely, a heavy bag flung end a shoulder—while the one left behind gives an encouraging smile and walks slowly earlier to the car.

At each goodbye, another prayer is lifted up: “Lord, save them safe!”


Whenever i witness a scene favor this, my heart aches. The men and women who serve in your country’s military, and also those who they love, make huge sacrifices. Both of mine parents served in the U.S. Navy, and I deserve to only imagine what those goodbyes to be like.

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While we can, and always should, questioning God because that our own protection and the protection of our loved ones, you may not understand that the military has actually its own set of heavenly patrons!

There are also special intercessors for certain branches the the unified States armed forces or even for certain jobs connected with the military. I"ve pulled together some study so the you can discover these patrons in one place. Enjoy!

General Patron Saints for the Military

St. Ignatius of Loyola

These are some of the most common patrons because that the military:

Patron Saints because that the U.S. Military


St. Martin of Tours

Several branches the the U.S. Armed forces have adopted these saints as their specific patrons. Countless countries have actually their own particular patrons.

United states ArmyUnited States army Special ForcesUnites claims Infantry:St. MauriceUnited says Air ForceUnited says NavyUnited claims "Sea walking Services" (US Navy, US coastline Guard, us Marines, and US vendor Marines)United States naval Corps (and artillerymen)

Special army Patrons


St. John of Capistrano

A couple of organizations regarded the military company have a patron together well:

The Red CrossPrisoners that WarMilitary ChaplainsSt. Man of CapistranoMilitary EngineersMilitary Physicians

May God bless our military, and also all your friends and also family! If you"re trying to find a gift the gratitude to offer a business member or your loved ones, you deserve to search our kind military presents collection or our selections for certain US army branches!

Are you, or is someone you know, in the military? space there details saints that you revolve to on your behalf?