The orange tree has been enchanting our gardens for centuries and also are fairly easy come grow.

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Key Orange tree facts

NameCitrus sinensisFamily – Rutaceae (Rue family)Type – fruit tree

Height – 16 to 32 feet (5 to 10 meters)Soil – well drained, sandy and also richExposure – complete sun

Foliage – evergreenFlowering – April come JulyHarvest – November come March

But planting, care and also pruning space all great practices the will permit you to thrive luscious oranges and also avoid orange tree diseases.

Planting and repotting one orange tree

Planting directly in the ground

First thing to remember: the orange tree have the right to only it is in planted straight in the soil in regions where that doesn’t frozen in winter.

Planting in pots

In locations where winters room on the cold side, you must plant your orange tree in a big garden box.In winter, shot to ar it in a an extremely bright room, whereby the temperature must not drop below 41 to 43°F (5 to 6° C) during this time.

Early spring, friend can lug it out for it to spend the rest of the year outdoors.

Repotting an orange tree

When planting or repotting, donate a mix of soil mix and also plant-based soil without any type of chalk, one part each.

Repotting is preferably in spring, after ~ the fruit harvest or at the end of summer prior to flowering.

Watering orange trees

Watering of the orange tree is an extremely important, all the more so if it is in a pot, because it has tendency to dried off much faster.

Orange trees hate having too lot water.So watering, although essential in summer, must not it is in abundant, however reduced and also regular.Favor watering in the night so the water isn’t lost through evaporation for this reason fast.

Pruning and also caring because that an orange tree

Fruits only flourish on new growth, for this reason you should prune at the end of winter, during the month that February or March.

Eliminate branches that space ingrowing to provide as much light as possible inside. In addition, eliminate branches that cross over each other.You can additionally balance the silhouette to offer it a quite shape. Prune lightly.

Producing quite oranges

Important to produce nice oranges is to include citrus-specific fertilizer throughout the expansion phase.

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Some orange tree ranges don’t self-pollinate easily. It’s thus best if you can ensure appropriate cross-pollination in between two compatible varieties.

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