In the procedure of conducting style considerations, a program"s systems engineers are deciding from amongst Components A, B, and C. Every three components meet power requirements. Ingredient C has actually the greatest initial cost; however, due to its exceptional reliability, that is projected to cause lower life cycle costs than contents A and B in the lengthy run, and also this will aid meet the program"s affordability goals. This is enough justification forthe team to pick Component C.

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Which that the complying with supportability analysis tools counts on booked maintenance come spot a failure before it results system effectiveness?
- Level the Repair evaluation (LORA)- failure Modes, Effects and Criticality evaluation (FMECA)- Reliability focused Maintenance (RCM)- Test, Analyze, Fix and Test (TAFT)
In our decision matrix, choice 1 receive a "3" because that reliability and a "2" because that cost, and Option 2 receive a "1" for reliability and also a "3" because that cost. The dependability criterion has actually been assigned a weight of 0.4 and also the price criterion has been assigned a load of 0.6. In accordance with the decision matrix approach, which of the adhering to statements is true?
- option 2 is far better than alternative 1 because its full weighted score is lower.- choice 1 and Option 2 each score a full of 2.5, therefore, either an option is fine.- option 1 is far better than option 2 due to the fact that its complete weighted score is higher.
-Option 2 is far better than choice 1 due to the fact that its full weighted score is higher.
- giving designs that will repetitively exceed functional capabilities.- Eliminating technical risk prior to production begins.- help IPT members to understand the interrelationship of contents without physically an altering the system.
- conveniently providing physical options to accomplish functional capabilities.
In accordance through DoD acquisition policy and also guidance, every program need to consider, in ~ a minimum, ______, human being systems integration, reliability, availability, and also maintainability.
Which Systems engineering tool would be provided to explain the products to be developed under the terms of the contract?
- Work failure Structure (WBS)
- technical Performance measurement (TPM)- Modeling and Simulation- profession Study
When do tradeoffs amongst competing features, what deserve to be provided to quantifiably compare options by selecting, weighting, and applying criteria?
- suitable technical performance steps for a program- remedies to any type of unplanned technical problems that may arise- whether or no the device meets its "build to" specifications
- The necessary capabilities to alleviate the program"s technical risk
What problem-solving procedure is supplied within an incorporated Product and process Development (IPPD) management procedure to administer a design that balances capability needs?
- technological Performance Measurement- construction Management- equipment Engineering
- Test and also Evaluation
A strategy the adopts interface standards that are identified by and widely used throughout sector to facilitate the upgrade of components with brand-new technology is _____?
Reliability is just how long an item or system will carry out its function before the breaks. Good reliability will _____.
- rise manpower waste- boost life bike sustainment costs- Decrease system readiness- to decrease logistics support requirements
- use of minimum variety of different size screws and bolts- requirement for highly trained individuals to carry out routine maintenance- Minimum number of tools forced for program maintenance- built-in hard clues to allow maintenance job-related without outside stands of scaffolding
One of the key purposes of the ____ section of the PSA process is to relate design, operational, and supportability characteristics to system readiness objectives and also goals.
- work assessment- evaluation of product support
- Assessment and verification- Manpower and personnel readiness
The ability of a system architecture to support operations and also readiness in ~ an affordable cost throughout the system"s life is ideal described together ______?
Using one of plenty of Product Support evaluation tools, ______ is a tool that examines each fail to determine and also classify its result on the entire system.
- median Down Time (MDT)- failure Modes and also Effects Criticality evaluation (FMECA)- Test, Analyze, Fix, and Test (TAFT)- Reliability focused Maintenance (RCM)
- offer as a document for construction management.- serve as a device to alleviate risk.

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- check the feasibility of the Work malfunction Structure.- track the results of alters to the CDD.
Modeling and simulation, as soon as properly to plan for and implemented, has actually been shown to (Select all the apply):
- boost technical risk- boost system quality- help make better decision- Shorten regime schedules


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