Hi, I have actually the car detailed above 300C. Problem with it have a password P0522 that will not walk away, have changed the oil press sensor, crank sensor and also the electronic came sensor and, and also vehicle takes about 4-6 secs to crank over prior to it starts.Codes the come up are:P0522P0340P0325P0330After ns reset the password they go away, other than P0522 continues to be on and the engine light continues to be lit.And make the efforts the battery disconnected over night to remainder code yet engine light still stays lit as soon as hooking earlier up the battery.So at that puzzled why this code/codes come back?Changed spark plugs, crank sensor, electronic came sensor, oil readjusted + oil filer 5W20So in ~ that just wondering what demands to be done and also fixed.

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P0522 - Engine Oil pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit short VoltageThere's three things that can reason this code. The the very least likely is the sensor itself, however that to be a great guess come start.This diagram shows the oil press sensor circuit. The red arrowhead is pointing to the pink / yellow cable which is the 5.0-volt feed because that the sensor. If that wire has actually a break in it, every little thing related to the sensor will have actually 0 volts ~ above it. For many sensors of this type, they're fed with 5.0 volts and ground, then the signal circuit choose a suggest in between them come report ago to the computer. The clinker is though, there space in effect, mechanical stops that limit the variety of signal voltage to roughly 0.5 volts to 4.5 volts. The only means the signal cable can ever before reach 0.0 or 5.0 volts is as soon as there's a defect in the sensor or that is wiring, and also that is just how the computer system detects those defects and also sets the appropriate diagnostic error code.In this case, much less than 0.5 volts is gift reported through the oil pressure sensor, and also that is setup the fault code, "voltage also low". It's crucial to note that password does no say the sensor is defective or needs to it is in replaced. Fault codes never ever say to replace a part. They only suggest the circuit or mechanism that needs additional diagnosis, or the unacceptable operation condition.We don't even have to discuss the sensor itself since you currently tried that. There's two much more ways this code have the right to be set. As well as the cut pink / yellow wire, the violet / gray signal wire can be shorted come ground. Common causes would encompass the wire harness dropped down onto the spicy edge that a steel bracket and the insulation rubbed through, or the exploit is sliding ago and soon on the within fender together the engine rocks ago and forth between acceleration and also coasting, climate the paint and also insulation rubbed through.The location to begin is through some voltage tests. Turn the ignition switch to "run", unplug the oil push sensor, then measure up the voltages ~ above the 2 wires I have arrows pointing to. The pink / yellow should have 5.0 volts. If the doesn't, that wire has actually a rest in it. Corroded splices room always good suspects. This circuit has one in it, splice "S105".To add to the confusion, girlfriend should discover 5.0 volts ~ above the violet / gray cable too, but only when the plug is disconnected. Friend won't be tested on this later, but this is excellent by adding a "pull-up" resistor within the computer between this signal wire and also its inner 5.0-volt supply. Under common operation, this resistor is so substantial electrically that it's like it's not also there. It's only when that signal cable is broken that due to every one of the interconnected circuitry within the computer, that signal voltage can "float" to part random value. Even though the voltage has actually no valid meaning, as long as it continues to be within 0.5 to 4.5 volts, the computer system will expropriate it and shot to operation the engine ~ above that. The pull-up resistor now comes right into play and puts 5.0 volts on the signal wire to pressure the computer to recognize the defective condition.This exact same pull-up resistor is provided for all computer system sensor signal circuits, yet the very same thing have the right to be done v a "pull-down" resistor. Those space tied in between the signal wire and ground, within the computer. Again, the is excellent to force the computer to finding a defective condition. It appears you'll discover pull-down resistors much much more often top top import vehicle models, but they can be supplied on any kind of car model. Regardless whether a pull-up or a pull-down resistor is used, the voltage it puts top top a signal cable is easily overcome by the sensor's signal voltage once the circuit gets ago to working properly.One rapid clue come finding this defect is come reread the diagnostic error codes right after friend unplug the sensor. Remember, the pink / yellow wire can be "open", definition cut / broken, or the violet / gray wire could be grounded. Either problem will set this fault code. As soon as you unplug the sensor, if the violet / gray circuit is okay, the pull-up resistor is going to placed 5.0 volts top top it, and also now you'll have an additional fault password for "signal voltage as well high". That can't occur if the signal wire is grounded, so that just leaves the 5.0-volt supply wire together the suspect.If you find 0.0 volts top top the signal wire once the sensor is unplugged, move to a continuity test through your ohm meter and also measure the resistance of that wire come a clean, paint-free ar on the engine or body sheet metal. You have to find very high resistance, in the order of meg ohms, (million ohms), or an open circuit, (infinite or "over-range" analysis on the meter). If that wire is grounded, the resistance will certainly be close to 0 ohms. There's always some resistance in the meter's leads, and also often there's a little resistance in everything is shorted, so you might even uncover a few dozen ohms the resistance. The allude is it need to be a very high reading.Here's a attach to an article around using a volt / ohm meter if you require it:https://www.benidormclubdeportivo.org/articles/how-to-use-a-voltmeterThey're utilizing a fairly expensive meter through the "auto-ranging" feature. Those have the right to be confound if you fail to observe which variety the meter selected because that you. You can discover a perfectly fine conventional meter at areas like harbor Freight devices for roughly $7.00.

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