Troy Bilt Pony Mower is very an excellent for mowing an mean sized lawn. It has 42-inch mowing deck and a an excellent engine. To save Troy Bilt Pony engine and also all moving component lubricated and also at peak performance, you have to change the oil. Prior to you change the oil, you need to know oil capacity, kind of oil and also best practices to care for the engine.

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Troy Bilt Pony Oil Capacity

Troy Bilt Pony oil capacity is based upon biggs and also Stratton 17.5 HP Intek Engine model. This engine has actually 44-ounce oil capacity. If her intek model has an oil filter ~ above it, the capacity increase to 48 ounces.

Troy Bilt Pony Oil Type

To store the troy Bilt Pony engine at optimal performance, choose the type of oil based upon outdoor temperature her mower used. If the outdoor temperatures 50 come 104 degrees Fahrenheit, SAE 30 is advised. Usage 10W-30 for -4 come 100 degrees, and also 5W 30 for 32 degrees and beneath. You have the right to use artificial 5W-30 for all operation temperatures.You can uncover the finest SAE for trojan Bilt Pony
from your operational manual summary with what kind of oil is recommended.
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Check the oil level

Before an altering the oil, you need to inspect the oil level that the troy Bilt Pony engine. Inspect oil level every ten hours of use, or before using the pony mower. To inspect oil level, discover the oil fill cap on the ideal side the the engine. Pull out the dip stick and see the oil level as indicated by oil ~ above the emboldened stick. If that is at the "full" line, no require to change the oil or add oil as needed. Otherwise, if the oil note is halfway in between low and also full line, you have the right to fill with about 24 ounces

Troy Bilt Pony Oil Change

You require to change Troy Bilt Pony oil every 50 mower hours. Friend can adjust oil by removed oil fill cap and also the emboldened stick. Shed the drainpipe port located under the oil emboldened stick. Let come oil flow to the bucket. When the oil is draining out, placed the drain plug and tighten up, and also refill with brand-new oil.

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