Climbing to the Crown?

Crown access is limited due to security and ease of access requirements and also is reservation-based with the statue City Cruises ticketing process. Depending upon the time the year, reservations must be acquired between four (4) to 6 (6) months in advance. Accessibility to the crown is through stairs only. Visitors can carry the following items as much as the crown: One mobile and/or camera for photos per person, water in a plastic container, and any medication required while inside the monument. For information on accessibility options come the crown, email us.

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Don"t Forget your WaterWater in a plastic bottle is allowed inside the crown. Water fountains are located in the lobby the the Statue the Liberty near the restrooms. Speak of restrooms, the lobby facilities are the just ones situated inside together well. For this reason plan accordingly before girlfriend climb! 
This diagram reflects the vertical distance (feet/ inches) over ground level because that each rest area located inside the statue. There room 162 measures from the optimal of the cut down (Level 6P) to the Crown Platform.

Crown Stairs measurement

From the height of the base (6P), there are 162 stairs that room narrow and also steep in dimension. Each action is ripe (9) inches in height and also eight (8) inch in length. The crown staircase is a spiral v one section ascending up and also the other side to decrease down. This permits for a safer flow of visitor traffic.
A 22-inch large standard staircase will certainly be used to start your initial ascent up to crown.

Beginning your Ascent

Visitors must begin their rise to the crown by surrendering their wristbands to the ranger stationed in ~ the top of the cut down (6P). All accompanying children must it is in 4 feet (48 inches) or taller. This has actually been figured out to be the shortest height limit for keeping children"s safety walking up and also down the spiral staircase for holding on come the staircase railings. When possible, youngsters should constantly be placed between two adults during their climb. Children under 18 year of period must be accompanied by one adult. The is no elevator available to the top.
Transitioning to a double helix spiral staircase, there space 146 measures remaining to the Crown Platform.

You"ve arrived inside the statue. Climbing higher?

After completing the very first 16 steps leading into the statue, travellers will shift to a spiral staircase because that the remainder of their ascent. This portion of the climb contains 146 winding procedures of a dual helix spiral staircase. Because of the style of the stairs, visitors room walking in front of each other and also the metal ceilings room low hanging. If girlfriend are 6 (6) feet or taller, please watch your head as you ascend/descend the crown staircase.
Double-helix (spiral) staircase leading from Level 7P come Level 4S inside the Statue.

Spiraling up

From the shift to the double-helix staircase, visitors will climb 44 continuous steps before reaching the very first of four platforms. Railings top top both the right and also left-hand political parties will enable visitors to hold on as they relocate through the statue.
If You take it A Break, Here"s A Tip!When acquisition a break on her journey up or under from the Crown Platform, remember come look because that arrows ~ above the stairs. Tourists who start their climb on the not correct staircase need to yield and also turn roughly for visitors relocating in the exactly direction. 
Four rest stop platforms are located off the double-helix stairs come the crown.

Need to catch your breath?

There are four platforms for travellers to stop their ascent/descent to take it a break and a perfect possibility for a good picture or two! The largest platform is located at Level 4S. There are added rest stop available above this suggest during your climb approximately the Crown Platform.

Physical Mobility top top Liberty Island

Important details on physics mobility for a safe and also enjoyable visit to the Statue the Liberty nationwide Monument.

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Physical/Mobility within the Statue

Information and also locations of elevators, lifts, handrails, and moving approximately the different levels within the monument.