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Gabriel indigenous 96007Huh. Wow. Fine that"s funny. I always thought the lyrics went and also you want her,And she desires him,We all want everyoneAnd he desires herAnd she wants himNo one no one no one ever is to blame. For this reason I believed the track meant the it"s no one"s fault that the girl you desire wants someone else and you can"t reference him for wanting her because you execute as well. However no one come blame, no one faultBut what I thought made the track special to be if girlfriend think about the text there is one come blame and also that is yourself. So negative luck for you, instead of the girl, you obtained the fault. And also their is nothing you have the right to do about it, it"s no their fault. That would have been a an excellent sad song. Yet now i don"t prefer it because it provides no sense.Suddenlysara from DenverI agree with one more lady who said it so much far better than ns can but I’m offering it a try . I always thought it intended that he desires her ( you,me) and she (you,me) desires him therefore terribly negative in-fact it could even be these two human being are in love . In which method there space untold or unexplainable factors why this two world who so plainly were produced each other can’t be together inspire or how awful and badly they so wish to be with each other . Stu from top Hutt, NzlThis song assisted ME once I challenged a very complicated time, after ~ a strange result from a sporting occasion - I was in college, the last year where sports was compulsory. Ns ran a race and also WON! however the teacher in ~ the complete line didn"t prefer that result, so us ran again. So I choose (and can relate to) the part of the tune that is "you"re the fastest runner, but you"re not enabled to win", that literally occurred to me. I involved terms through it, six years later, when I heard this song. The made feeling then.Angus from Ottawa, CanadaIt"s funny, yet I found this ~ above a tape exit by amnesty International. It had actually tracks on it that AI would have been interested in, like Sting"s strange Fruit and also Peter Gabriel"s Biko, yet why this one is less obvious.Peter Steele from medication Hat Ab, AbCarrie, ns agree! This is mine number one favorite tune of the 1980"s..... Ns play this in my car over and over as soon as I to be driving...I love the spicy little drum beat in ~ the beginning of each stanza and the piano finale..."last item of the puzzle yet you simply can"t do it fit" FABULOUS LINE! i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG, IT"S mine NUMBER 3 song OF every TIMETim from Laguna Beach, CaI entirely agree. This is a good song. The piano "lick" ~ the last " one is to blame" the the chorus speaks to the love as lot as the text do. I was always a large fan the "HoJo"Carrie indigenous Roanoke, VaI simply love this song. I can"t believe no one has actually commented ~ above it! The instrumentals are beautiful, and the lyrics are spot on! They really speak to the problem of gift interested in someone else as well as your romantic partner. "You deserve to feel the punishment yet you can"t go the sin" refers to the guilt we experience once we"re tempted by various other people. This has come to be my layout song. See an ext comments
Fortunate SonCreedence Clearwater revival

It took man Fogerty just 20 minutes to compose "Fortunate Son" for Creedence Clearwater Revival"s Willy and The Poorboys album..

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The safety and security DanceMen without Hats

The males Without Hats lead singer wrote "The security Dance" after obtaining kicked out of a bar because that dancing as well aggressively. The song is literally about being safe to dance if you desire to.

Lips room MovinMeghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor composed "Lips are Movin" in just eight minutes through her writing companion Kevin Kadish.

drive The LightningMetallica

The location of the Metallica track "Ride The Lightning" came from a line in the Stephen King publication The Stand whereby a male is around to be executed.


The very first #1 hit through a rap to be "Rapture" through Blondie in 1980. Debbie Harry"s rhymes left several room for improvement.

just YouJosh Kelley

Katherine Heigl played Josh Kelley"s love attention in the video for his 2005 track "Only You." castle met on the shoot, ended up being a real-life couple, and also got married two years later. That"s good casting!

Charlie Benante the AnthraxSongwriter Interviews

The drummer because that Anthrax is also a key songwriter. He describes how the group puts their songs together and also tells the stories behind several of their classics.

Victoria WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

Despite appearances top top Carson, Leno and also a Pennebaker film, Williams continues to be a hidden treasure.

David Paich the TotoSongwriter Interviews

Toto"s key-board player explains the true definition of "Africa" and talks about working top top the Thriller album.

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David Clayton-Thomas the Blood, Sweat & TearsSongwriter Interviews

The longtime BS&T frontman tells the "Spinning Wheel" story, consisting of the line he obtained from Joni Mitchell.

Dave EdmundsSongwriter Interviews

A renowned guitarist and also rock revivalist, Dave take it "I Hear friend Knocking" to the top of the UK charts and also was the first to document Elvis Costello"s "Girls Talk."

Christopher CrossSongwriter Interviews

The guy who produced Yacht Rock v "Sailing" wrote one of his greatest hits if on acid.