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Born NameNikki RunecklesProfessionActressHusbandJoel WhitakerNet Worth$600 thousand Weight50 kg

Nikki Runeckles made her name family members in she home country England through her function as Chantelle in the comedy film The negative Education.

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The 27-years old actress’ job is ~ above the increase with her talent. So plenty of fans are curious come know much more about Chantelle character’s real-life activities. Is she married? If you are among them, climate you are exactly at the appropriate place.

Who is Nikki Runeckles?

Nikki Runeckles is a british actress famous for she portrayal that seductive student Chantelle in the sitcom The bad Education as well as its film spinoff.


Born on might 28, 1991, in Gravesend, Kent, England Nikki Rueneckles is controlled by Michel Ford, Talent Agent, DAA Management, London, joined Kindom. As of now, she has actually 3 exhilaration credits to her name.

Nikki Runeckles’ network Worth: exactly how Much walk She Earn?

Nikki Runeckles’ estimated net worth is $600 thousand. Her an easy source of revenue is from exhilaration in movies and also television. Her movie The Bad Education has actually a life time gross the $3.121 million. 

YouTube: The keep going of the movie poor Education.

As an English actress, Nikki earns a minimum of $1,605 every week. Additionally, she is likewise an actress, and also in England, the average numbers earned by an gibbs is $32.84 per hour. Also, she earns an estimated figure of $75$125 per write-up on she Instagram account.

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The 27 years old actress has done brand promotion for Lash countless UK which additional helped her pocket flourish up.

Apart from her career as an actress, she has been affiliated in healthcare activities since the age of 18. Similarly, she is firm supporters of anti-bullying, especially against people with special needs.

Nikki Runeckles has a Child: who Is she Husband?

Nikki Runeckles is married to she longterm boyfriend and also spouse Joel Whitaker, that owns a roofing service business. During your time of make a route of your relationship, they appeared in several spots sharing their time in every other’s company.


Taking a closer watch at her Social media task the pair dating background goes ago as much as 2014. After date for the exact same years Joel got engaged in may 2016 and the pair tied the knot on September 9, 2018, in the existence of close friends and also family.

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Nikii and also Joel re-publishing one kid Bobby Whitaker born top top November 12, 2017, from your time together. Additionally, it has actually been nearly years that their healthy and balanced marital relationship and also their practically 5 year togetherness is no news. The duo is life a happy and also luxurious life v each other’s coordination and also support.


The poor Education actress is active in her social media account Instagram with an ext than 38k pan followers and doesn’t hesitate come share her way of living with she fan. For this reason she keeps updated about her day-to-day activity.

Nikki Runeckles: body Measurement

Nikki Runeckles has a perfect body shape with slim human body structure. She has dark brown hair with cat-like blue eyes which perfectly matches she body figures.

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Nikki stands v 5 feet 1 inch that height and weighs 50 kg. Similarly, she is of very jolly nature and also loves to visit miscellaneous beautiful places in the world.

Quick truth of Nikki Runeckles

Where and also when to be Nikki Runeckles born?

Gravesend, Kent, England, may 28, 1991