Looking for adjectives that start with W? You might not think about it to be a an extremely common letter. In truth, there space too countless W adjectives to list them all, yet we can share few of our favorites. Take a look in ~ this winding and wide variety of adjective examples. If you room wise, possibly you can think of an ext W adjective to include to the list!

adjective that begin with W

Wonderful adjective That start With W

The letter W is a wonderful letter because that adjectives. It have the right to be warmhearted, wholesome and wise! take a look at these confident adjectives that begin with W.

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warm - having actually moderate heatwarmhearted - kind and sympatheticwealthy - having actually lots of money or possessionswelcoming - passionate to invite rather inwell - healthy, not sickwell-balanced - successful and stable in several areas of lifewell-known - renowned for great reasonwhimsical - playful, creativewholehearted - through sinceritywholesome - innocent, healthywillful - stubborn; not quickly controlledwinning - pleasing, charmingwinsome - attractive in appearancewise - knowledgeable and experiencedwitty - clever; funnywonderful - delightful, motivating wonderwondrous - marvelousworld-class - high quality, the bestworldly - sophisticatedworthwhile - important, valuable

Woeful adjectives That begin With W

Sometimes you require a woeful or wicked adjective. Check out these negative adjectives that begin with W if you need to explain someone who is worrisome or wretched.

wanton - blatant, without care for otherswarlike - violent and aggressivewasteful - not mindful with resourceswayward - all over the place, unpredictableweak - lacking in strengthwearisome - making someone feeling tiredweary - tired from overexertionweepy - cries easily, overemotionalwheezy - no breathing wellwhiny - continuous complainingwicked - evil or terriblewimpy - weak, no bravewithdrawn - quiet and also unsociablewoebegone - woeful; sadworthless - having no valueworrisome - causing concern or concernwonky - not functioning correctly; off-centerwounded - hurt emotionally or physicallywretched - deeply distressed or unhappywrong - incorrect

Descriptive adjective That start With W

There are countless W adjectives the can define the 5 senses. Usage these descriptive adjectives that begin with W when you need to talk about how something look at or feels.

warped - no straight, distortedwaxy - having the texture or appearance of wax; fake-lookingweathered - worn native exposure come sun, rain or windwee - very smallwet - filled through moisturewhite - having actually the color of milk or snowwide - expanding over a huge areawillowy - tall and slenderwindy - defined by wind or breezeswindswept - disheveled or blown by the windwinding - twisting wintry - having actually the look or feel of winterwiry - lean and also tough (person); having actually the figure of wire (object)wispy - well or featherywithering - shriveling; shrinkingwobbly - unstableworn - damaged as result of overuse or exposurewrinkly - having lots of wrinkles or folds

Wide-Ranging adjectives That start With W

There are lots of W adjective that are wild and also wacky! words weird might be among the most generally used, all-purpose adjectives in the English language to explain a wide range of oddities, however there are numerous less common W adjectives out there. Take it a look in ~ these extr adjectives that start with W.

wacky - crazy, unusualwary - overly cautiouswistful - sad and also sentimentalwhopping - very bigwild - in a organic state; uncontrolledwidespread - arising in several areaswide-ranging - covering many spaces or regionswily - sneaky, cleverworkaday - ordinary, no distinctivewoozy - light or sickwry - dryly funny, sarcastic

Wacky instance Sentences through W Adjectives

Want to watch these wide-ranging, whimsical adjectives at work? read these example sentences that use W adjective in several different ways.

It to be nice come sit by the warm fireplace after gift in the cold weather.The weak guy was unable to lift even the irradiate weights.The wealthy couple was able to buy their very own plane.Wet dogs execute not smell very good.My white bedroom is stark and lacking in shade or decoration.Can friend measure exactly how wide the brand-new dresser is?Wild animals are not suitable to store as pets.The willful girl did not take direction or orders very well.It was also windy to have a picnic due to the fact that everything retained blowing away.The withering plants desperately necessary to it is in watered.Harrison is so witty the he makes his classmates laugh at his jokes.She had actually a woebegone expression after gift told she can not walk to the dance.The infant took her first wobbly steps.Her an initial birthday to be a wondrous chance for the family.The worldly girl had traveled all over Europe and the united States.Dr. Baker gave us some worrisome news around Dad"s test results.

Sound off for W

Given W"s confusing history, it’s no surprised it continues to reason kerfuffles today. It create a lot of various sounds, relying on the context.

Sometimes, it provides a "wuh" sound, choose in “wonder,” “walk” or “why.”Sometimes, it makes a softer, "voiceless" sound, as in the word “whisper” or “white.”Other times, like in words "two" or "whole," it makes no sound at all.It can likewise be silent, such as in "write" or "wrong."

The Wandering world of Letter W

The letter W has a long history as a perplexed letter. As soon as the Greeks obtained the letter indigenous the ancient Egyptians — who provided the letter together a hieroglyph that stood for a snake — they offered W to 2 letters in your alphabet.

The Greeks used W as the basis for both an F-type letter, and a U-type letter. When the Romans then obtained the letter native the Greeks, they made things even much more confusing by utilizing W interchangeably through U and also V.

Sometime after ~ the center ages, U and also V evolved into their own letters in the English language. Today, W steady represents simply the "w" sound in English but, in countless foreign languages, W is tho pronounced together "v" and also vice versa. German is a great example of this.

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An Alphabet the Adjectives

Which W adjective will certainly you select for your following written work? as you can see, there are plenty to select from! If you thought W adjectives no all the common, wait till we acquire to our following adjective list: adjective that begin with X! you can additionally stick through W through these hopeful words that start with W.