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guide Naruto indigenous the series" beginning along his ninja training and rise to power. Relive the struggle anime and manga and experience Naruto"s transformation from loud ninja-academy dropout to respected ninja. The number one anime series arrives on Xbox 360! for the very first time ever, suffer Naruto from the start of the series in NARUTO: increase of a Ninja, a game exclusively designed native the ground up because that Xbox 360. Relive the fight anime and experience Naruto"s revolution from noisy ninja-academy dropout to respect ninja.

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Naruto: climb of a Ninja Characters!

NarutoCountry: FireVillage: LeafTechnique: zero Clone JutsuBecause his body holds the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, Naruto flourished up disliked by many of the people in the leaf Village. Together a child, he got a call for being a troublemaker. However, that is trying to adjust his ways and also become a truly an excellent ninja. Naruto is enthusiastic and also powerful, but he seldom thinks prior to jumping right into the action. This gets him into trouble on much more than one occasion. Naruto has actually his teammate, Sakura, whom he has actually a to like on, and Sasuke, that is likewise his rival. GaaraCountry: WindVillage: Sand Weapon: SandA genin native Sand town who concerns the Leaf village for the Chunin exams, Gaara is in reality somewhat like Naruto. The is, he has a demon living within of him. However, wherein Naruto has made friends and is no much longer isolated, Gaara has actually no friends and everyone in his town fears him. This has actually made him angry and violent. Gaara"s demon protects him and also gives him unique powers, making that extremely daunting to defeat in battle.KakashiCountry: FireVillage: LeafTechnique: Lightning BladeKaskashi is jonin, upstream ninja that is assigned come look after formation 7. Although he is constantly late and also may it seems to be ~ flaky and also scatterbrained, Kakashi is actually one of the ideal ninja in the leaf Village. He"s hard on Naruto, but is secretly proud that the job-related of every the members that his team.As a Master, Kakashi will give you Ninja Missions and also train friend to end up being a far better ninja!KibaCountry: FireVillage: LeafTechnique: Fang end Fang A genin from the town Hidden in the Leaves. He is teamed through Hinata and Shino. Wild in both personality and also appearance, that moves about with his ninja hound Akamaru. Their relationship and trust operation deep. His one-of-a-kind jutsu room the man Beast Clone, a joint jutsu brought out with Akamaru, and a an enig Beast male Taijutsu that is dubbed the Fang end Fang. Akamaru can smell one opponent"s Chakra and determine the level of that person"s strength.NejiCountry: LeafVillage: LeafTechnique: Byakugan, 8 Triagrams Palms Rotation, 8 Triagrams 64 PalmsGenin from the town Hidden in the Leaves, the is in the same squad together Rock Lee and also Tenten. The is Hinata"s cousin and also a genius, yet feels constrained come the branch family of the Hyuga Clan. Neji offers the Byakugan Kekkei Genkai: a bloodline properties handed down genetically within the Hyuga Clan. His special methods are the 8 Triagrams Palms Rotation and the 8 Triagrams 64 Palms.SakuraCountry: FireVillage: LeafTechnique: Chakra control Palm HealingSakura is in squad 7 with Naruto. She"s an extremely smart and also has great control over she chakra. Her jutsu room not have to strong, yet she is knowledgeable in the nature of herbs.She thinks Naruto is a screw-up and the squad 7 would be much better if it was just her and also her beloved Sasuke. SasukeCountry: FireVillage: LeafTechnique: Fire layout JutsuSasuke is the 3rd member of formation 7. He is considered a genius, with the potential to it is in the best ninja the his generation. Naruto battles to outdo the on every one of their missions. In ~ first, Sasuke regards Naruto with contempt. However eventually comes to see him together a worthy rival and their competition becomes a method of encouraging one an additional to improve.ZabuzaCountry: WaterVillage: formerly of hidden MistTechnique: Water format JutsuZabuza ended up being renowned as a member of the hidden Mist Village"s AnbuBlack Ops Unit. After a failed attempt to overthrow the Mizukage numerous years back, that fled the floor of the Water through his followers. His true engine is not clear, but the blade of his ambitious was not shattered.HakuCountry: WaterVillage: previously of covert MistTechnique: decision Ice MirrorsA previous elite Tracker Ninja, he was adopted by Zabuza and taught combat jutsu. Faithful come Zabuza, he will certainly not pardon anyone who intimidates him. Behind his mask is a challenge as beautiful as a young girl and also a ache sad past.OrochimaruVillage: SoundTechnique: Striking zero SnakeOrochimaru is a previous student the the third Hokage, but he has actually left the Leaf town and turned come evil. That is one incredibly professional ninja who wants power an ext than anything else. He specializes in forbidden jutsu, yet he is likewise very good at summoning jutsu, particularly involving the summoning of snakes.Rock LeeCountry: FireVillage: LeafTechnique: TaijutsuA genin fro the village Hidden in the Leaves. Though his Ninjutsu and also Genjutsu an abilities are pathetic, his Taijutsu is superior as a an outcome of his consistent training. Indigenous his hairstyle to his sensei, everything about Lee is intense. Like Naruto, he also is in love with Sakura.and many more...Experience farming Up as Naruto: The only video game that permits you to step right into Naruto"s pair of shoes from the series" beginning. Complete authentic missions and relive the Naruto anime and also manga experience. Immerse yourself In Naruto"s Universe: Roam freely and also discover authentic environments. Check out the genuine Konoha town and that surroundings. Connect with Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and also members native the Naruto cast. Unparalleled Depth and selection of Gameplay: The an initial Naruto video game to combine action-adventure gameplay, standard platforming battles, head-to-head fighting, and also in-depth character development. Build your Fighting techniques to defeat Deadly enemies in Fast-Paced Combat: Define your own way of the ninja together you find out to far better control your chakra, boost your techniques, master new taijutsus and also ninjutus, and command more powerful ninja weapons. Play v Friends: Selectyour favourite Naruto personality and challenge a friend. Customize your character and also pick your very own battlefield.