Logical Address is generated by CPU while a regime is running. The logical resolve is virtual deal with as that does not exist physically, therefore, that is additionally known as digital Address. This resolve is offered as a reference to accessibility the physical memory location by CPU. The term logical Address space is provided for the collection of every logical addresses created by a program’s perspective.The hardware maker called Memory-Management Unit is offered for mapping logical attend to to its equivalent physical address.

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Physical Address identify a physical place of required data in a memory. The user never straight deals through the physical resolve but can access by its corresponding logical address. The user program generates the logical address and thinks that the program is running in this logical attend to but the program requirements physical memory for its execution, therefore, the logical attend to must it is in mapped come the physical resolve by MMU prior to they room used. The term physics Address space is used for all physical addresses matching to the reasonable addresses in a Logical attend to space.
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MMU schemeMapping virtual-address come physical-addressesDifferences in between Logical and Physical address in operation SystemThe straightforward difference between Logical and also physical address is the Logical attend to is generated by CPU in view of a routine whereas the physical address is a ar that exist in the storage unit.Logical Address space is the set of all logical addresses generated by CPU because that a regime whereas the set of every physical resolve mapped to equivalent logical addresses is dubbed Physical deal with Space.The logical deal with does no exist physically in the memory whereas physical address is a location in the memory that deserve to be accessed physically.Identical reasonable addresses are produced by Compile-time and also Load time deal with binding approaches whereas they different from each other in run-time resolve binding method. You re welcome refer this because that details.The logical address is generated by the CPU if the program is to run whereas the physical resolve is computed by the Memory monitoring Unit (MMU).

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Comparison Chart:ParameterLOGICAL ADDRESSPHYSICAL ADDRESSBasicgenerated by CPUlocation in a storage unitAddress SpaceLogical Address an are is set of all logical addresses generated by CPU in reference to a program.Physical deal with is set of all physical addresses mapped come the matching logical addresses.VisibilityUser have the right to view the logical address of a program.User deserve to never check out physical address of program.Generationgenerated through the CPUComputed by MMUAccessThe user deserve to use the logical address to access the physics address.The user have the right to indirectly access physical attend to but no directly.