The crocodile is Captain Hook"s an excellent nemesis. She swallowed his hand after ~ Peter Pan chopped the off, and liked the taste of the so lot that she now complies with Hook around, hoping to eat the remainder of him. The croc additionally swallowed a clock, thus giving off a tell-tale ticking sound as she approaches. She is often erroneously thought to be a male, yet Barrie states female. In comics published later on on, her character was recognized as Tick-Tock the Croc. In the books Peter and the Starcatchers the crocodile was called Mr. Grin by the redskins.

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In the film Hook, Captain Hook has actually killed the crocodile and made it right into the structure for a clock tower. However he is tho gripped with fear when he hears a clock ticking, and keeps a collection of clocks he has actually broken. In his duel v Peter, Hook is hosted at just by a circle of lost Boys hold clocks, and is reportedly "eaten" by the crocodile, which seems to temporarily come ago to life and engulf him.

In the 2003 film, the croc is a huge reptile, probably Deinosuchus. John and Michael satisfy the croc in a cavern of the jungle and also after waking the resting reptile, castle are virtually eaten. The croc come in to the black color Castle and attacks Hook just as he desires to death the hurt Peter. At the finish the croc shows up under the flying, torture Captain, who has too many negative thoughts around flying and thus drops into the mouth as the longed-for treat.

In the 2011 SyFy Channel"s variation Neverland<1>, over there are plenty of crocodiles, all lot bigger than any kind of normal crocodile, with 4 pairs that legs. The Kaw indian people hunts the crocodiles and serves your meat to the lost Boys when they continue to be with them. One certain crocodile eats Hook"s hand and his bag watch, yet there is never ever a clear distinction if this crocodile is unique or different from the rest.


Commonly described as Tic Toc, the Disney version of the crocodile is much less frightening 보다 most. It is male unlike the original book, and also often acts an extremely personified. He appears to have actually a partnership with Peter, seeing as they organize a brief conversation as soon as Peter is fighting Hook in Skull Rock. Tic Toc also appears to it is in at least somewhat "polite" in that he respects Mr. Smee as soon as he tells him to shoo. In fact, in the sequel Return To never ever Land<2> (In i m sorry the crocodile was replaced by a giant octopus) Mr. Smee comments that "at least the crocodile had actually manners" when the octopus squirts him with water together Mr. Smee tries to shoo it away. This Crocodile does show up to have only eyes and also stomach for Captain Hook, together he never strikes anything or anyone else that enters the water.

Peter Pan and the Pirates

In the 1990 television collection Peter Pan and the Pirates, Hook has an excellent respect for his enemy, hating her more than fearing her. In the illustration "Wendy & the Croc" he plans to death the crocodile, but Wendy has actually been swallowed by it and also the lost Boys stop him to kill the reptile to conserve Wendy. This variation of the crocodile go is just as passionate to eat the shed Boys as to eat Hook.

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Peter Pan in Scarlet

In Peter Pan in Scarlet, Hook survived in the ship of the crocodile. Once the muscle contractions intended to crush and also digest him broke the vial of poison he retained with him at all times, that killed the crocodile, and Hook used his hook come claw out.