The Syracuse Orange outlasted the UConn Huskies Thursday night in Madison Square Garden, 127-117, in 6 overtimes.

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The game lasted an incredible 3 hours and 46 minutes.

The two teams would go earlier and forth every night through neither regulating a lead bigger than five points in regulation.

UConn"s PG Kemba Walker was in the right ar at the best time and put earlier a last-second shot through 1.1 secs left in regulation come tie the score at 71.

Orange SF Paul Harris then threw the inbound pass, which was tipped by a UConn defender and landed in the hands of Orange SG Eric Devendorf.

Devendorf shoot from around 28 feet out and also swished the 3 as the buzzer sounded, seemingly providing Syracuse a 74-71 victory.

The referee who was closest and also making the speak to threw his hands in the wait signaling the shot was good. Devendorf conduct to jump atop the scorers bench and also bang his chest in celebration of the last-second victory.

But not so fast.


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The refs chose to look at the shoot on replay and see if he acquired it off in time. Seeing the replay, it looked inclusive since the ball might have been still ~ above the very tip the his finger.

With there being a absence of conclusive evidence, the original call should have stood and the game should have actually been over.

But it was not and the game would be sent right into overtime.

Six overtimes, to it is in precise.

At the finish of the very first OT, Syracuse discovered themselves under by two points with seconds remaining. Flynn juked and weaved his means through 3 Huskies defenders and also made a circus pass to uncover PF rick Jackson all alone under the hoop.

With all the defenders grounding to Flynn, Jackson had actually an easy, uncontested dunk to tie the score in ~ 81 and send the video game into the second OT.

In the 2nd OT, UConn discovered themselves v the ball and the score tied at 87, with much less than 30 secs remaining.

They decided to run the clock down and also then walk for the win. Huskies" PG Kemba walker tried to sink the game-winner yet missed, and also SF Stanley Robinson corralled the rebound but blew the put-back. The Huskies ordered the miss and also threw it ago outside to walker for an additional shot yet it was blocked by the Orange.

Walker then gathered in his own miss and launched an off-balance 3 that missed, sending the game into the 3rd OT.

In the 3rd OT, Syracuse discovered themselves under by 3 with under 20 seconds remaining. Orange SG Andy Rautins calmly drained a 3 from the peak of the key, tie the score at 98.

UConn"s PG A.J. Price then attempted a 3 with 11 secs left and also missed. Huskie PF Jeff Adrian got the rebound and proceed come shoot a small eight-foot turn-around as the buzzer sounded because that the win, but the ball rolled that the rim sending the game into the 4th OT.

It would certainly be Paul Harris who would gain the chance to play the duty of hero.

Once again through the defense draped almost everywhere him, Flynn discovered the open Harris alone under the hoop with the video game tied in ~ 104. Harris climate missed the layup but got his very own rebound to effort the game-winning, last-second shot once more, yet he was blocked at the buzzer through UConn"s PF Gavin Edwards, sending the video game into the fifth OT.

In the 5th overtime, Flynn calmly swished two free throws to tie the video game at 110 with 20 seconds remaining. UConn then, in succession, missed 3 last-second attempts, sending out the game into the sixth and also final OT.

Rautins made decision the Orange had actually played enough and drained a three to start the period, providing Syracuse their first lead in OT.

That would prove to be the straw that broke the Huskies back, as the Orange would certainly go on to outscore them 17-7, thus ending the second longest game in the history of college basketball, 127-117.

"I"ve acquired no words," Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said after the three hour, 46-minute game. "I have actually never to be prouder of any kind of team I"ve coached."

The Orange were led by Flynn, that scored 34 points, dished out 11 assists, and also had 6 steals.

Paul Harris had actually a monster game, scoring 29 points and also hauling under a season-high 22 rebounds.

Devendorf and also backup Rautins additionally gave large contributions. Devendorf finished v 22 points and Rautins score 20 off the bench.

The Huskies to be led through A.J. Price, that scored 33 points and dished out 11 assists.

Stanley Robinson play big, scoring 28 points and also pulling under 14 rebounds.

Hasheem Thabeet had actually a monster game down low, scoring 19 points, blocking 7 shots, and also grabbing 14 rebounds.

Syracuse never had actually a command in OT until Rautins" momentum-changing three.

The two teams linked to score 222 points, a large East record.

The six OTs were the 2nd most in NCAA history.

The 3 hour and 46-minute game was the longest video game in large East history.

Eight players would foul out and also Syracuse had to play the sixth OT through a walk-on in the lineup who had scored a total of 4 points the whole year.

With the win, Syracuse boosts to 25-8 and will face the Mountaineers of West Virginia Friday at 9 p.m.

Syracuse has actually now to win UConn three straight times in the large East Championship and has won 4 out of the last five meetings in between the two groups in tournament play.

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Andy Rautins" father, Leo Rautins, tipped in the game winner for Syracuse in the 1981 triple-overtime video game that to be the previous record for the longest game in the league"s history.