From his days playing college ball at Davidson to certification in the NBA Finals, Steph Curry has constantly displayed his capacity to make impressive shots. Even if it is it’s in exercise or games, Curry has actually wowed fans with his shotmaking from every part of the court — not just in the frontcourt, either. Curry has made his same share of half-court shots.

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Successful half-court shoot attempts room rare and also unpredictable but always exciting come watch. Let’s look at the history of the half-court shot in the NBA and also examine why one half-court shot document Curry owns might be the ideal in history. 

The dimensions of one NBA basketball court

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An NBA court is 94 feet long and also 50 feet wide. The free-throw heat is 15 inches indigenous the basket when the three-point line is 23 feet, ripe inches native the basket. The half-court heat is 46 inch from one of two people basket — directly halfway between both buckets. 

The street of the half-court line from the basket method players seldom attempt shots from past it. Because that one, it’s no worth any more points 보다 a standard three-pointer. It’s also much more difficult. Half-court shots are typically reserved because that end-of-game (or end-of-quarter) scenarios once the team with the ball has a restricted amount the time come shoot.

What renders the half-court shot amazing is the desperation that the team attempting it. It’s a shot with unfavorable odds.

The odds of making a half-court shot

Every week during the university basketball season, ESPN’s college Gameday visits a university campus and also hosts their regime live indigenous the court. Typically, plenty of students attend, and also a few even get a possibility to win huge money.

In partnership v State farm Insurance, ESPN offers a student a possibility to hit a half-court shot for a huge cash prize. 2 UVA students struggle the shooting in back to earlier years, 2015 and 2016, regardless of an ESPN report the the odds of hitting a half-court shot space 1 in 100. 

At the NBA level, half-court shorts are common yet not frequently successful. Baron Davis fight the longest shooting in NBA history, reports All around Basketball, an 89-foot heave on February 17, 2001. While it wasn’t in a game, Vince Carter collection a Guinness world Record because that the longest shot hit while sitting down at 86 feet.

Many players avoid taking longer-than-half-court shots as result of what it could do to their shooting percentage. Kevin Durant stated as much to Yahoo Sports: “It relies on what I’m shoot from the field. Very first quarter if I’m 4-for-4, i let the go. Third quarter if I’m like 10-for-16, or 10-for-17, I can let it go. But if I’m favor 8-for-19, I’m walk to walk ahead and also dribble one much more second.”

Why Steph Curry’s half-court shooting record might be the finest in history

Curry owns the record for most half-court shots fight in a career with five, including one in the playoffs. He hit his critical half-court shooting in march 2019. Till that point, he’d tied with Zach Randolph because that the career document with four.

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The factor why Curry’s record is for this reason impressive? Half-court shots are very low-percentage shots. Football player attempt them nearly every video game as a quarter or half expires and also they seldom go in. Even Curry himself isn’t very successful at most of them. Because that example, during the 2016-17 season, his shooting percentage from past the half-court line was .067. This way he bring away a lot of them no issue what that does to his statistics. 

The bottom line? Curry’s record stands out because couple of players will an obstacle it. He’ll likely remain the half-court shoot king for some time. 

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