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"Got the Twisted" is the an initial single indigenous Mobb Deep"s 2004 album Amerikaz Nightmare. Developed by The Alchemist, the song samples the 1980s struggle "She Blinded Me through Science" by cutting board Dolby. Large Noyd, notorious Mobb, Jayo Felony, Kurupt, Illa Ghee, The Alchemist and also actor Danny Trejo room featured in the music video. Over there is likewise a remix which features Twista.

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M.O.B.B. Nigga yes a huhUh yeah c"mon currently yeah yo yo ain"t no party when we crash the partyImma to express shorty climate vacate the partyYou keep grillin I"ll pump pump the shottyPut friend in the trunk then dump intake the bodyNigga friend don"t understand you betta ask somebodyYa"ll gain down us gonna clash prob"lyBuilty snowflake out of the ampacombyI"m tryin come rip britney so ns made ja sign meNigga catch me in tha club v a dual lead bangerI"m the not correct one come f*ck withNow I understand the promoters I"m in with the musketPound of the haze and also a box of dutchesHigh to the cottonmouth Paranoid do the wrong relocate bitch and also your ass is outLike M.O.P. Nigga I"ll mash friend outIf ns can"t acquire your head swing by your residence (motherfucker)Ya"ll niggas gained it twisted huh?That liquor up in your you-Charge (U-Charge)That this come out as soon as you jumpYour ass won"t make it to see tomorrowYa"ll niggas obtained it twisted huh?That liquor up in her you-Charge (U-Charge)That this come out as soon as you jumpYour ass won"t do it to see tomorrowWe action up in the club with one thing On our mind that"s leave v somethingGet escape of the ring get rid of those cuffsWe about to...girlWe around to...girlWe around to...girl (girl)We about to...girlWe around to...girl (girl)Yo, party over here ain"t shit over thereThe Mobb Deep boys gained it locked best hereWherever we at we save the cliqs best thereSo where ever there"s beef is gettin fixed best thereAnd castle can"t avoid us, they too scaredThey know a caliber thug shoot at heads niggaQ.B. Fall you off at that leg (bye bye)Show you just how we execute it in emperors Murder ain"t shit niggaThis is ns talking show you whereby I live girlfriend come appropriate through mine crib (cmon) and get a couple of seers There"ll it is in manslaughter right in prior of mine kidsA tiny blood acquire on mine daughter, that"s nothing she"ll live (just whipe the off)Got cops shoot to death of usWe don"t prefer D"sYou never record us runnin with the police (nope)Ya"ll niggas acquire ya"ll vests upAnd ya"ll far better invest in some real hefty bulletproof panelingYa"ll niggas got it twisted huh?That liquor up in her you-Charge (U-Charge)That tooth come out when you jumpYour ass won"t do it to see tomorrowYa"ll niggas gained it twisted huh?That liquor increase in your you-Charge (U-Charge)That tooth come out when you jumpYour ass won"t do it to watch tomorrowWe step up in the club through one point On ours mind that"s leave with somethingGet to escape of the ring remove those cuffsWe around to...girlWe around to...girlWe about to...girl (girl)We around to...girlWe around to...girl (girl)

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Mobb Deep Mobb Deep is an American i know good hop duo native Queensbridge, Queens, new York, U.S., that contained Havoc and also Prodigy. The duo is "one of the many critically acclaimed hardcore East coastline Hip-Hop groups". The group is ideal known for its dark, hardcore delivery as exemplified through the single "Shook people Pt. II". Mobb Deep have end up being one that the most successful lab duos in i know good Hop having sold over 3 million records. The majority of your albums have been critically acclaimed, in details The Infamous, which is taken into consideration to it is in classic amongst avid Hip-Hop listeners and general fans.

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They are partially attributed for the renewal of East coastline rap in the early on to mid-"90s. Havoc and Prodigy were additionally judges for the 7th annual Independent Music Awards to assistance … more »