Since the Xbox 360 update (TU14) regional multiplayer is no much longer working for me. The post I get is that the file doesn"t have a gold membership.For the record:1) i do have actually a gold account2) I"m only playing local multiplayer (split screen)3) i never necessary two profiles v gold prior to the updateI"m hoping this is simply a an insect and will acquire fixed since I especially bought the 360 version of MineCraft so mine sons can play with each other easily. Unfortunately, this is exactly the type of money grubbing policy I deserve to see Microsoft do the efforts to pull off, for this reason I"m a little bit suspicious. You re welcome let me understand if anyone rather experiences this issue because so far it seems favor I"m alone (based on internet searches).

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To answer to my own post - I have actually a work around. You need to log-in together Guest when setup up the break-up screen game. It seems to only job-related when you an initial start the game (so if you have actually a game currently open in single player, girlfriend can"t just include a 2nd player). Furthermore, if you developed local profile, i m sorry I had for both my sons, they will not work.Please allow me understand if any kind of one else has actually the exact same behavior.


This sounds choose an old an insect from TU12, yet we room playing in local break-up mode without a problem and none that us have actually a yellow account.


I have actually the exact same issue. I would play v my sisters prior to the update, and now that will currently let however one player play in ~ one time. Although, ns don"t acquire a gold message. It just will no let regional (offline) splitscreen work.

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We are having the same issue with split screen. Mine son provided to beat splitscreen every the time and also he stated after he did update it doesn"t work. I review online what that setups in dashboard should be collection to video clip 1080pi. We did that and no change. I cleared the cache..something else ns read. What else have to I try?

I also looked to check out if in which method HD to be switched turn off on TV however I don"t see any kind of kind the button.

my brother and also i got the disc and have done all the correct things but it still will not work. We room desperate and also have make the efforts everything. You re welcome help

Hey males newb here. I was trying come play a regional splitscreen game with my cousin and also couldn"t obtain it to work either. I recognize this is probably simply me however I disconnected my net from the Xbox and also it operated perfectly. Because that some reason being connected to the net wouldn"t enable me to play local splitscreen. Expect this helps anybody having problems.

I have actually a comparable problem. After downloading the gloriole Mashup pack, the game stopped loading in HD (hdmi connected) and multiplayer won"t work. All various other 360 gamings work well in HD. Weird. Tried deleting all game related data and also didn"t help. Anyone have an idea top top this one?