Have you viewed the renovated Milford Hotel? The structure itself is greatly the same, however the lobby and also interior on Eighth Avenue and 44th Street sports a sleek, minimalist look.

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The modern renovation is hard to wrap your head roughly if you lived in brand-new York in the 1980s.

Back then, the Milford was the cheapo, tourist-friendly Milford Plaza, recognized for its crazy-catchy 1980s commercials.

(Warning: watch it, and the Milford Plaza song will be in her head in an limitless loop because that the rest of the day.)

And if your brand-new York history goes back decades earlier, you can remember as soon as the Milford Plaza was the Lincoln Hotel.

Opened in 1928, the Lincoln featured 1,300 rooms spread out throughout 27 floors. Over the next few decades, the hotel hosted salesmen, tourists, and people linked to the theater district. The restaurant and also ballroom were packed with partygoers. A few suicides were tape-recorded too.

By the 1950s, the Lincoln to be a shell of its former self—a rundown apartment hotel in out-of-fashion west Midtown. One 85 percent vacancy rent kept the variety of residents low, the hallways ghostly.

Developer wilhelm Zeckendorf bought the in 1956 and also got permission to absent the longtime rent-controlled tenants out. However they didn’t leave without a fight.

In 1956, the last of the holdout tenants—the Hotel Lincoln Seven, we’ll call them—faced eviction proceedings around the exact same time the hotel’s furnishings were booked to walk up because that auction.

“Within four hours that the sale’s opening bid, the restaurant, the barber shop, the coffee shop, and the beauty salon had been brushed up clean the fixtures,” created The brand-new York Times.

Meanwhile, the developers readily available to relocate the holdout citizens to comparable hotel accommodations at the Knickerbocker ~ above West 44th Street. Lock declined.

Finally, lock ponied up cash payouts the $300o per tenant to timeless vacate. “The last to agree was miss Edna King, a guest due to the fact that 1929,” report The brand-new York Times.

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17 Responses to “The long history of the Milford (Plaza)Hotel”

benidormclubdeportivo.org Says:February 26, 2014 in ~ 5:44 pm | answer

I’m with you there. The neon sign was iconic!

Bernadette Clarke Says:June 9, 2014 in ~ 12:31 afternoon | answer

With so many hotels up-styling come ’boutique hotels’, through very tiny ambience, i was delighted to have stayed in one of the enlarge rooms at the Milford Plaza in 2012. Ns was fascinated v the elevator system and also found it an extremely efficient and safe. A lovely hotel and a wonderful experience.