The city is an elegy to the speaker"s newly deceased Captain, at as soon as celebrating the safe and also successful return of your ship and mourning the ns of its great leader. In the an initial stanza, the speak expresses his relief that the ship has actually reached its residence port in ~ last and also describes hearing world cheering. In spite of the celebrations ~ above land and the successful voyage, the speaker reveals that his Captain"s dead body is lying on the deck. In the 2nd stanza, the speaker implores the Captain come "rise up and hear the bells," wishing the dead man can witness the elation. Everyone adored the captain, and the speak admits the his death feels favor a horrible dream. In the last stanza, the speak juxtaposes his feeling of mourning and also pride.


Whitman composed this poem quickly after chairman Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The is an extended an allegory intended come memorialize Lincoln"s life and work. The Captain represents the assassinated president; the ship represents the war-weathered nation following the polite War; the "prize won" represents the salvaged union. The speaker, torn between relief and despair, captures America"s confusion at the finish of the civil War. It was a time of plenty of conflicting sentiments, and also Whitman immortalizes this sense of apprehension in "O Captain! my Captain!"

Whitman"s poetry locations a lot of of emphasis on the individual. This details poem explores a sports on that theme: the self vs. The other. The speaker struggles with balancing his personal feelings of loss with the celebratory mood result from the successful voyage. When the polite War asserted many lives, it led to the reunification of the Union, so many Americans felt an in similar way divided. In Whitman"s poem, the speak believes that he need to be component of the "other" group, celebrating the go back to safety. However, his within thoughts collection him apart from the crowd as he tries to reconcile his emotional reaction come the Captain"s death.

"O Captain! mine Captain!" is the just Walt Whitman poem that has actually a consistent meter and also rhyme scheme. Frequently hailed as "the dad of free verse," Whitman tended to create his poems without following any type of kind of notified poetic form. However, "O Captain! mine Captain!" is organized right into three eight-line stanzas, each with an AABBCDED happiness scheme. Each stanza closes v the indigenous "fallen cold and dead," and the very first four currently of every stanza are longer than the last 4 lines. Due to the fact that this poem is one elegy come the dead, the more traditional style adds come its solemnity. Additionally, the continuous meter is reminiscent of a soldier marching throughout the battlefield, i beg your pardon is fitting for a poem that commemorates the end of the civil War.

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