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Martin Luther King Jr. Job is today, January 18, and also as it is a federal holiday you may be wondering—is the post office closed on MLK day? federal services, including the United claims Postal business (USPS), generally close or operate with modified solutions on commonwealth holidays, choose Martin Luther King Jr."s birthday.

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Therefore, if you"re expecting mail or have to send mail v USPS, or are planning a pilgrimage to the write-up office today, you may need to change your plans. However, together UPS and FedEx are exclusive companies, the same rules perform not apply as they do to commonwealth services prefer USPS. The letter services obtainable today will as such vary by e-mail company.

Find out listed below which mail services from USPS, UPS, and also FedEx will run on martin Luther King Jr. Day, and how you will need to adjust your plans, if in ~ all.

USPS hours on martin Luther King Jr. Day

Is over there mail top top MLK day? USPS observes young name Luther King Jr. Job so write-up offices will certainly be closed and also USPS services will not run. If you"re expecting letter it will most likely arrive ~ above Tuesday, and also you will should wait till tomorrow to access post office services.

UPS hrs on young name Luther King Jr. Day

UPS does no observe boy name Luther King Jr. Day so UPS pickup and delivery solutions will still be available. UPS Store places will also be open up on MLK Day.

However, together USPS observes MLK Day, UPS SurePost and UPS Mail technologies deliveries will take second business work in transit.


A United claims Postal organization (USPS) worker on august 20, 2020 in brand-new York City. Martin Luther King Jr. Work is a commonwealth holiday for this reason USPS solutions will not run and also post workplaces will be closed.Dia Dipasupil/Getty

FedEx hrs on martin Luther King Jr. Day

Does FedEx deliver on MLK Day? all FedEx services will be open up on boy name Luther King Day however FedEx Express and FedEx SmartPost will be operating v modified service.

USPS commonwealth Holidays

To setup ahead for the rest of the year, become familiar v the federal holidays observed by USPS. Adhering to MLK Day, USPS will next be closeup of the door on Presidents" job on February 15. USPS likewise observes Memorial work on may 31 and also will be closed for self-reliance Day on July 5, as July 4 falls on a Sunday in 2021.

Post offices will be closed and USPS mail services will not run on labor Day top top September 6, Columbus work on October 11, or Veterans job on November 11.

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USPS will additionally be closeup of the door on significant holidays like Thanksgiving work on November 25 and Christmas job on December 25. Together Christmas drops on a Saturday this year, Friday, December 24, will certainly be a holiday for pay and leave objectives for many federal employees. Finally, USPS also observes brand-new Year"s day on January 1.