I just got transfered come a 07 Mack Vision around a month back and now there is a light coming on in the insturment pannel. Called the dealership and also they room unsure what the is.... Anyone have any type of ideas? The truck is to run fine, no issues. Just have no reservation what the light means.

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Location:sunny southern florida

Electrical/Electronic malfunction.

Best thing is bring to dealer, let them hook up computer. That will read the code and determine problem.

OR, v cruise manage off, press the set button. Bolt will certainly flash in a series. Count flashes (like 8-3) IF you have actually the manual, it will certainly tell problem. Or ask here. This guys deserve to diagnose the problem and the fix.

Too bad they no come out and also fix for ya

By the way-


I simply bought a 2005 Granite CV713, and my Lightning Bolt light come on when under load. Took to Mack Dealer outside brand-new Orleans, LA, and they put a computer on the van that stated it to be a "humidity sensor".

I agree through the front posts... If her dealer cannot tell friend what the problem is, the DEALER might be a problem.

Either castle really do NOT know (which is no good), OR, they to be blowing you off.

Check the coolant level in both the upper reservoir and lower. One of the sensors may end up being exposed and also trigger the lightning bolt. The bolt itself means electronic malfunction.

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you need to get the password to know. Without the code, it might be anything

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My fuel gauge action up and I obtain the bright bolt the code says low fuel once it has 100 festival in the tank best to do the blink password check

It"s funny the original question to be asked in 2009 and there are civilization still comment him in 2016 together if he just asked it. Great stuff. That dude has actually probably currently been v a dozen or more trucks due to the fact that then.

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You vital up, the does it"s "dash flash" pear check, it goes out, you start the engine and also then you rigid at it hoping it doesn"t come earlier on as soon as the engines up

I have actually one act the same and only have actually 2.5 v going right into trans harness. Bet it’s the controller on the dash

used to get the bolt daily in mine Granite for the exterior temp sensor (dash display) going the end for a second......



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The massive ground suggest inside dash on driver side A pillar. Clean and also check her grounds.


At least that"s what it was on mine 2000 CH once I used to have actually it. Always had the break down light comes on and off and the van randomly shutting off and starting right ago up if driving down the highway.

Dealer never could figure it out. They adjusted all type of harnesses and also ecm. Was just the fixed ground. Found out numerous years later.

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