– new Year’s day 9:00AM-6:00PM– young name Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)– Valentine’s Day– Presidents Day– Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday– St. Patrick’s Day– an excellent Friday– Easter Monday– Cinco de Mayo– Mother’s Day– Memorial Day– Juneteenth (June 19)– Father’s Day– self-reliance Day (4th of July)– labor Day– Columbus Day– Halloween– Veterans Day– black color Friday 6:00AM-9:00PM– Christmas eve 6:00AM-6:00PM– Boxing day (December 26) 6:00AM-10:00PM– brand-new Year’s eve 6:00AM-6:00PM

Most Lowe’s stores are CLOSED on this holidays:

– Easter Sunday– Thanksgiving Day– Christmas Day

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Is Lowe’s open up today? What time does Lowe’s open tomorrow? Although everyday hours have the right to vary, this schedule applies to plenty of locations:

– Monday 6:00AM-10:00PM– Tuesday 6:00AM-10:00PM– Wednesday 6:00AM-10:00PM– Thursday 6:00AM-10:00PM– Friday 6:00AM-10:00PM– Saturday 6:00AM-10:00PM– Sunday 8:00AM-8:00PM

Lowe’s Canada RONA hours and open/closed condition varies by district on these holidays:

– new Year’s Day– household Day/Heritage Day/Islander Day/Louis Riel Day– good Friday– Victoria Day– St. Jean Baptiste work (Quebec)– Canada Day– civic Holiday/British Columbia Day/Heritage Day/Natal Day/New Brunswick Day/Regatta Day/Saskatchewan Day/Simcoe Day– work Day– Thanksgiving Day– Remembrance Day– Boxing Day

Stores may operate on vacation schedules with decreased hours during “open” holidays. Plenty of locations will open up late and/or close at an early stage these days. Of course, the exception is on black color Friday when many stores open at an early stage and/or close late! To save wasted time and gas, a quick phone speak to to check Lowe’s holiday hours of procedure is constantly a good idea. Happy vacation shopping!

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Most locations will be open on Columbus Day: Monday, October 11, 2021. This consists of grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, large box stores and shopping malls. Liquor stores in some areas may be closed ~ above Columbus Day, as per state or local laws. Find our list listed below to check out who is open and also who is closed. Don’t miss out on the big Columbus day sales and deals!

Most areas will be open regular hours ~ above Halloween: Sunday, October 31, 2021. This includes grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, big box stores and shopping malls. Find our list over to see who is open and who is closed!

TODAY – Tuesday, October 5, 2021 – Open constant HoursWednesday, October 6, 2021 – Open constant HoursThursday, October 7, 2021 – Open consistent HoursFriday, October 8, 2021 – Open consistent HoursSaturday, October 9, 2021 – Open regular HoursSunday, October 10, 2021 – Open regular Hours

MONDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2021 – COLUMBUS DAY: most stores, restaurants, and malls will certainly be open up on Columbus Day. Some may be operating on holiday schedule with decreased hours of operation. Storage the fall of 2021 through Columbus day sales at countless locations.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2021 – CANADA THANKSGIVING DAY: hrs of operation and open/closed status of stores and also malls varies by ar and province on Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 – Open regular HoursWednesday, October 13, 2021 – Open constant HoursThursday, October 14, 2021 – Open consistent Hours

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2021 – HALLOWEEN: most stores, malls, and restaurants will certainly be open regular hours top top Halloween. Cost-free kids meals at many locations for youngsters in costume.