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It"s Friday again, how about some funny to get us right into the weekend?

What is the longest native you deserve to come up through for which all the letters in that word space in alphabet order?


benidormclubdeportivo.org words just Can"t it is in a name of a place, human being or other appropriate noun. If it includes the same letter twice in a row, the does no disqualify it. No same looking it up on Google!

Update: One more rule to assist you guys out.

The word have the right to be in either ascending or descending alphabetical order.
OK, well an additional Friday, another Perl script. This is this week’s:

#!/usr/local/bin/perluse warnings;use strict;my
alphas}; print " ===== ";}This time I offered as the input corpus the AGID word perform from Kevin’s indigenous Lists:

And gained this output:

AEGILOPS=====BILLOWYDIKKOPS=====Aegilops (length 8) is a genus the grasses, and so is suitable noun and might no count. Billowy (length 7) is definitely a commonly-used, legit word. Dikkops (length 7), likewise known as Stone-curlews, room a southern African bird.


Code golf and /usr/dict/words:

perl -nle "$x="^".join("*",("a".."z"))."*$";if(/$x/)print length($_)," ",$_" /usr/dict/words|sort -nr|head8 aegilops7 egilops7 deglory7 billowy7 belloot7 begorry7 beefily7 alloquy6 knotty6 knoppy
If you had asked about vowels in order quite than letters, then two an excellent ones would certainly be facetiously and also abstemiously.


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are you an alleged to use capitalized letter when widening an all-caps initialism in bracket to define what every initial respectively stands for?

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