LAS VEGAS, NV – NOVEMBER 29: Nevada Wolf load mascot Alphie attends a game versus the UNLV Rebels in ~ Sam Boyd stadium on November 29, 2014 in ras Vegas, Nevada. Nevada winner 49-27. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

9. Longest punt: play Brady, 99 yards 

No document on this perform is much safer than Brady’s 99-yard punt, together he will certainly forever own at the very least at the very least a re-publishing of college football background thanks to his mammoth boot in 1950.

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After spending his early on years in Seattle, Brady played collegiately in ~ Nevada, i beg your pardon was just in its 3rd year as a division I regime in 1948. The wolf Pack originally started Brady under center before likewise moving him to punter quickly after.

Few detailed records exist about punting throughout the era, yet Brady was skilled enough to get drafted by the new York Giants together a specialist four years later. That confirmed in one October 1950 game against Loyola Marymount, as Brady unleashed a 99-yard punt, becoming the only player in college football background to carry out so.

The punt reportedly cruised over 70 yards in the air before rolling down previous the 1-yard line, although the did tiny to help the Wolf fill in a 34-7 loss. Steve O’Neal come closest to matching Brady in the NFL ranks v a 98-yard boots in 1968, but the Nevada punter’s document can’t technically it is in broken.

Brady finished out his collegiate career at Bradley in 1951 before moving to the CFL because that one season. The Pittsburgh Steelers scooped up Brady in 1952, and he go on to lead the NFL in punting twice.

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These 20 university football records will was standing the test of time and never again be broken in the background of the sport.

Sports records are made to broken, and college football has actually seen no shortage of brand-new all-time clues in current years.

Players across sports are continuously getting an ext physically dominant, permitting individuals and teams to put up previously unheard the numbers. College football has actually been particularly prone to record-breaking in current years, as dynamic fix up offenses proceed to readjust the game.

Last season alone in college football carried a number of new records, particularly on the offensive side that the ball. Texas tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes racked increase 819 yards of violation in a loss come Oklahoma, Connor Halliday damaged a decades-long FBS document for single-game passing yards, and also East Carolina’s Zay Jones set a new NCAA mark of 399 career receptions.

Even much more hallowed marks prefer Bear Bryant’s six national championships as a head coach might be in risk soon enough. Still, the NCAA record publications feature a number of marks that have actually stood because that decades and don’t figure to it is in seriously challenged.

20. Rushing yards in a quarter:Corey Dillon, 222

Prior to etching his surname in the NFL document brooks, Dillon rotate in an untouchable quarter while play for the Washington Huskies in a 1996 game against San Jose State.

Dillon is a aboriginal of Seattle, however spent the very first two year of his college job at JUCOs prior to transferring to Washington front of the 1996 season. By the moment the mid-November matchup versus the Spartans rolled around, Dillon was well top top the way to the best rushing season in school background and assisted the Huskies come a No. 15 ranking following three directly down years for the program.

The Huskies figured to have little trouble against a mountain Jose State team the finished the season v the No. 107 scoring defense in the country, however nobody might have foreseen Dillon’s first-quarter onslaught. Dillon score on touchdown runs of 78, 48 and four yards that assisted him come an unbelievable 222-yard 4 minutes 1 on the ground prior to being taken the end of the game with Washington up 25-0.

Even with the explosive offenses the today’s game, it’s hard to photo a running earlier reeling off enough big plays end the course of 15 minute to peak Dillon’s mark. Simply for good measure, Dillon also scored on one 83-yard display screen pass and also owns the NCAA record for total yards in a quarter through 305, although the one might be a tiny easier come break for an effective dual-threat quarterback.

Dillon was selected in the second round of the subsequent draft, and set a then-NFL document with 278 rushing yards in a game versus the Denver Broncos in 2000, eclipsing the old mark organized by Walter Payton.


CANTON, five – august 8: former Kansas City Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson and Derrion thomas unveil the bust that the late Derrick thomas at his induction right into the agree Football hall of Fame during the 2009 enshrinement ceremony at Fawcett stadium on august 8, 2009 in Canton, Ohio. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

19. Individual sacks in a solitary season: Derrick Thomas, 27

Some challengers have at least been in the vicinity the this record, yet the late good Thomas numbers to save his surname in the college football history books forever many thanks to a legendary 1988 project at Alabama.

Thomas arrived in Tuscaloosa before the 1985 season and also racked increase 25 in his first three years together the significant force ~ above Alabama’s fearsome protective line while smashing a variety of school records. While cutting board was supposed to keep that level of production alongside Keith McCants as a senior in 1988, the took points to a fully different level.

The unanimous first-team All-American and 10th-place Heisman finisher piled up an remarkable 27 sacks to set a single-season record in enhancement to a not-too-shabby 39 tackles for loss. Choose one standout game from Thomas’ brilliant job is alongside impossible, but many will remember his three-sack, nine-hurry effort in one 8-3 slugfest success over penn State in October that 1988.

While Thomas’ career mark of 52 sacks has due to the fact that been matched by Tedy Bruschi, no player has racked up more than 24 in a solitary campaign since, also as offenses rely on a higher volume the passes throughout college football. The record is for this reason untouchable that Alabama’s Tim Williams and also Jonathan Allen, two of the finest pass-rushers in the nation over the previous two years, merged for no an ext than 22.5 sacks in any type of given season.

After gift selected fourth all at once in the adhering to draft, cutting board was playing at one All-Pro level in simply his 2nd year in the league and set an NFL record with 7 sacks in a November 1990 game against the Seattle Seahawks. Tragically, Thomas passed away in 2000 as result of injuries sustained in a car crash, but will it is in immortalized forever in both the NCAA document book and Pro Football room of Fame.


PORTGeneral see of the main entry to Providence Park prior to the game in between the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders FC at Providence Park ~ above April 5, 2014 in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

18. Separation, personal, instance touchdowns in a quarter: Neil Lomax, 7

The run and shoot offense asserted a number of new NCAA documents after mouse Davis popularized the device at Portland State in the so late 1970s, including an absurdly prolific 4 minutes 1 for Vikings signal caller Neil Lomax in a 1980 contest against Delaware State.

Davis took over at department II Portland State in 1975 and installed the run-and-shoot offense, which frequently featured one earlier and 4 receivers with heavy use that motion and also adjusting on the fly. Quarterback and future attack guru June Jones set a department II document with 3,518 passing yards in 1975, yet Davis’ system wouldn’t really take off until Lomax took end under facility two years later.

Lomax perfect his career v 90 different NCAA records, including 13,220 happen yards and also 106 touchdowns end 42 games, countless of i m sorry would later be broken. However, nobody figures to height Lomax’s very first quarter on Nov. 8, 1980, together he tossed seven touchdown overcome in the opening structure en course to a 105-0 destruction of the Hornets.

To placed things in perspective, Lomax’s 7 touchdowns in a quarter enhance the FBS document for whole half, many recently set by Memphis’ Paxton Lynch in 2015. Quarterbacks like Andre Ware and also David Klingler would certainly re-write the record books in later iterations of the run-and-shoot, yet Lomax’s 15-minute stretch against the overmatched Hornets hasn’t been tested since.

Unlike so many other quarterbacks from the system, Lomax enjoyed a solid enough NFL career through the Cardinals native 1981-1988 that consisted of a pair of pro Bowl appearances.


DALLAS – JANUARY 2: vast receiver Rashaun Woods #82 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys plays against the Mississippi Rebels during the SBC cotton Bowl ~ above January 2, 2004 at the cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. ‘Ole Miss beat Oklahoma State 31-28. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

17. Individual touchdown receptions in a single game: Rashaun Woods, 7

Receiving documents are a little tricky to project in the present college soccer landscape, but Woods’ seven touchdown receptions in one video game is going come be difficult for anyone to eclipse.

Woods joined Oklahoma State before the 2000 season and also helped the Cowboys boost from the country 97th ideal scoring offense all the way to 13th by 2002, the second year of the Les miles era. ~ a pair the 1,000 yard periods plus a first-team All-American nod, Woods appeared poised because that a massive senior campaign ~ above a team that likewise featured prolific small quarterback mock Fields.

Nebraska restricted Woods to 47 yards in the 2003 season opener, but the future first-round pick wouldn’t be kept down for long. 3 weeks later in a win over SMU, Woods reeled in scoring receptions on 3 straight snaps in the first half en course to a seven-touchdown capture performance, eclipsing a department I record that had actually stood because that 34 years.

The SMU game was the highlight of a brilliant job that contained 293 receptions, 4,414 yards and 42 touchdowns, all of which were large 12 documents at the time. Even with a number of Air Raid offenses lighting increase scoreboards across the country, an separation, personal, instance receiver reeling in eight touchdowns in one video game to actually eclipse Woods seems next to impossible.

Woods to be selected near the end of the an initial round that the 2004 NFL Draft, yet couldn’t replicate his college success and also quickly bounced the end of the organization with seven receptions to his name.


STILLWATER, yes – NOVEMBER 7 : an Oklahoma State Cowboys helmet before the game against the TCU Horned Frogs November 7, 2015 in ~ Boone Pickens stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Cowboys beat the Horned Frogs 49-29. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

16. Individual overcome intercepted in one game: Four different players, 5

While 3 others have actually been maybe to at least complement the current single-game interception mark because it was originally set in 1942, it’s difficult to imagine a lone defender besting the team with six picks in one contest.

Oklahoma State’s Lee Cook, Brown’s Walt Pastuszak, Houston’s Byron Beaver and Miami Ohio’s Dan Rebsch are the four individuals to record five interceptions in a solitary game. Regardless of college football gamings featuring as numerous as 120 pass attempts on the continual in the contemporary era, no player has piled up 5 picks in a game since Rebsch completed the feat in 1972.

Cook might own the most historically far-ranging performance out of those four players to accomplish the feat. In a 1942 blowout win over Detroit University, Oklahoma State recorded 10 interceptions to set a department I team document in a solitary game, another mark i beg your pardon is likely to never be topped.

Pastuszak, who additionally served as a quarterback for the Bears, taped his initiative in a 46-0 success over Rhode Island in 1949, one of the finest seasons in Brown regimen history. Beaver picked turn off Baylor four times in a 19-0 victory over Baylor to open up the 1962 season before Rebsch came to be the fourth player in the records books a decade later on with a stalwart performance against Western Michigan.

None that those 4 record setters played at the next level, however they will certainly forever very own a piece of university football history.


26 Aug 2000: Travis Prentice #41 the the Cleveland Browns runs v the ball while Jude Waddy #54 the green Bay Packers make the efforts to tackle him throughout the Pre-Season game at Lambeau ar in eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers beat the Browns 34-33. Obligated Credit: Jonathan Daniel /Allsport

15. Continuous carries there is no a fumble: Travis Prentice, 862

For his amazing run that ball protection with Miami Ohio in the late 1990s, Prentice own a for sure spot in the NCAA record books.

The Louisville aboriginal earned All-State recognition in high school prior to attending surrounding Miami come play collegiately. After ~ redshirting in 1995, Prentice damaged into the RedHawks’ rotation together a freshman with 123 carries because that 601 yards and also twelve touchdowns.

From climate on, Prentice would construct into a workhorse feature earlier with at the very least 296 carries, 1,349 yards and also 17 touchdowns in each of his three remaining collegiate periods to complete his career as among the most prolific rushers in NCAA history and aid Miami to among its best stretches ever. Beyond that terrific production together a volume rusher, Prentice began a remarkable record streak the 862 carries without a fumble as a sophomore in 1997.

That ball security record is almost specific to host up throughout university football background as also reaching Prentice’s sheer number of carries is a tall enough order for any running back in today’s game. Prentice likewise finished his career v a then-record 73 rushing touchdowns and also 78 total scores, back Ron Dayne and Keenan Reynolds would both top those marks.

The Cleveland Browns selected Prentice in the third round that the 2000 NFL Draft, however the college legend was out of professional football three years later with simply 525 yards and also 10 touchdowns to his credit.


CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS – august 10: basic view that the field during the NFL preseason game between the Denver Broncos and the Chicago bear on respectable 10, 2002 in ~ Memorial stadion at the university of Illniois in Champaign, Illinois. The Broncos won 27-3. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

14. Job individual interceptions: Al Brosky, 29

Despite playing simply three periods at Illinois, Brosky owns an all-time record for many interceptions that has actually stood for over six decades.

A native of Cincinnati, Brosky play running back for one year in high school prior to enlisting in the united States military from 1946-1948. Legend Illinois head coach beam Eliot carried Broksy on ahead of the 1950 season and also converted him to safety, a relocate that would certainly pay off handsomely end the following three years.

Broksy began his career v the Fighting Illini through intercepting 11 passes in 1950, and matched that note again the following season while record at the very least one pick in 15 directly games. The Fighting Illini winner their many recent national championship in 1951, together Brosky taped an interception in a blowout win over Stanford in the increased Bowl to close out the year.

After piling up an additional eight interceptions in 1952, Broksy perfect his career v 29 picks in simply 27 career gamings (bowl statistics did no count towards main totals at the time), a note that has continued to was standing the check of time. Bowling Green’s young name Bayless dropped two interceptions quick of Broksy’s record in 1983, and no individual has recorded an ext than 20 career picks since Wake Forest’s Alphonso smith in 2008.

Broksy go on come play one season at the following level, recording two interceptions for the Chicago Cardinals in 1954.


STATE COLLEGE, PA – SEPTEMBER 01: A penn State Nittany Lions helmet sits on the field during warm ups prior to the start of the Nittany Lions game against the Ohio Bobcats at Beaver stadion on September 1, 2012 in State College, Pennsylvania. (Photo by plunder Carr/Getty Images)

13. Team rushing yards enabled per game: penn State, 17

As wonderful as Alabama’s rush defense has been throughout its current dynasty, also Nick Saban can’t construct a unit capable of approaching pen State’s 1947 unit.

Following a run of eight directly winning periods under longtime effective head coach Bob Higgins, the Nittany Lions were again intended to be a national challenger entering the 1947 campaign. Pen State opened up the year v a 27-4 victory over Washington State in what would rotate out come be among the much better offensive outputs versus the stingy Nittany Lions defense the season.

Three mainly later, pen State put together among the an ext unbelievable protective box scores in college football background by holding Syracuse to -47 complete yards — the worst offensive mark in NCAA history — in a 40-0 win. The Nittany Lions tied No. 4 SMU in the cotton Bowl to finish the season in ~ 9-0-1 while permitting just four points per game, with just the Mustangs and West Virginia regulating to score more than once.

Penn State’s run defense was the driving force behind the legendary unit through surrendering every one of 17 yards ~ above the ground per game, still the ideal mark in NCAA history. For comparison’s sake, Alabama enabled 63.9 rush yards per game in 2016 to lead the nation by a healthy amount, and no operation defense has actually dipped listed below the 40 yards per video game mark in the previous decade.

The 1947 unit also collection a third record the will likely stand forever by enabling 0.64 yards every rush. As All-American honors were booked for the attack side that the round at the time, no Nittany Lions defender earned any kind of individual accolades.


19 Sep 1993: Quarterback David Klingler the the Cincinnati Bengals watch to pass the ball as a Pittsburgh Steelers player rushes him throughout a video game at three Rivers stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers won the game, 34-7.

12. Individual pass touchdowns in one game, David Klingler, 11

Fifteen years after Davis carried the device to university football, the run and shoot offense ongoing to shatter documents thanks come Klingler and the Houston Cougars.

A aboriginal of Houston, Klingler attended Stratford High college in his hometown before joining the Cougars ahead of the 1988 season. Head coach Jack Pardee had the Houston violation rolling together Klingler sat on the bench his very first two years in college, as quarterback Andre Ware took home the 1989 Heisman Trophy.

With Ware turn off to the next level and also Pardee set to try his hand in ~ the NFL with the Oilers, Klingler ultimately got a opportunity to begin in 1990 under former offensive coordinator man Jenkins, and also made the most of his opportunity. Klingler threw because that 5,140 yards and a then-NCAA document 54 touchdowns to aid Houston to a 10-1 campaign, among the ideal in regimen history.

The most impressive individual performance of that season was conveniently an 11-touchdown outing in an 84-21 destruction of eastern Washington late in the year, one of Klingler’s couple of all-time documents that has held up. Future run and also shoot signal callers prefer Timmy Chang and also Colt Brennan would put up an ext prolific career numbers, however neither had an ext than even six touchdowns in a solitary game.

Like Ware before him, Klingler was selected in the height 10 of the NFL draft but quickly busted the end of the league with a 16:22 TD:INT ratio throughout seven seasons with three various teams.


NORMAN, ok – SEPTEMBER 20: Defensive back Antonio Perkins #28 the the university of Oklahoma Sooners return a kickoff 84 yards because that a touchdown versus the university of California, Los Angeles Bruins in ~ Memorial stadium on September 20, 2003 in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma defeated UCLA 59-24. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

11. Punting return touchdowns in one game: Antonio Perkins, 3

Having three punt return touchdowns over the course of whole season would rank among the most prolific special teams initiatives of every time, yet Perkins took it to a different level by accomplishing the feat in simply one game.

Perkins attend high school in Lawton, about an hour outside Norman, and chose to stay in-state to play under second-year head coach Bob Stoops prior to the 2000 season. While the speedy defensive earlier took a redshirt and watched from the sidelines as the Sooners recorded the 2000 nationwide title, Perkins gained into 10 gamings the next season and also reeled in three interceptions.

Stoops relocated Perkins come special teams the following year, and also he soon transformed right into one of the finest kick and punt returners in the country with three touchdowns. In a September 2003 game against UCLA, Perkins accomplished the impossible by bringing 3 punts back for scores in an easy 59-24.

Perkins had 4 punt return touchdowns in 2003, tied because that the third-most in FBS history, and also his career note of eight scores suitable Texas Tech’s Wes Welker atop the document books. Somebody equivalent Perkins’ three punting return scores in one video game feels like a stretch, and his mark being bested will practically certainly never ever happen.

Following his excellent college job that included unanimous All-American honors, Perkins was selected in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft and appeared in six games with the Cleveland Browns prior to heading to Canada.


NORMAN, ok – DECEMBER 3: A member that the Oklahoma Sooners spirit squad tide a wet flag ~ a touchdown versus the Oklahoma State Cowboys December 3, 2016 at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial stadion in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma defeated Oklahoma State 38-20 to become large XII champions. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

10. Team rushing yards per game: Oklahoma, 472.4

While passing documents are constantly falling annually in college football, Oklahoma’s decades-old team rushing record shows up to be quite safe.

Oklahoma hadn’t quite returned come glory that the Bud Wilkinson work by the early 1970s, yet were easily perfecting the wishbone violation under coordinator Barry Switzer. With wonderful option quarterback Jack Mildren set to go into his an elderly year, Oklahoma readily available plenty of promise heading into the 1971 season.

The Sooners shattered expectations by piling increase an eye-popping 472.4 yards per dispute en route to an 11-1 record and also No. 2 AP ranking at the end of the season, their highest due to the fact that 1956. Nebraska was the only enemy to store Oklahoma under 300 yards on the ground, while a Sooners rusher eclipsed the 100-yard mark 18 various times.

Greg Pruitt led Oklahoma with 1,760 yards and also 18 touchdowns on just 196 attempts, while Mildren piled up 1,298 yards and also 20 scores himself. Even option teams choose the company academies and also Georgia technology can’t come everywhere close to the number, together the 1971 Sooners gained almost 50 yards per game an ext on the ground climate the 1987 Oklahoma squad. The second-best rushing team in history.

Mildren played 3 years in the NFL together a defensive back, when Pruitt stared in ~ the next level with five Pro key nods in between the Cleveland Browns and also Los Angeles Raiders.

LAS VEGAS, NV – NOVEMBER 29: Nevada Wolf fill mascot Alphie attends a game against the UNLV Rebels in ~ Sam Boyd stadium on November 29, 2014 in las Vegas, Nevada. Nevada winner 49-27. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

9. Longest punt: play Brady, 99 yards 

No document on this perform is more secure than Brady’s 99-yard punt, together he will certainly forever very own at the very least at least a re-superstructure of university football history thanks to his mammoth boot in 1950.

After safety his beforehand years in Seattle, Brady played collegiately in ~ Nevada, which was just in its 3rd year as a division I routine in 1948. The wolf Pack initially started Brady under center before additionally moving him to punter shortly after.

Few in-depth records exist around punting during the era, but Brady was skilled sufficient to get drafted through the brand-new York Giants as a specialist 4 years later. That showed in an October 1950 game against Loyola Marymount, together Brady unleashed a 99-yard punt, ending up being the just player in college football background to execute so.

The punting reportedly sailed over 70 yards in the air before rolling down past the 1-yard line, although that did tiny to help the Wolf load in a 34-7 loss. Steve O’Neal come closest to corresponding Brady in the NFL ranks v a 98-yard boot in 1968, however the Nevada punter’s record can’t technically be broken.

Brady finished out his collegiate career at Bradley in 1951 before moving to the CFL because that one season. The Pittsburgh Steelers scooped increase Brady in 1952, and also he went on to lead the NFL in punting twice.


SAN FRANCISCO – DECEMBER 1: Defensive back Johnnie Jackson #40 the the mountain Francisco 49ers listens to special groups coach Lynn Stiles during a game versus the new Orleans Saints in ~ Candlestick Park top top December 1, 1991 in mountain Francisco, California. The 49ers winner 38-24. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

8. Individual choose sixes in one game: Johnnie Jackson, 3

Only two players in the entire country where able come tally three interception return touchdowns in 2016, showing just how hard Jackson’s document will it is in to top.

Jackson played his high school ball in Harlingen in southeastern Texas prior to remaining in-state for college in ~ Houston front of the 1985 season. When Jackson was initially hoping come play quarterback in ~ the collegiate level, he conveniently wound up buried on the depth chart and also moved permanent to safety.

After obtaining in the rotation as a freshman, Jackson deserve a beginning safety spot together a sophomore and recorded a pair of interceptions. Through the next season, Jackson had transformed right into one of the many dynamic playmaking safeties in the nation with eight interceptions, earning honorable All-American status in the process.

The standout performance from that brilliant 1987 project was a three-interception initiative in a November success over Texas, every one of which were reverted for touchdowns. It would take a wonder for any kind of defender to break that document amount, as even a pair of pick sixes for an separation, personal, instance in one challenge is a rarely occurrence.

Jackson was selected in the fifth round of the 1989 NFL draft by the mountain Francisco 49ers and also played in every 16 games as a rookie, help the team success Super bowl XXIV.


2 Dec 1989: Quarterback Andre Ware #11 of the Houston Cougars look at on throughout a game versus the Rice Owls in Houston, Texas. The Houston Cougars won the video game 64-0.

7. Team total offense in one game: Houston, 1,021 yards 

The run and also shoot offense didn’t just develop individual records, together Houston’s single-game output in a 1989 game versus SMU that also the finest Air Raid teams won’t have the ability to touch.

Following a effective 9-2 campaign under Pardee, the Cougars entered the 1989 season ranked No. 21 in the AP Poll through high expectations. Houston’s offense ended up being much much more potent than meant in the early on going, through quarterback Andre Ware conveniently separating himself in the Heisman race en course to a four-game win streak and No. 8 ranking to start the season.

The Cougars perfect the season ranked 14th at 9-2 overall and led the country in scoring violation at a lining 53.5 points per game. Helping that complete was a 95-21 beatdown that SMU in October, through the Cougars racking increase a record 1,021 yards of full offense, which comfortably damaged the ahead mark held by 1982 Nebraska by 138 yards.

Among the numerous other records set in the video game which still stand was a 521-yard passing power in the an initial half for Ware, as the newly reinstated Mustangs to be overwhelmed by the explosive offense. Also last season’s Oklahoma-Texas tech shootout that broke the record for merged total offense couldn’t an obstacle the record, with both the Sooners and also Red Raiders amassing a mere 854 yards apiece.

Ware to be the many high-profile draft choose from the team in 1990 at No. 7 overall, yet busted out of the organization by 1993 v only 5 career touchdown passes.


DETROIT, MI – OCTOBER 18: Barry Sanders during the pro Football hall of Fame half time show during the Chicago bears v Detroit Lions video game at Ford field on October 18, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

6. Separation, personal, instance rushing yards per video game in a single season: Barry Sanders, 238.9

As perhaps the many explosive running back in both college and pro football history, Sanders amassed some incredible numbers throughout his legend 1988 season the will never be duplicated.

Sanders go not start at running back until the 4th game the his senior year in ~ Wichita north High School, and also did not receive many division I provides as a result. Oklahoma State to be the only major program to recruit Sanders, and he join the Cowboys front of the 1986 season.

All-American Thurman thomas was ahead of Sanders ~ above the depth chart for his first two collegiate seasons, although the did rack up nine touchdowns in 1987. Sanders was lastly given the opportunity to begin in 1988 and responded v the many legendary season because that a running ago in NCAA football history, racking up 2,628 yards and 37 touchdowns in the consistent season alone.

Among the 34 documents Sanders collection that year, the note of 238.9 rushing yards per video game remains the many unbreakable. Melvin Gordon owns the second-best rushing full in history with 2.587 yards, although that did so in 14 games for an typical of 184.8 every contest.

Sanders went on to become a hall of Famer at the next level and likely can have own the NFL rushing record had actually he preferred not come retire just 10 years into his career.


JACKSONVILLE, FL – JANUARY 01: Head coach Bobby Bowden that the Florida State Seminoles is lugged off the field by his football player after defeating the West Virginia Mountaineers during the Konica Minolta Gator bowl on January 1, 2010 at Jacksonville Municipal stadion in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida State beat West Virginia 33-21 in Bobby Bowden’s last game as a head coach because that the Seminoles. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

5. Consecutive finishes in the AP optimal five: Florida State, 14 

Top 5 AP finishes is a fairly arbitrary record, but Bobby Bowden’s Seminoles still worthy a ton of credit transaction for their unbeatable operation that covered the whole 1990s and also more.

Following successful stints in ~ Samford and West Virginia to start his coach career, Bowden took over at Florida State before the 1976 season. The Seminoles to be not fairly the powerhouse routine of today, and also had won just 4 games end the three seasons before Bowden’s arrival.

That changed in a hurry, together the Seminoles enhanced all the means to 11-1 by 1979 and also have to be a national competitor in the vast bulk of seasons since. Florida State went 11-1 again in 1987 to finish in the No. 2 spot in the AP Poll, and also it wouldn’t slip external the top 5 again until an eight-win season in 2001.

The reality that it’s contempt disappointing the Seminoles only recorded the 1993 and 1999 national titles out of that stretch is a testament to how leading Bowden’s regime was. Saban’s Alabama, widely thought about one that the greatest dynasties the sports has ever before seen, is currently at a streak that three straight top 5 finishes, showing just how unbreakable the document is.

After a down period near the end of Bowden’s career, the Seminoles are rolling again under Jimbo Fisher, back he has a long way to walk to enhance the longevity that the vault dynasty.


LUBBOCK, TX – NOVEMBER 9: A one-of-a-kind edition Lone Survivor helmet v the motto “NEVER QUIT” was worn by the Texas tech Red Raiders throughout the game against the Kansas State Wildcats top top November 9, 2013 in ~ AT&T Jones stadion in Lubbock, Texas. The Kansas State Wildcats won the game 49-26. (Photo by john Weast/Getty Images)

4. Punting yards in a single game: Charlie Calhoun, 1,318

Regarded as perhaps the worst college football game of all time, the 1939 contest between Texas Tech and also Centenary collection a variety of punting documents that room simply difficult to top.

Neither team was specifically successful throughout the 1939 season, but that was just a small component of the devastating matchup in between the Red Raiders and also Gents. A torrential downpour hit Centenary College stadion ahead of the November 1939 game in Shreveport, muddying the field to the allude of being basically unplayable and also forcing the teams to punt often on very first down.

Given the installation nickname “When Punts Rained from the Sky,” the two teams an unified for 77 punts, 14 fumbles and 30 total yards on 33 attack plays throughout the whole game. The matchup finished in a 0-0 tie, return the Gents quickly outgained the Red Raiders 31 come -1 and managed to punt one under time.

None that the 14 records set during the video game will likely ever before be broken, yet Calhoun’s mark of 1,318 punting yards in one video game for the Red Raiders seems specifically absurd. Virginia’s Nicholas Cante led the country in full punting last year with just 3,279 yards across 12 games.

Texas Tech managed to recover from the punting spree with two wins in its last three gamings to finish the season at 5-5-1 overall.


GAINESVILLE, FL – NOVEMBER 07: A general view the a Florida Gators flag prior to the game against the Vanderbilt Commodores at Ben Hill Griffin stadion on November 7, 2015 in Gainesville, Florida. (Photo by rob Foldy/Getty Images)

3. Individual passed intercepted in one game: john Reaves, 9

While Reaves actually enjoyed an exceptional career under facility for the Gators, he will certainly be much more remembered in the university football background books because that a disastrous outing in November that 1969 versus Auburn.

Reaves was born in Alabama but moved to Tampa because that high school, whereby he came to be one the the peak prospects in the state. Head coach Ray graves kept Reaves in-state in ~ Florida, and also he deserve the starting quarterback task in 1969 while surrounding by a loaded team of playmakers.

Thanks come Reaves’ happen ability, the Gators gone into the matchup through Auburn in ~ a perfect 6-0 and also ranked saturday in the nation. Inexplicably, Reaves tossed an NCAA document nine interceptions in Florida’s lone loss of the season, together four different Tigers had multiple picks in the game.

While Reaves did effort 66 overcome in the game, that level that inaccuracy and also poor decision-making has actually not to be approached since. The sheer variety of picks would be difficult to enhance in any variety of attempts in one game, and also a quarterback would most likely be pulled today before it got to that point.

Reaves to be able to recuperate from the horrible showing and went top top to earn All-American honors in 1971 before spending 10 seasons in the NFL.


NORMAN, ok – OCTOBER 29: Oklahoma Sooners helmets on the field prior to the game against the Kansas Jayhawks October 29, 2016 in ~ Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. The Sooners defeated the Jayhawks 56-3. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

2. Team win streak: Oklahoma, 47 games 

While there have actually been part memorable dynasties because Wilkinson’s Sooners, the dominance of a 47-game win streak will never ever be matched.

By the start of the immortal streak in 1953, the Sooners were currently rolling under Wilkinson with five straight optimal 10 finishes, including the 1950 nationwide championship. The 1953 season got off to a rough start with a loss come Notre Dame and tie versus Pittsburgh, however Oklahoma would go on to take things to a completely different level over the next four years.

After winning out over the rest of the year, the Sooners to be unblemished end the following three seasons, capturing national title in 1955 and 1956. Memorable moments from the win streak contained two directly Orange bowl wins against Maryland and also a 40-0 devastation of the Fighting ireland in October of 1956.

Notre Dame winner its very first seven games in 1957 prior to falling come Notre Dame 7-0 top top Nov. 16, finishing the streak in ~ 47 continually victories. It’s difficult to imagine a program turning in three perfect seasons in a row and then part to height the Sooners in today’s game, and no team was piled up more than 35 directly victories since.

The Sooners remained nationally competitive over the remainder of Wilkinson’s tenure and also even winner 28 straight later on under Barry Switzer, however the period from 1953 to 1957 stop a special location in college football history.


ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 12: A general view of Bobby Dodd Stadium during the game in between the that the Georgia technology Yellow Jackets and the Tulane eco-friendly Wave ~ above September 12, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photograph by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

1. Margin the victory: Georgia Tech, 222 points

The well known Georgia technology beatdown of Cumberland in 1916 stands out together the most unbreakable record in university football history, as no team is likely to also reach fifty percent of the Engineers’ margin the victory ever before again.

Legendary head coach john Heisman guided the designers to one unblemished project in 1915, and the team winner its very first two games the next season beginning the October matchup against the Bulldogs. Cumberland had previously discontinued its football team but was not allowed to ago out that the Georgia tech matchup, an interpretation the Bulldogs were force to rally a team that fraternity brothers main before.

Adding context to Heisman’s motivation was the fact that Cumberland’s baseball team ran increase the score in a 22-0 win over Georgia Tech previously in the year. The designers scored 63 points in each of the an initial two quarters and only slowed down slightly in the second half, finishing with an unbelievable 222-0 victory.

Cumberland instantly punted on many of that possessions and also was outgained 522 come -28, although that did have actually 14 pass yards to Georgia Tech’s zero. Michigan acquired some national attention because that its 78-0 victory over Rutgers critical season, yet that isn’t even in the same ballpark as Heisman and Georgia Tech.

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The engineers would proceed to assert their dominance over university football and did not shed a game until November the 1918.