Lead singer mockery Homme says that this song inspired by the "sort of sex-related twist" of the track "Little Sister," i m sorry Elvis Presley videotaped in 1961.

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Doom Slayer indigenous Kadignr Sacrum, HllThis tune is around a guy who drops in love with a prostitute who might never it seems to be ~ to do it in life unlike her older sister who found a way to do money without selling her body. The lyrics space the man"s plead because that the mrs to quit being a prostitute and also find a far better life for herself. I see people saying "I prefer incest over arrogance" and it goes without saying the the only ones who say that are the incestual abusers. Sister Ashley.... From san DiegoNo method have I ever before detected any kind of incest in this song. And also I take place to it is in the survivor, not victim, of sexual incest cultivation up, therefore it"s weird I never picked up on the vibe. I additionally have plenty of brothers, blood and friend alike. I have brothers in christ, never ever mind the ethnicity or the age. If ns share an interest within any form of principle whether its one outright corridor (where lock actually call their members brothers and also sisters and also I"m no talking about street gangs, btw, just more like bands that friends, ns guess...but who knows perhaps they too call each various other bros and also sisters-? i"ve never remained in a gang so i dunno...), a spiritual group, a mystery society, or also a fraternity form gig v an affiliated Sister house organization likewise use those terms. Ns mean also if ns was a friggin" vampire, a fellow female vampire would be referred to as a sister, meaning we share functions in the exact same "family" not necessarily a blood born one yet members of any kind of kind of team that re-superstructure the exact same beliefs. In the sense, if someone has remained in the family (or group) longer they would certainly be one "older" brother. So speak one is in a witch handmade coven, even (for the benefits of being facetious...)and a brand-new convert comes right into that family, the males would describe the new female, not as spiritually along, together a "little sister" also if she was physically older. And also if i take the route, since he knows her better than anyone else, possibly he to know it isn"t her nature to role in the shadows choose that. I"m assuming (although there is zero evidence for it) the hes introduce to prostitution or dance (stripping) or - just doing anything "in the shadows" (possibly the exercise of the occult) because he think it"s no necessarily "her" nature and also he"d quite see she in the light wherein he to know she belongs. Virtually as if shes posted in the shadows however he to know it"s simply an act, possibly something she felt forced to come to be or carry out or out of low me esteem, just welcomed the "shadows" denying she true nature due to the fact that she has negative self picture or something and he IS of the shadows or occult. Due to the fact that shes opened up up and shared she true me to him its evident shes fronting "something", everything it might be come the remainder of the world. He wants to be v her but he knows, possibly out of love or the end of respect, the they couldn"t roll together. He wants her the end of the shadows wherein he operates, he desires her to have the ship to step out and also join the light wherein he to know she belongs but out of everything fear she continues to be put. I got the impression that he loves her sufficient to see that and also NOT take benefit of it, no the other means around. She have to be brand-new to the shadows, for this reason the ax "little" sister however maybe it"s really an age thing, possibly shes physical younger and also that"s whereby the sweet moniker come from. Either method its beautiful, ns thought. Naught sinister at all.Juno from Los Angeles, Cawtf exactly how is incest much better than arrogance? Vomiting aside... It always sounded to me like a song about prostitution and also the male number is someone who engages in that civilization but likewise wants come "save her". Based upon the tone of the song, these initiatives are "futile". Over there is definitely some sexual activity implied "come together" since "I recognize you" etc. It"s musically a an excellent song, civilization interpreting the "sister" together a literal meaning sister is what provides me not want it in mine itunes.Nick from gold Coast, Australiai always thought the was around the songs protagonists sister gift lured right into a lured world like being a stripper or a pornstar, hence the lyrics little sister, i do not know you find an additional wayParis from Phoenix, Azlol ideal onKat indigenous Chicago, IlAha, I always thought this tune sounded incestuous. Though i think I"d take incestuous end the arrogant and also shallow Elvis Presley version. (;see an ext comments
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