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The “Little house on the Prairie” television present is an adaptation the Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best-selling Little House books based on her own life. This TV legend started with the pilot in march of 1974, which presented millions of viewers roughly the civilization to the Ingalls family. It to be then picked up as a series and became one of the highest-ranking shows.


For the first time due to the fact that their original TV broadcast, all 24 season 1 episodes are now presented complete and also uncut, and also newly revitalized and remastered because that optimal photo and sound quality! In this can be fried season 1 episode guide, you’ll relive every one of the heartwarming adventures and learn some brand-new facts follow me the way. Several of our favourite facts and also tidbits come from Alison Arngrim’s autobiography and also Melissa Gilbert’s memoir.

Below is a complete index with web links to the Pilot Movie and Season One episodes:

Pilot Movie – tiny House on the Prairie

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Description:When the large woods the Wisconsin i do not care a an overwhelming spot for hunting, Charles Ingalls reluctantly decides to move his household to Kansas. Leaving their beloved loved ones proves to be devastating, but the resiliency of the Ingalls soul reigns supreme.

Fun Fact!Melissa Gilbert put this as her top episode of every time and describes it together “…one of the ideal made-for-TV movie of all time. It’s gripping and fun in ~ the same time.”

Favorite Quote:“I knew there would certainly be rivers come cross and hills come climb, and also I was glad, because that this is a same land and I rejoiced that i would watch it.” -Laura Ingalls (See an ext quotes from the small House on the Prairie TV Show.)

Season 1, illustration 1 – A Harvest that Friends

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Description:The Ingalls family settles ~ above the banks of Plum Creek near Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Charles build a home for them v his very own hands and heads into town immediately to look for work. That is hard sufficient meeting his financial responsibilities and finding sufficient time to invest with his family, but the greatest an obstacle arrives once an unfortunately accident places the Ingalls family members in jeopardy.

Fun Fact!Everyone loves baby Carrie’s trip and tumble down the hill throughout the opening credits. The hillside to be wired through plastic flowers due to the fact that the weather at the time was as well dry for genuine prairie flowers, and also as a an outcome of the stiff flowers and also the unusual old-fashioned shoes, she tumble was yes, really an accident! walk you know that Melissa Sue Anderson also tripped and fell during the record of those scenes?

Did friend Know?When Pa is solving the roof throughout this episode, there is a grain deliveryman unload a wagon in the background. That male is Hal Burton and he is in reality Michael Landon’s stunt double. If girlfriend look closely, you’ll see the resemblance.

Favorite Quote:“Home is the nicest word there is.” -Laura Ingalls (See more quotes indigenous the tiny House ~ above the Prairie TV Show.)

Season 1, episode 2 – country Girls

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Description:Laura and also Mary space nervous about their first day of school in Walnut Grove, but they are easily put at ease by the genuine kindness the their new teacher and the bulk of your classmates. Later, when their teacher invites the children’s families to a unique presentation in the classroom, Laura must come up v a setup when she realizes that she is no prepared.

Fun Fact! Another “Top Ten” episode for Melissa Gilbert, this episode is as soon as Melissa (Laura) and also Alison Arngrim (Nellie) started their friendship in real life, which proceeds to this day.

Did you Know?During the filming of country Girls, Alison Arngrim passed out from the heat and also the class of she costume.

Favorite Quote:“Learning to compose was one of the hardest points I ever hoped to do.” -Laura Ingalls

Season 1, episode 3 – The hundreds Mile Walk

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Description:Delighted v his beautiful brand-new wheat crop, Charles is in a place to buy brand-new dresses for his daughters, a heat coat because that Caroline, and also maybe also some brand-new boots for himself–not to mention perfect team of steeds that the family’s newfound jae won position deserve to now afford. It all sounds prefer a dream come true, yet the Ingalls obtain a shocking wakeup speak to when a harsh hailstorm destroys the entire crop.

Fun Fact!The title of this episode is a referral to the 100-mile to walk in the publication On the financial institutions of Plum Creek (the fourth book in the little House series). However, in the books it was locusts that damaged a crop and it led to the Ingalls moving on, unequal in the television series in i m sorry the Ingalls and also the Wilder households stay in Walnut Grove through most of the series.

Did girlfriend know? Jonathan Gilbert (who play Willie Oleson) never ever read the whole script of any of the illustration he action in. He stated he did this so that he could watch the present later and still it is in surprised.

Season 1, episode 4 – Mr. Edward’s Homecoming

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Description:While Charles is traveling in Mankato, that meets up through a drunken Mr. Edwards and also encourages his longtime girlfriend to retun with him come Walnut Grove. Isaiah adjusts quickly with the Ingalls, bunks in the barn, and even lands a project at the mill. Caroline sets that up with the shy and also reserved grace Snider.

Fun Fact!This is the first appearance of Bonnie Bartlett together Grace Snider. Bartlett is famed for her role as Ellen Craig ~ above the clinical drama series “St. Elsewhere.” She and her husband, actor william Daniels, that played her fictitious husband Dr. Mark Craig, won the 1986 Emmy Awards ~ above the very same night, ending up being the an initial married couple to attain this feat since Alfred Lunt and also Lynn Fontanne in 1965.

Did friend know?Mr. Edwards is a personality in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House publication series. The Ingalls satisfy him during their stay near Independence, Kansas in the Little residence on the Prairie book and Wilder explains him as “the wildcat from Tennessee.” the is discussed again in By the Shores of silver- Lake, as soon as he helps Pa record his insurance claim during a sudden negotiation rush, and in The lengthy Winter, when he generously provides the now-blind mar a $20 bill.

Season 1, illustration 5 – The Love the Johnny Johnson

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Description:When a new boy called Johnny Johnson come at school for the very first time, Laura is instantly smitten. Johnny is a friendly boy and although oblivious come Laura’s crush on him, he absolutely makes that clear that he is interested in Mary. Even though mar does not share the exact same feelings, the “love triangle” is enough to reason tension between the sisters.

Fun Fact!The lake and also the tree in this illustration were not situated in the main set area yet were in reality behind Magic hill theme park and allowed for scenes with more shoreline.

Did girlfriend know?The girls’ assembly artist was Whitey Snyder who was likewise Marilyn Monroe’s personal makeup artist.

Season 1, illustration 6 – If I have to Wake before I Die

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Description:Amy Hearn is one elderly Walnut Grove residents whose youngsters don’t it seems ~ to it is in trying hard enough to visit her. In an act of desperation, Amy decides the staging her very own funeral is the only means to watch them again, however it’s a scam that she can’t pull turn off herself.

Fun Fact!Robin Muir, who plays miss Amy’s tiny granddaughter Maureen, appears again as Charles Ingalls’ younger sister Polly in a flashback succession in Season 4’s “I Remember, i Remember“.

Season 1, illustration 7 – town Party – nation Party

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Description:Laura connects v a sweet, awkward classmate named Olga Nordstrom, that happens to have actually been born v a brief leg. Charles has actually an idea the can readjust Olga’s entire life, but the difficulty will be convincing the child’s stubborn widowed father.

Fun Fact!Kim Richards, a renowned childhood actor that went on to have actually a successful career in entertainment which included a role on “The real Housewives the Beverly Hills”, starred in this episode as Olga Nordstrom.

Did friend know?When Nellie drops into the pond, that is in reality a stunt double. Lock switched come Alison Arngrim because that the shoot of her coming out of the water.

Season 1, illustration 8 – Ma’s Holiday

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Description:Charles is preparing for a organization trip to Mankato, and also he desires to rotate it into a romantic getaway for him and also Caroline. They leave the girl in Mr. Edwards’ care, however things don’t go quite as to plan for everyone involved.

Fun Fact!The voices the the unseen child-actors at the play Charles and Caroline watched are voiced by June Foray, the legend voice-over artist who gave life to Rocky the flying Squirrel, Natasha Fatale, the initial Chatty Cathy doll, and also many other characters.

Season 1, episode 9 – school Mom

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Description:When miss Beadle is injured in one accident, Caroline is request to fill in temporarily in ~ the school. When teaching, Caroline sympathizes with Abel McKay – an older student who is quiet, withdrawn, and also reluctant to learn.

Fun Fact!Dirk Blocker play Abel McKay in this episode. Dirk’s father, Dan Blocker had actually played Hoss Cartwright on the hit television series “Bonanza” alongside Michael Landon.

Did friend know?Karen Grassle was a lead in this episode and it provided her a chance to display off her acting skills. She won the role of Caroline Ingalls from end forty-five other actresses who likewise auditioned for the role.

Season 1, illustration 10 – The Raccoon

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Description:Feeling guilty because that accidentally break Laura’s beloved china doll, mar brings house a baby racoon come smooth things over through her sister. Charles is doubtful to permit Laura to keep the animal, but he decides that it would be all best to make a temporary fostering – a an option that he later on regrets.

Fun Fact!Barney was the dog who played Jack, and even though he wasn’t a bulldog as defined in the books, Michael Landon fell in love through him. He functioned with the show until that passed away in Season 4.

Did you know?The scene with Mary and also Pa in the barn when Mary confesses the Jasper little bit Laura as well was claimed to have cross reduced images that Pa. Michael Landon acquired ill during this shoot and couldn’t record close-ups that his dialogue. The producers decided that Melissa Sue Anderson’s acting was strong enough to lug the scene. The final cuts featured only close-ups that Mary, and also the episode was finished on time as a result.

Season 1, episode 11 – The Voice the Tinker Jones

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Description:When Reverend Alden argues taking increase a collection for a new church bell, tempers flare over just how the bell should be financed. Proud Mrs. Oleson wants to donate the money and include a plaque through her name on it. Others protest the idea, and also both political parties threaten to leaving the church.

Fun Fact!Sean pen is a son extra in this episode. His father, Leo pen was the director.

Did girlfriend know?This to be the very first large function for Mr. Kennedy, the hot-headed father of Christy and also Sandy who got so angry. He appears in a few more Season 1 illustration after this.

Season 1, episode 12 – The Award

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Description:While examining for a history examination in the barn one night, mary accidentally knocks over a analysis lamp. After placing out the fire, a furious Caroline yells at her daughter. Later, mar takes a job at the mercantile to salary for part items damaged in the fire, then renders a decision that can further aggravate her partnership with she mother.

Fun Fact!Melissa Sue Anderson had actually never lit a complement in real life before acting in this illustration as mar Ingalls.

Did friend know?This is the very first episode of the series that Michael Landon walk not show up in in ~ all.

Season 1, illustration 13 & 14 The mr is my Shepherd – Longplay

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Description:The Ingalls family is delighted by the bear of a brand-new baby boy, Charles Frederick Ingalls. But Laura is jealous and refuses come pray because that his an excellent health. Once tragedy strikes, she is conquer with guilt and receives understanding from an i can not qualify friend named Jonathan. Jonathan is played by Ernest Borgnine. Her new friend helps address her feelings and makes her a one-of-a-kind wooden cross. While she is washing in ~ the creek, the cross falls off and floats downstream helping Pa to identify where she is.

Fun Fact!This is one of Melissa Gilbert’s “Top Ten” episodes. She has said the the tears in ~ the finish of the episode between her and Michael Landon to be real. No makeup results were required for this emotional scene!

Did you know?The in-town part of this two-part episode was filmed before the Tinker Jones episode. You have the right to see the the church doesn’t have a bell early in the episode.

Favorite Quote:“Dear Pa, ns can’t create what’s in mine heart because I can’t get the words come come out at the end of my pencil.” -Laura Ingalls

Season 1, illustration 15 – Christmas in ~ Plum Creek

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Description:With Christmas approaching anyone works difficult to do the holidays special. If Mary starts working overtime because that the town seamstress, Charles raises extra money by reconstructing part wagon wheels, yet perhaps the greatest shock the the season come from small Laura, whose an individual sacrifice will certainly reaffirm everyone’s expertise of genuine family love.

Fun Fact!Do friend remember the green scarf that Laura knitted for Pa in this illustration after dyeing the yarn environment-friendly using onion skins? Onion skin actually deserve to be offered to dye yarn green. You have the right to see just how in this herbal dye article we created.

Did friend know?In this episode, three-year-old Carrie has actually two far-reaching one-on-one scenes with Charles; very first when she asks Charles what Christmas is, and also again once she and Charles are talking around Santa in the center of the night on Christmas Eve. We don’t check out Carrie communicate this much with her father again until Season 5’s “The Godsister“. Many fans credit transaction this as their favorite Carrie step in the series.

Season 1, illustration 16 – family members Quarrel

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Description:Mr. And also Mrs. Oleson get into a vast argument and decide to separate. The Ingalls and also their friends try to intervene and convince them to clear up their differences.

Fun Fact!Look easily for the male in the confirm shirt, dark vest and also hat, who follows Mrs. Foster into the store simply as the Olesons open up the doors. Might this be the elusive Mr. Foster? as soon as Charles (holding Carrie) beginning the stockroom to talk to Nels, one deserve to briefly watch Mrs. Foster in the store, turning to ask this guy a question, when holding part merchandise. Together nobody addresses this mystery man by name during the scene, however, the viewer have the right to only presume that this is undoubtedly Mr. Foster.

Did girlfriend know?This episode is report to be Katherine MacGregor’s (Harriet Oleson) favorite episode from Season 1.

Season 1, illustration 17 – Doctor’s Lady

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Description:Harriet Oleson’s young niece concerns town because that a visit and also is automatically attracted to Doc Baker. A whirlwind romance follows and despite their far-ranging age difference they end up being engaged – till an unexpected occasion leaves lock both with a crucial choice to make.

Fun Fact!Season 9’s “Love” share a lot in common with this episode. Mr. Edwards drops for a young woman who is fifty percent his age, only to realize that marriage would eventually be a burden to her.

Season 1, episode 18 – The Plague

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Description:Several human being in Walnut Grove get an extremely sick. A quarantine is collection up in the church when the resource of the disease is sought.

Fun Fact!Michael Landon’s daughter Leslie shows up in this episode as the ailing girl Charles checks up on.

Did you know?The Boulton’s house in this illustration is the same building as the residence that Peter stayed in from illustration 3, The 100 Mile Walk.

Season 1, episode 19 – The Circus Man

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Description:The Ingalls obtain a midnight visitor from will certainly O’Hara, a traveling circus man who, through his irresistibly charming demeanor, persuades Charles to let him set up in front of your home. As soon as O’Hara’s “magic powers” virtually cost one appendicitis-stricken Mrs. Oleson her life, Charles asks that to leaving town, just to monitor him down again in the wake up of a family members crisis.

Fun Fact!Dr. Baker performs surgery and also removes Mrs. Oleson’s appendix in this story. However, in Season 6 episode “The belief Healer” he asks the the young be sent to a city hospital for the very same procedure. We likewise hear that mourning his lack of surgical skills in Season 8 illustration “Dark Sage” together he compares self to Dr. Ledoux.

Season 1, episode 20 – kid of Pain

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Description:When a young boy named Graham Stewart come at college every work with various bruises, nobody has the ship to carry out anything until his alcoholic father almost kills him in a drunken rage. The Walnut Grove community is wake up to help, but Caroline encourages them come – because that the child’s sake.

Fun FactNellie Oleson originally had actually her hair closely styled each day, but during Season 1 they had actually a wig tradition ordered for her. This enabled her elaborate hair format to keep it’s styling with long hours of shooting. That was, in ~ the time, among the most expensive wigs developed for a TV display as the was created lock by lock to enhance her herbal hair colour as lot as possible.

Did you know?In the 1970s human being were beginning to talk openly around social issues and family problems that had actually previously been thought about private. This is one of numerous episodes that deals with a sensitive social issue. Historically, separation, personal, instance neighbors, schools and other public establishments did not interfere in cases of domestic violence in those days and it would have been rarely for a child prefer Graham to it is in taken far from his family.

Season 1, illustration 21 – Money Crop

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Description:A college-educated farmer called Joe Coulter moves to Walnut Grove and tells the farmer of a brand-new hybrid the corn that would certainly produce an excellent crops, and he even agrees to collect everyone’s money and take a expedition to purchase the corn for everyone. After an accident ~ above the means home, Joe is unable to return ~ above time, resulting in everyone in city to feeling cheated.

Fun Fact!This post provides information around the various heirloom corn ranges that Pa may have actually planted and also the means that the Ingalls family and other pioneers supplied corn in their day-to-day lives.

Did girlfriend know?”Mrs. Coulter to be played through the daughter that Lee J. Cobb, Julie Cobb who later on married Victor French (Mr. Edwards).

Season 1, illustration 22 – Survival

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Description:Charles decides to bring Caroline and the youngsters along because that a springtime expedition to Mankato, however on the means back, they must seek sanctuary from a vicious blizzard. They find a deserted cabin that enables them to develop a fire and also shack increase for the moment being, but problems ensue as soon as Charles should go hunting to feed his family.

Fun Fact!Today Mankato is a mid-sized city top top the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Highway. The highway was first designated in 1995 together U.S. Route 14 indigenous Lake Benton in southwest Minnesota come Mankato in the south-central part of the state. Laura Ingalls Wilder chronicler John E. Miller composed a fascinating book called Looking for history on Highway 14.

Season 1, episode 23 – To see the World

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Description:Johnny Johnson leaves to “see the world” and also Mr. Edwards goes along with him to save him the end of trouble. Johnny meets up with a girl that is able to trick him out of a many money. Mr. Edwards trys to sway the girl to convince Johnny come return home.

Fun Fact!Two earlier episodes are referred to in this episode. The first: “Mr. Edward’s Homecoming” (they remember exactly how Charles rescued him from the saloon). The second: “The Love of Johnny Johnson”. After ~ this episode, Johnny is never ever heard indigenous again.

Season 1, illustration 24 – Founder’s Day

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Description:With a Founder’s Day occasion approaching for Walnut Grove, anyone prepares because that a celebration finish with games and heated competition. Everyone in the Ingalls family members ends up participating, many notably Charles, that meets an unlikely nemesis in the log-splitting competition. See some of the types of gamings pioneers would certainly really play throughout this era.

Fun Fact!This episode opens up with Jack in ~ the creek obtaining himself a drink of water and then running back towards the house. This video clip is the exact same opening scene, music and everything, together the opened of the illustration “Country Girls”.

Did friend know?This episode celebrates the anniversary the the starting of Walnut Grove. The historical town the Walnut Grove was surveyed in 1874 and also officially incorporated in 1879. See an ext about the historic locations that Laura’s life here.

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