flying Pokemon is a renowned typing. Several of them are among the strongest Pokemon around, therefore we"ve bring away those and also ranked them.

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Three flying form pokemon next by side
flying mixes with a lot of various other types, for this reason it can be an extremely versatile because that those who want to do an all-Flying-type team. Flying Pokemon are an excellent because they space immune to Ground-type moves. That method Earthquake, a an extremely common competitive move, does not touch them. A many them can additionally learn Roost, i m sorry is great for healing. However, they have to be careful of their weaknesses: Electric, Rock, and also Steel-Type moves room super efficient on Flying-Types.

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right here are some of the strongest and best Flying-Types around, ranked under from least solid to strongest. Although most of this perform does not encompass legendaries, we've decided to encompass five the the strongest to represent them.

Updated ~ above September 23, 2021, by Allison Stalberg: There is much more to these Pokemon than simply their raw strength and also type. It is good to recognize their base stats, evolution line, abilities, and kind effectiveness. When they space all Flying-type, every Pokemon has actually a unique collection of strengths and also weaknesses relying on far much more than just their type.

The strongest Flying-Types space those that out-maneuver others in terms of moves, stats, abilities, and type combinations. The is great to recognize that these Pokemon can wow opponents with much more than simply not being influenced by Earthquake.


Noivern paris in the skies from the Pokemon anime
Base Stats: greatest in Speed. Lowest in Attack. Evolution Line: Evolves native Noibat in ~ level 48. Abilities: Frisk or Infiltrator (Hidden capacity is Telepathy). Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground-type. Resists Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, and Grass. Is weak to Rock, Dragon, and Fairy. Super weak versus Ice. introduced in Pokemon X&Y, Noivern is a wicked-fast bat v a lot of various movesets in that arsenal. Looking for utility? Noivern delivers Taunt or Defog along with Roost, making it a heavy support.

need something that can hit tough with powerful special attacks? Noivern have the right to do that together well, giving a wide selection of extremely potent moves. Looking to simply scream it the end at this uncaring world? Noivern can do that as well with its accessibility to Boomburst, even if that's sub-optimal. Every little thing the case, Noivern can supply some outstanding coverage for any roster.

Togekiss native the anime
Base Stats: highest possible in special Attack. Shortest in Attack. Evolution Line: Level increase a Togepi with high Friendship to evolve into Togetic and then evolve Togetic through a glowing Stone. Abilities: Hustle or calm Grace (Hidden capability is super Luck). Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground and also Dragon-type. Resistant to Fighting, Bug, Grass, and Dark-types. Weak against Poison, Rock, Steel, Electric, and Ice. Togekiss is a Pokemon for the can be fried gambler, roll the dice with every single move. That is two key abilities, serene Grace and Super Luck, room all around playing to every battler's least favorite element: luck.

the isn't sufficient that this Pokemon has access to Nasty Plot, Roost, and a number of solid one-of-a-kind attack options to make use of its vast special assault stat; it additionally needs to be a slot an equipment in bird form. It borderline feels prefer hacking as soon as using tranquil Grace Togekiss, as every waiting Slash appears to flinch. If Togekiss gets rolling, it have the right to feel difficult to malfunction in a civilization without Stealth Rocks.

Pelipper flying with pink sky
Base Stats: highest in Defense. Lowest in Attack. Evolution Line: Evolves from a Wingull in ~ level 25. Abilities: Keen Eye or Drizzle (Hidden capacity is Rain Dish). Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground-type. Resistant to Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, and also Water. Weak to Rock-types. Super weak against Electric-type. Pelipper, because that the longest time, experienced as just another Route One bird Pokemon. It has actually underwhelming stats and typing that isn't as well great, definition it has little punch come pack. However, its toughness doesn't come indigenous itself, yet from exactly how it allows its team.

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video game Freak blessed the old pelican through Drizzle in Sun and Moon, making the the definitive supportive Pokemon in any kind of rain team. It provides Defog for entry hazards, Roost to keep itself healthy, and also can quickly pivot the end to a sweeper with U-turn. Pelipper will never spike any kind of Pokemon, yet its capacity to collection is second-to-none.

17 Hawlucha

Hawlucha was standing proudly
Base Stats: Highest in Speed. Shortest in special Defense. Evolution Line: Does no evolve into or from any kind of Pokemon. Abilities: Limber or Unburden (Hidden capability is Mold Breaker). Type Effectiveness: Immune come Ground. Resistant come Fighting, Bug, Grass, and also Dark-type. Weak against Flying, Electric, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy. Hawlucha is a deceptive bird Pokemon v how good it have the right to be due to just gift a single-stage fighting/flying Pokemon. However, it has been OU due to the fact that its enhancement for a reason. The boasts incredible speed that is virtually unmatched with Unburden, and a solid strike stat that offers it many of room to flex that muscles.

Hawlucha have the right to restore its own health also using Roost, making sure the sweep can't be stopped so conveniently once that is set up. That isn't maybe to break down the toughest walls without any kind of boosts, but with lock it yes, really is incredible. With some of its counters currently gone, Hawlucha is one of the majesties of the squared circle.

Base Stats: highest in Speed. Shortest in unique Defense. Evolution Line: Fletching evolves right into Fletchinder in ~ level 17 and also then turns right into a Talonflame at level 35. Abilities: Flame human body (Hidden capability is Gale Wings). Type Effectiveness: Immune come Ground. Resistant come Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and also Fairy. Weak versus Water and also Electric. At sight weak versus Rock-type. The artist formerly known as "Smogonbird," Talonflame has had both crushing dominance and also a period of middling success. It to be untouchable in X&Y, where the cleaned house using remarkable priority moves v Gale Wings. However, v plenty of checks to priority and a Gale wings nerf in Sun and also Moon, the fire-type bird Pokemon couldn't quite gain going like it used to.

Fortunately, with its visit come Galar and also a pair that Heavy-Duty Boots, Talonflame is coming for the throne as soon as again. Time will tell simply how solid Talonflame will certainly be in the meta, yet its significant power has presented that it to be unstoppable once, and may be unstoppable again.

15 Staraptor

Base Stats: Highest in Speed. Lowest in unique Attack and Special Defense. Evolution Line: Starly evolves to Staravia at level 14 and also then turns right into a Staraptor in ~ level 34. Abilities: Intimidate (Hidden capacity is Reckless). Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ghost and also Ground-type. Resistant to pest and Grass. Weak versus Rock, Electric, and Ice. Staraptor is a well-loved bird and also flying-type Pokemon, however it is often much more outclassed as new Pokemon have actually become component of the competitive scene. However, it deserve to take out particular threats in competitive pat with powerful and strategy moves prefer Brave Bird, U-Turn, Double-Edge, near Combat, Tailwind, Defog, Pursuit, Giga Impact, Roost, Substitute, Retaliate, fast Attack, Return, and Final Gambit.

They room most useful in niche situations, so the is why they are the least strong on this list. The is encourage to have the concealed Ability, Reckless, since that boosts Brave Bird.

Base Stats: Highest in special Defense. Lowest in Attack and Special Attack. Mega Altaria is highest in Attack, Defense, and also Special Attack. Shortest in HP. Evolution Line: Evolves native a Swablu at level 35. Abilities: Natural healing (Hidden capacity is Cloud Nine). Mega Altaria has actually Pixilate. Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground. Resistant to Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, and Grass-type. Weak against Rock, Dragon, and Fairy. Super weak against Ice-type. The Mega kind is immune come Dragon and resistant come Fighting, Dark, Bug, Fire, Grass, Water, and Electric-types. Mega Altaria is likewise weak come Poison, Steel, Ice, and also Fairy. who doesn't love this fluffy bird's design? This Dragon and also Flying-Type can Mega-Evolve, however that renders it lose its Flying-Type and also it gets replaced with Fairy-Type. So we room not walk to discuss its Mega-Evolution. However, we have to say the it has become a much bigger competitor on trainer teams due to its Mega-Evolution. On its very own though, it currently has an remarkable defense.

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referrals for movesets include Draco Meteor, Dragon Dance, wait Cutter, Roost, cure Bell, Toxic, noodle Guard, Dragon Pulse, safe Guard, Refresh, and also Flamethrower. It's best to choose based on your details Altaria's stats.

13 Salamence

Base Stats: highest in Attack. Shortest in Defense and Special Defense. Mega Salamance is highest in Attack and also lowest in unique Defense. Evolution Line: Bagon evolves into Shelgon in ~ level 30. Shelgon evolves right into Salamence at level 50. Abilities: Intimidate (Hidden ability is Moxie). Mega Salamence has actually Aerilate. Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground. Resistant come Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, and Grass-type. Weak come Rock, Dragon, and also Fairy. Super weak versus Ice. Salamence is both a Flying and also Dragon-Type. That makes it supervisor weak versus Ice-Types. However, that is favored amongst competitors because that being a dragon that can use Roost. It can likewise Mega-Evolve, which provides it a really high rate stat.

that is immune to typical competitive moves such as toxicity Spikes and also Spikes. That can also use Dragon dance to slowly an increase its stats.

Base Stats: highest in Defense. Shortest in unique Attack. Evolution Line: Corvisquire evolves to Rookidee at level 18. Climate it evolves right into a Corviknight at level 38. Abilities: Pressure or Unnerve (Hidden ability is mirror Armor). Type Effectiveness: Immune come Poison and Ground-type. Resistant come Normal, Flying, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Dragon, and also Fairy. Weak against Fire and Electric-type. The brand-new bird the end of Sword and Shield, Croviknight is well-received by fans, both for its cool design and also its power. Like Skarmory, the is a Flying and also Steel-Type. It has a cool capacity called mirror Armor that can bounce back any stat-lowering effects.

great moves it can learn encompass U-Turn, Substitute, Drill Peck, power Trip, mass Up, strength Press, Roost, Taunt, Defog, and also Brave Bird. Few of the finest items to placed on this bird would be Leftovers for healing or a Rocky Helmet because that damage.

11 Dragonite

Base Stats: Highest in Attack. Lowest in Speed. Evolution Line: Dratini evolves into Dragonair at level 30 and then the evolves into a Dragonite at level 55. Abilities: Inner emphasis (Hidden ability is Multiscale). Type Effectiveness: Immune come Ground-type. Resistant to Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, and also Grass. Weak versus Rock, Dragon, and also Fairy. At sight weak versus Ice. favor Salamence, Dragonite is Dragon and Flying-Type. It has actually a the majority of the same strengths and also weaknesses going because that it. However, its Multiscale capability makes the even far better than Salamence, as the ability makes that so that most assaults that fight Dragonite while it is at complete health have their damage halved.

argued moves because that Dragonite include Waterfall, excessive Speed, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Thunder, Surf, and also Hurricane.

Base Stats: Highest in unique Attack. Lowest in Defense. Mega Charizard X is highest in Attack and Special Attack and also lowest in distinct Defense. Mega Charizard Y is highest in one-of-a-kind Attack and lowest in HP and also Defense. Evolution Line: Charmander evolves into Charmeleon in ~ level 16 and then turns into a Charizard in ~ level 36. Abilities: Blaze (Hidden capability is Solar Power). Mega Charizard X has hard Claws. Mega Charizard Y has Drought. Type Effectiveness: Mega Charizard Y and regular Charizard room immune come Ground and Resistant to Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and also Fairy. They are weak come Water and Electric and also super weak versus Rock. Mega Charizard X is resistant come Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Electric. It is weak to Ground, Rock, and Dragon. This Fire and Flying-Type is an extremely popular as result of being a starter indigenous the very very first generation. Due to the fact that it could Mega-Evolve, it has end up being a very powerful foe. That can quickly eliminate Steel and also Grass-Types v no issue. As result of being Flying-Type, it have the right to learn Roost to keep itself in the game while raising itself up with Dragon Dance.

Other said movies incorporate Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Flare Blitz, Solar Beam, Defog, emphasis Blast, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Outrage. Girlfriend will have to watch out for Rock-Types, Water-Types, and also when Mega X-Evolved, likewise Ground-Types. Its Y version need to be wary the Dragon-Types.

9 Skarmory

Base Stats: greatest in Defense. Shortest in special Attack. Evolution Line: has no evolution. Abilities: Keen Eye or Sturdy (Hidden capacity is Weak Armor). Type Effectiveness: Immune come Poison and also Ground-type. Resistant come Fairy, Dragon, Normal, Flying, Bug, Steel, Grass, and also Psychic-type. Weak against Fire and also Electric. through Skarmory gift both Steel and Flying-Type, that is a highly protective Pokemon. However, it deserve to competitively struggle due to its short HP and Special Defense stat. Also, because it is Steel-Type, it is weak come Fire-Types.

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Recommended move to teach it include Toxic, Spikes, Roost, Whirlwind, Stealth Rock, Counter, and also Protect. An excellent items to give it would certainly be a Leftovers or Rocky Helmet. Perform be mindful of the move Taunt though, together that can destroy your Skarmory strategy nice quickly.

Base Stats: Highest in Attack. Shortest in distinct Attack. Evolution Line: Evolves indigenous a Magikarp in ~ level 20. Abilities: Intimidate (Hidden capacity is Moxie). Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground-type. Resistant come Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, and Water. Weak versus Rock and also super weak against Electric. Yeah, Gyarados is in reality a Flying-Type. Water and also Flying to be exact. As soon as it Mega-Evolves, it becomes Water and also Dark-Type. In spite of looking favor a dragon, it never has actually Dragon-Type, yet it can learn Dragon-Type moves.

It can have the ability, Moxie, which rises its assault every time that knocks the end an opponent. With that ability and its stats, it is a great offensive member the a team. Its significant weakness is speed, though. Great moves come teach a Gyarados encompass Bounce, Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Taunt, Earthquake, Crunch, and also Substitute. You've got to be careful of Electric-Types though.

7 Aerodactyl

Base Stats: Highest in Speed. Lowest in special Attack. Evolution Line: Does no have any type of evolution, but can be resurrected through the Old Amber fossil. Abilities: absent Head or push (Hidden ability is Unnerve). Mega Aerodactyl has tough Claws. Type Effectiveness: Immune to Rock. Resistant to Normal, Flying, Poison, Bug, and Fire. Weak versus Rock, Steel, Ice, Water, and Electric. Aerodactyl is another Flying-Type that have the right to Mega-Evolve. The is likewise Rock-Type, i m sorry helps against one that Flying-Type's biggest weaknesses: Electric-Type moves. Through its Mega-Evolution, Aerodactyl has actually a ton the speed and power.

stone Edge is known to it is in the best move come teach an Aerodactyl because that maximum damage. Other said moves encompass Roost, ice cream Fang, Aqua Tail, Pursuit, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Aerial Ace, Crunch, and Iron Head. However, Aerodactyl does have to watch the end for Water-Type moves and faster threats.

Base Stats: Highest in Defense. Shortest in special Attack. Evolution Line: Evolves from Gligar when it hold a Razor Fang at night and also levels up. Abilities: Hyper Cutter or Sand Veil (Hidden capacity is toxicity Heal). Type Effectiveness: Immune come Ground and also Electric. Resistant to Fighting, Poison, and also Bug-type. Weak to Water and super weak against Ice. Gliscor is loved because that its versatility. As result of this, it deserve to be a quite unpredictable competitor. Unpredictability is good! It additionally has quite the defensive typing: Ground and Flying-Type! the makes among Flying-Type's best weaknesses, Electric, not as poor anymore. It likewise has great healing methods as it deserve to use Roost and also has the capability of poison Heal.

That way you desire this guy to host a toxic Orb. That way, that Poison heal will instantly be in effect, even if your foe does no poison you. An excellent moves because that Gliscor encompass Facade, Roost, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Toxic, Stealth Rock, Defog, and Knock Off.

5 Kantonian Zapdos

Base Stats: highest in unique Attack. Shortest in Defense. Evolution Line: Has no evolutions. Abilities: Pressure (Hidden ability is Static). Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground-type. Resistant come Flying, Fighting, Bug, Steel, and Grass. Weak versus Ice and Rock. The legend Bird Trio indigenous Pokemon Red and Blue have had a challenging life. Because the arrival of Stealth Rocks, Moltres and also Articuno have actually been compelled into hiding, living in are afraid of losing half their health and wellness on switching in. V the Heavy-Duty Boots, they're finally allowed to at least contend with the rest. Zapdos, ~ above the other hand, just got stronger.

when Galarian-Zapdos is cool and unique, it's hard to beat the stats and capability that Kantonian Zapdos has. Revolution is quite an effective as a covert ability, and also Pressure is constantly useful together well. Plus, with good speed and special attacks, it's a serious offensive electrical threat with an excellent defensive typing.

Base Stats: highest possible in Attack and Lowest in unique Defense for Incarnate Forme. Therian Forme has the highest in Attack and the shortest in unique Defense. Evolution Line: Has no evolutions. Abilities: Sand pressure (Incarnate Forme), Intimidate (Therian Forme), and Sheer pressure (Incarnate Forme surprise ability). Type Effectiveness: Immune to Electric and Ground-types. Resistant come Poison, Bug, and Fighting. Weak against Water and also super weak versus Ice-type. return Landorus-Therian is notorious in OU because that its versatility and also complete stranglehold the the metagame, continuous Landorus is even more dangerous. With much more speed and a emphasis on special strikes in mix with thin Force, Landorus has the power to one-shot also other bulky legendaries.

On peak of this, it likewise has the capability to collection rocks together with breaking walls, miscellaneous that no a lot of other rock-setters deserve to claim. Sure, Stealth Rock might be nerfed in Sword and Shield, however they're tho ever-present. Landorus has always been able come shine, and the recent generation doesn't adjust that.

3 Yveltal

Base Stats: Highest in Attack and also Special Attack. Lowest in Defense. Evolution Line: has no evolutions. Abilities: Dark Aura Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground and Psychic-type. Resistant come Ghost, Grass, and Dark. Weak versus Rock, Fairy, Ice, and Electric. package legendary the Pokemon Y, Yveltal is a monster that's even much more versatile 보다 Landorus and its miscellaneous forms. Yveltal is frequently an attack specialist, utilizing its signature relocate Oblivion soup to great effect. That is statline and capacity boost this power as well.

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~ above the other hand, Yveltal hold an significant utility moveset, maybe to pressure walls to switch out with the risk of Toxic and also Taunt. It have the right to still fight decently hard as well, with Foul Play allowing it to inspect Pokemon that have currently spent time setup up. There space plenty of supplies for Yveltal, and even though it might be oft-forgotten through casual players, it's still shockingly powerful.

Base Stats: Highest in one-of-a-kind Defense. Shortest in Attack. Evolution Line: has actually none. Abilities: Pressure (Hidden capability is Multiscale). Type Effectiveness: Immune come Ground. Resistant come Fighting, Grass, and also Psychic. Weak against Rock, Ghost, Ice, Electric, and Dark-type. Lugia, a beloved legendary Pokemon, and also guardian of the seas, has immense power in the present metagame. Its ability, Multiscale, renders its solid bulk even an ext prominent by to reduce the damage of super-effective attacks. Even boosted Pokemon are often unable to take out Lugia in one-hit, and its heavy speed allows it to take it priority in drawn-out battles.

The war of attrition is the only one Lugia wins, unfortunately. The has great offensive stats, yet hardly enough to contend with various other legendaries. Despite that, that doesn't require to have actually a an excellent offensive presence once it checks many of the offensive dangers in the Uber metagame.

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1 Rayquaza

Base Stats: Highest in Attack and Special Attack. Shortest in Defense and also Special Defense. Evolution Line: none Abilities: Air Lock. Mega Rayquaza has actually Delta Stream. Type Effectiveness: Immune to Ground-type. Resistant come Grass, Water, Fire, Bug, and Fighting-type. Weak against Fairy, Dragon, and also Rock. Supervisor weak to Ice-type. Let's placed it this way: Mega-Rayquaza to be so overpowered it gained banned from also the Ubers-tier, other that hardly ever happens. Of course, it need to be considered the strongest Flying-Type in the series. Even constant Rayquaza is both difficult to kill, with its biggest weakness being Stealth Rocks.

Well, with the Heavy-Duty Boots, that weakness is currently gone. Rayquaza will have to trade offensive strength from the Life Orb for that safety, yet with a base 150 in both attack stats, it deserve to stand to lose some power. Also then, just having proper support in clearing rocks can allow Rayquaza to clean house. Rayquaza is easily the ideal Flying-Type in the entire series.