The black Eyed Peas is one American i know well hop/pop team based in Los Angeles. The group is created of,, Taboo, and also Fergie.

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1 I Gotta Feeling

As much as I took pleasure in the Elephunk album, this song reflects the Peas" sweet next by singing and also rapping around everything wrong in the world and also how world can do the human being better. It has aged prefer fine wine, and also during dark times prefer these, we should play this track to obtain through COVID-19. To add we get treated to an uncredited Justin Timberlake to sing on the chorus. This is my favorite black Eyed Peas song, and also I think that manages come be much better than their other work.

Imagine Mario personalities in "Where Is the Love" w/ various other crossover characters.Imagine Pedro (voiced by & still will certainly be & also from 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky"s "Rio" franchise) rapping the lyrics, Pinky the pink ghost (potentially voiced through Fergie) native Pac-Man to sing the Fergie lyrics, GonGon (from supervisor Monkey ball & potentually voiced by Jaime louis Gomez) rapping the Taboo lyrics & Lolo (from the "Adventures of Lolo" franchise & possibly voiced through Apl. De. Ap) rapping & singing the Apl. De. Ap lyrics.Your favourite Martian: civilization killing, civilization dying,Children hurt and also you check out them crying,Can you exercise what girlfriend preach,And would certainly you turn the various other cheek?Father, father, father, help usSend some guidance from above,"Cause people got me, acquired me questioning,Where is the love?Puff Puff Humbert: wherein is the love?Everyone: whereby is the love?Pinky the pink ghost: wherein is the love, the love the ...more

"The deep definition of the song is lot like a hymn. The lyrics space a heartfelt prayer for healing the experiencing in the world. The song cries out against misinformation and negative images in the media. The protests versus hate and apathy and encourages love for one another... Ns remember as soon as feeling separated from any sense that love; probably that"s why ns relate to the song."-William Scott

First off, this song is my FAVORITE black Eyed Peas song.Reasons:1) catchy beat2) good music video.3) it is a classic rap/pop song4) it is the track that made me placed the black Eyed Peas together my favorite band in the world, no joke.

3 eight Boom Pow

Groundbreaking! This record-smashing banger is nothing quick of a musical change we had the honor to witness. Because that my music taste (and for countless other world too) it to be a game-changer!

Boom, boom POW is the best BEP song ever. To me the song must be in ~ #1 and should be ahead of i gotta emotion by tons and also tons that votes since Boom, eight POW is awesome!

This track is the best! even my liven father whose not so great music lover likes this song so lot that the listens come it everyday. Uch the he listens to it everyday.

It"s a fab club no... Deserve to dance to it every night... Love fergie and also in the song... Please vote for that guys... Do it the ideal song of the year... The deserves to be on the top... Come on people!

4 Just Can"t acquire Enough

This is a an excellent and change song the the black eyed peas all thee Latin american love this song. Not by much, yet this is the best Black eyed peas song. After looking at all of these, I"ve realized exactly how many an excellent songs the they actually have! it seems right after one tune starts to acquire a bit old, another one becomes a hit. The BEP"s are legit and also now one of my favorite groups! I just love it.!

I"m a fan of your 2008-2011 music as I favored the digital pop music lock made. This song in particular has constantly been my favourite though because I liked how they made a ballad kind song however gave it a modern feel by including electronic part in the verses and also the outro is so nostalgic.

The crown jewel of The Beginning! Rich, clean, gorgeous - sounds and also vocals! A rolemodel because that the use of synthesizer and also autotune in electronic music. This song still sounds futuristic. Dis is mega switcha!

This song is for this reason good! How deserve to it only be #8? This song has actually a really great beat and also nice lyrics. World who like slower songs deserve to like it just as much as human being who like fast songs! You will certainly hit the replay button more than when on this song.

5 Pump It

THE best driving song... And dancing... And also showering... And also the best song EVER... Ns go krazy once I hear this song... That isn"t play on the radio practically enough.

This favor vintage black Eyed Peas! which people! This need to be among the ultimate party songs! PUMP IT!

This song is therefore catchy! The factor I start listening to the black color eyed peas must be means higher! which people!

A good song with impressive music and also power perhaps the finest song of all times. IT should BE THE first in this list.

6 The Time

The time should be number 1, "cuse its completely different than the black eyed peas various other songs even if that is abit prefer there new song Don"t protect against the party... The black eyed peas used a lot of of technology and it took them long time to do this song"as the black eyed peas said" however really this tune is on my peak 1 i LOVE IT!PS:I"m a peabody that means that ns love all the black color eyed peas songs however the time is my height 1...

The black color eyed peas space a tape that has actually this design template that technology is the future and this song definitely shows that.

This is just great song... Come on ns gotta emotion at 1st place--This 1 is way far better than that...

This song shouldn"t be on here. The beat come this track is just exceptionally obnoxious, most likely their worst beat

7 Let"s gain It Started

This tune is therefore upbeat! The track gets friend in to such a great mood! This is the best song the the black color Eyed Peas ever before made! The luck is superb and also the to win is excellent! The group has yes, really done a good job! This need to be the best song there ever before was! finest Song In The WORLD!

This tune is in mine opinion clearly their best! that is by much the catchiest and is the most fun come sing along to. I like that that is fully their older layout as opposed to their more recent stuff

Why room all the noobs voting for i Gotta Feeling? ns Gotta Feeling is among their worst song. Let"s get It Started, ~ above the various other hand, is awesome, and also most the the rather here.

This to be the great times. When the black eyed peas didn"t sound like robots. Deserves to be higher.

8 Meet Me Halfway

Beautiful song dripping v atmosphere! Gorgeous to sing by Fergie. And the video clip is therefore visually luscious - my favourite video of BEP!

Number 8 because that this song. Ns don"t recognize why it is here. However this track is so beautiful and well performed that it takes mine breath away. It have to be in peak 3 in ~ least. From my side it"s the ideal song ever by BEP. THE E.N.D.

This song should be number 1. This is by much their best song ever. Ns hope you men will agree with, and I discover it pretty annoying to have to write so countless words in order come post

This tune is simply WOW.. And also freaks you will be missed..! Don"t be so dumb people.. Come on.. This is a beautiful song.. Vote for it, and bring it to the top.. At least in height 5. Superb song

9 My Humps

I think this song, besides the "The Beginning" album, is the reason the band is often hated. Personally, I have nothing against it, but that is likewise because as a non-native speak you can fully tune out the lyrics.Production-wise, the albums "Elephunk" and "Monkey Business" space awesome. And also their rapping/singing is just them offering in come the the atmosphere of every song and also spreading good vibes. Castle aren"t really hip hop. They room a team who once had a sound influenced by different music genres and also cultures, and also that made them enjoyable.

Heard this song when I was yes, really young. It maintained playing on my radio and I had no idea how to resolve it so i was listening to it pretty much all day. This is as soon as I learned how a Repeat switch works

It is mine favorite track ever! I simply love it! The lyrics aren"t the finest but it is an extremely funny and also catchy! Plus: It winner a Grammy!

The first time i heard this song, I began crying it to be so good. This song gained me listening come music.

10 Imma Be

Imma bee! A classic! have to be number 4, in ~ least. I Gotta emotion is rubbish.

Imma be is agreat song. Occasionally it it s okay annoying when my friends song it on and on and also on.

This is one of my favorit black eyed peas songs however I favor it far better mixed with rock the body therefore ha gaaay!

The second half of the track in itself might secure the #1 spot. Certain amazing

11 Rock that Body

Are you " kidding me? 14? This track is WAY much better then "I Gotta Feeling"! This must be number 1! You"re all crazy...

You say you love black color eyed peas but you not vote for therefore song?Are girlfriend insane? This in my favorite tune dude...It much better

This track is the best thing i have ever before heard. Why is it no number 1?

Rock the body which come on rock the body... I love this tune I to be in love with this song... And also especially the component where that says... Ns wanna rock appropriate now...

12 Don"t Phunk v My Heart

Exceptional lyrics, vocals, and the music video is hilarious. This song is infectious and also the beat will hook friend the first time friend hear it. If you have not heard this song, then you have no idea what you are missing.

The greatest Song Thus far By black EYed Peas, what is it the competitor list, it needs to it is in in the peak ten... No! Number one!

This song have to seriously be in top ten.. Come on civilization its among the ideal one! song such together my humps and meet me in the halfway appear there! :/

I Think this track is far better than some songs in the optimal 10. Please guys. Permit this song go into the height 10

13 Don"t avoid the Party

Why isn"t this higher? This is my favorite song, it"s for this reason much much better than boom boom pow! Heck, it"s much better than many of the song above!

I think most people has no heard this tune yet, dunno why Gotta Feelin, eight Boom Pow at the over on the list once there is this brand new bang..

Tis tune is really great so it need to be lot higher. Black color Eyed Peas suck however this song is completely an exception.

The ideal party tune ever, particularly when fergie enters at the beginnin and also the beat at the end just kills it... Have to be certainly number 1 just pumps you up

14 Shut Up

This is their ideal song although they have many great songs, my height ten would certainly look something favor this:1. Closeup of the door up2. Whereby is the love?3. Don"t phunk v my heart4. Hey mama5. Meet me halfway6. Don"t lie7. Let"s gain it started8. I gotta feeling9. Simply can"t get enough10. Lacking you

Imagine if Puff Puff Humbert sang the second verses & is tho voiced by ray William Johnson. Well, that will happen eventually. And guess what? your Favorite Martian is a band that will no longer stay retired.

Come ~ above guys! This masterpiece song shouldn"t it is in number 14! It"s totally unfair?

15 Hey Mama

Dude... You gotta hear to this track!That"s AWESOME!The track of this tune is way too col...

Shakira? Ricky Martin? Lou Bega? No, it to be this tune that made me fall in love v Latin popular music music. Thank you so lot BEP!

Hey Mama is most likely one the the finest Black Eyed Peas songs of Elephunk.

16 Bebot

Wow, people actually understand this song? Cool!I mental those days as soon as this to be the only song playing at parties. Haha, I miss those days.

In the height 10 in ~ least,1 Bebot2 Rock that body3 #WHERE IS THE LOVE? (why isn"t the on this list)4 shut up5 simply can"t obtain enough

Why is the no17... That way far better to it is in here

Great song however not also famous, yet you gotta listen to it, you will certainly freaking love this song

17 Now Generation

This song really some"s increase the generation we are in and also it"s simply so damn good, it has actually a nation feel come it and its together a dead songs favor this one, gone going and also one tribe have been fully forgotten since of the main stream success the this bands techno garbage

18 Party all The Time
19 Missing You
20 Gone Going

It"s criminal exactly how this as well as one tribe and now generation space going to be forgotten however songs choose boom eight pow space going come go under in history, i can"t insurance claim to be a large black eyed peas fan but the song of there"s I do like i really like, this being my favourite, has meaning, something i wasn"t expecting as soon as listening come it

21 Don"t Lie

This song... This was the very first music video clip I saw of The black Eyed Peas and also their music make a fan. Not only a peabody, no. The black color Eyed Peas have become my favourite tape 15 years ago and, guess what? They quiet are.

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This song is good. My list - Something like this1. Simply Can"t gain Enough2. Whereby is the love?3. The Time4. Let"s obtain it started5. Alive6. Don"t lie7. Smells like Funk8. The Apl Song9. XOXOXO10. Imma Bee

I favor this. My top ten is this:1# Pump It2# Imma be3# Don"t lie4# ns Gotta Feeling5# Don"t avoid the party6# Don"t phunk with my heart

This song must be #1. That is perfect and it"s the best thing the Peas have ever before done.