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Sounds favor the compressor is not running as soon as it should and also you are uncertain of the connections to gain the compressor running automatically? Attached room the electric diagrams.When the suspension elevation sensor detects a short body problem it signal the air suspension module that grounds its pin 23 and also Dark Blue through yellow tracer cable to the air suspension compressor relay pen 85 and also the relay gives power come the waiting suspension compressor. So is the relay pin 85 grounded? The circuit is it is provided by fuse 12 (30A) native the engine compartment fuse box and provides power with Light blue v pink tracer wire to pins 30 and also 86 on the relay. The solenoid in between pins 85 and also 86 ~ above the relay near (when power and also ground used to relay) the move for strength to run from pin 30 to pin 87 top top the relay. Pin 87 top top the relay is connected to the compressor through a Grey through red tracer wire. The compressor must run.The wait suspension device should be sealed (unless there is a leak) and the only way of permitting a pressure drop is for the air suspension module to strength its pin 24 and administer power come the vent solenoid top top the compressor through the pink wire. Examine to check out if the is gift powered to release air indigenous the system.The height sensor under the left rear suspension need to be functioning correctly. It is a directly tube that can get much shorter when the human body is low and needs waiting or longer when the human body is high and needs to lose air. An electrical signal speak the air suspension module the the suspension is in ~ the right height (trim height). Suspension height transforms occur as required when the automobile is stationary yet delayed by about 45 seconds as soon as the vehicle is gift driven.It is possible to advanced the behind suspension through switching turn off the suspension in the trunk and removing the air suspension module connector and grounding the compressor relay to start the compressor and also providing 12 volts at the module harness connector (BR/PK wire pen 13 and T/W wire pen 25 connectors harness side) to the rear air spring solenoids to open up them.

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As soon as the suspension is up to level remove the connectors because that the behind spring solenoids and remove the soil to prevent the compressor. The EVO strength steering help reduction will be disconnected if the wait suspension switch is off and also the connector eliminated from the wait suspension module (just in situation you take a drive and wonder what is up through the steering).Good luck.