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"Fast Lane" is the lead solitary by i know good hop duo poor Meets Evil, a group composed of Royce da 5"9" and Eminem, from their an initial EP Hell: The Sequel. The solitary was developed by Eminem, Supa Dups, and also Jason "JG" Gilbert, and released on might 3, 2011 by Shady Records. Texas rapper Chamillionaire released a remix. A music video was produced by manager James Larese of music video clip direction group Syndrome. The music video clip features animated visuals and also kinetic typography, through cameo appearances by Mr. Porter and also Slaughterhouse. Fans and also critics thought about it a return to Eminem"s Slim Shady change ego. The song was well received compared to the remainder of the EP and also was thought about a highlight of Hell: The Sequel. Critics favored the track for its change from Eminem"s layout in Recovery. Rolling rock called the "1999-style". Negative Meets angry performed this tune at the 2011 Bonnaroo Music & arts Festival and the Lollapalooza music festival.more »

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First verse, uh, I"m ~ above "til I"m top top a islandMy life"s ridin" ~ above the Autobahn top top autopilotBefore i touch dirt, I"ll death you every wit" kindnessI kill ya, my organic persona"s much worseYou"ve been warned if you"ve to be born or if you can formSlap increase a cop and then snatch "im the end of his uniformLeave the wit" his socks, difficult bottoms and also bloomers onAnd hang him by his balls indigenous the horn the a unicornY"all niggas" intellect mad slow, y"all fags knowClaimin" friend bangin", you flamin"Bet you can light your very own cigarette witcha assholeMe and Shady deaded the past, therefore that basically resurrected my cash flowI could rap tight together the snatch that a fat dykeThough ns ain"t sheathe tightMy blood type"s the "80s!My "90s was like the Navy, friend was prefer the BradysYou still paris kites daily!Catch me in mine MercedesBumpin" "Ice, ice Baby," screamin" Shady "til i dieLike a fifty percent a pair of dice, life"s crazySo ns live it come the fullest "til I"m SwayzeAnd you just live it once, therefore I"m thinkin" "bout this nice, nice ladyWait, no, protect against me currently "fore I get on a roll (Damn)Let me tell you what this pretty little dame"s name is, "cause she"s kinda famousAnd i hope that ns don"t sound as well heinous when I say thisNicki Minaj, however I wanna stick (My cock in her anus!)You morons think that I"m a geniusReally ns belong inside a dang insane asylum, cleanin", try them trailer parksCrazy, ns am back, and I to be razor-sharp, babyAnd that"s ago wit" a resources B wit" an exclamation markMaybe you should listen as soon as I flip the linguistics"Cause I"m"onna rip this mystical slick shitYou don"t wanna become another victim or statistic that this shit"Cause after ns spit the bullets, I"ma treat these shell casings favor a soccer ballI"ma kick the ballistics! So obtain this dick, I"ma live thisI"m livin" life in the rapid laneMovin" at the rate of life and I can"t sluggish downOnly acquired a gallon in the gas tankBut I"m almost at the complete line, so ns can"t protect against nowI don"t really know where I"m headed, simply enjoyin" the rideJust gon" roll "til ns drop and ride "til ns dieI"m livin" life in the quick lane (Pedal come the metal)I"m livin" life in the rapid lane (Pedal to the metal)YeahMy totality goal together a poet"s to be serene in orbitAt war wit" a bottle, this Captain Morgan attacks my organs (C"mon)My slow circulation is euphoric, it"s favor I rap the endol pin (Woo!)I do a pact v the evil one that says "I"ll permit you take it meYou allow me take it this shovel, destruction up the corspes, Jack Kevorkian" (C"mon)Go "back and also forth in much more beef the you have the right to pack a fork inI"m livin" the life that the infinite foe downMy tenement, too plenty of now, come send mine serenity powersSpin "em around, enterin" in the vicinityNowWas called Eminem, yet he threw far the candy and also ate the rapperChewed him up (Pt!) and spitted him outGirl, giddy-up, currently get, acquire downHe"s lookin" roughly this club and also it watch like civilization are havin" a shit fit nowHere, small t-t-trailer trash, take a look who"s back in t-t-townDid i s-st-stutter, motherfucker? F*ck lock allHe"s turn off the totality motherfuckin" Walmart d-d-down every time he come a-r-r-roundAnd he came to the society tonight wit" 5"9? to organize this bitch downLike a motherfuckin" chick underwater, he"s tryna d-dr-drownShawty, as soon as you dance, you acquired me captivatedJust through the way that you save lickin" "em dicks like her lips I"m agitated, aggravatedTo the suggest you don"t suck my dick, then you"re gonna acquire decapitatedOther words, friend don"t fuckin" offer me head, climate I"m need to take itAnd climate after takin" that, I"ma capture a case, it"s gon" be fascinatin"It"s gon" speak "The totality rap video game passed away" on peak of the affadavitGraduated from understand debater slash massive masturbatorTo Michael Jackson" activator (Woo!)Meanin" I"m ~ above fire turn off the top, could wanna ago up the dataRunnin" end hip-hop in a verbal tractor-trailerHomie, this sick, girlfriend can normally ask a haterDon"t it do sense, these shell casings is as with a bag that paperDrop in the lap the a taxes evader (Homie, they spent)Now make that ass drop favor a sack of potatoesWhat, girl, I"m the crack-a-latorPercolator come this party, be my cock ejaculator laterTell ya boyfriend that you just struck paydirtYou rollin" wit" a player, you won"t be exaggeratin" when you sayin"I"m livin" life in the fast laneMovin" at the speed of life and I can"t slow downOnly gained a gallon in the gas tankBut I"m nearly at the end up line, so ns can"t protect against nowI don"t really recognize where I"m headed, just enjoyin" the rideJust gon" roll "til i drop and ride "til i dieI"m livin" life in the fast lane (Pedal to the metal)I"m livin" life in the quick lane (Pedal to the metal)I"m livin" life in the rapid lane (Pedal come the metal)I"m livin" life in the rapid lane (Pedal to the metal)

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poor Meets Evil negative Meets angry is one American hip hop duo indigenous Detroit, Michigan that is composed of rappers Royce da 5"9" (Bad) and Eminem (Evil). Lock are finest known for collaborating top top a self-titled song that appeared on Eminem"s major-label debut album The Slim Shady LP in 1999, their at an early stage association v Dr.

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