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Left 4 Dead Cheats for PC

developers Console cheats At the main menu, pick "Options," then "Keyboard/Mouse." permit "Allow developer Console." during gameplay, press "~" to access the console. Type in "Sv_Cheats 1" and also press "Enter" to allow the cheats. Then, enter any type of one that the following:

effect Effect tongue_range z_pounce_damage X z_witch_burn_time z_health z_speed director_no_human_zombies 0/1 ent_fire !self addoutput "gravity 0.10 director_panic_forever 0/1 director_force_panic give ammo provide pistol impulse 101 give autoshotgun provide health provide gascan give hunting_rifle give molotov provide oxygentank provide pain_pills provide pipe_bomb offer propanetank provide rifle provide first_aid_kit z_spawn weapon_SMG god buddha 1 sb_openfire or open_fire (console will tell) director_no_mobs firstperson Ent_Remove z_witch_damage thirdperson_mayamode thirdperson thirdpersonshoulder z_common_limit z_tank_health z_frustration_lifetime sb_friendlyfire director_stop z_spawn zombie eight fire z_spawn z_spawn mob z_spawn boomer z_spawn hunter z_spawn smoker z_spawn tank noclip z_witch_allow_change_victim sv_infinite_ammo 1 Vocalize tongue_fly_speed X z_pounce_door_damage X sb_give XXXX retry
(Default 750) to adjust the maximum variety of the smoker"s tongue attack
amount of damages you want to carry out to survivors
Amount the time before a burn Witch dies from fire (does not affect damage caused by fire)
Change Zombie Health
Change Zombie Speed
Disables/enables controllable Boss Infected on any kind of map
Enables low gravity jumps, falls, and also pounces. (works for infected players)
Enables/Disables never finishing panics.

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Forces a scare event
Full Ammunition
Get Pistol
Gives Ammo come Your main Weapon
Gives auto shotgun
gives full health
gives gascan
gives searching rifle
gives molotov
gives oxygen tank
Gives pains pills
gives pipebomb
gives propanetank
Gives friend an Mk 47 (machine gun)
gives you first aid kit
Gives girlfriend the SMG.
just prefer god but you get damage(sometimes if you room the only survivor left girlfriend can"t receive damage from infected)
makes her bot team members shoot nonstop
No lot rushes
Play in very first person (default); this cheat is only important if thirdperson setting is enabled
Removes every Bots
Sets the amount of damages a Witch"s attack does.
Sets the camera come be resolved in place while in either 3rd person or third person shoulder mode. Go into once to rotate on and enter again to turn off.
Sets the camera to it is in in third person mode.
Sets the camera come over-the-shoulder 3rd person mode
Sets the maximum quantity of continuous zombies
Sets the maximum health of the Tank
Sets the number of seconds till the player loses regulate of the Tank from not attacking survivors
Sets even if it is or not bots (and only bots) are allowed to carry out firendly fire damage
Shuts off all wanderers, mobs, specials, and also bosses
Spawns 1 Zombie
Spawns a active pipebomb under you.
Spawns a lighted molotov right on the floor under you.
spawns a distinct infected (infected names:hunter,boomer,smoker,witch,tank)
spawns a zombie horde
Spawns boomer at location of crosshair
Spawns hunter at location of crosshair
Spawns smoker at location of crosshair
Spawns tank at ar of crosshair
Toggles No trimming Mode
True/False setting that allows the witch to change targets rather or focus on the one survivor the alerted she first
Unlimited Ammunition
Vocalizes/makes the player speak anything prefer vocalize playereatpills
x= lot of rate that you want for the smoker"s tongue to fly
x= preferred amount of damages to pounce with doors
x= preferred entity to give to her bot team members (the console should give you a list)
You can unlock success while making use of cheats (after start sv_cheats 1, go into retry so that it will certainly restart the video game with the cheats on)

Contributed by: HyperRyun, consolexpertise, natenate101, FirestarterJ, fried197, HumanBean17, persona3fan, DecayingMadness, N33, destroyteachers, M2-WesWong, YankeeSY, Jinthey, clow987, fadeddanger, XGenkaiX, illusionturtle, 1337onator


Complete each problem to gain the allotted Achievement.

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Unlockable Unlockable collection 101 Infected top top fire. survive a project firing no guns other than pistols. death all four Survivors top top one life together a Tank. leave a safe room to conserve an incapped teammate and bring them back Cover 4 Survivors v Boomer bile in ~ once. drag a Survivor x distance through your tongue. girlfriend or another Survivor take it no damage after being vomited on through a Boomer. do 100 headshot kills. earn a copper medal in Survival setting on any kind of official level. irradiate a Witch v a Molotov. Constrict 2 Survivors ~ above one life together a Smoker. shove a Boomer and also then death him there is no him splashing ~ above anyone. death a Witch v a solitary headshot. survive the Dead waiting campaign. heal a fellow Survivor once your own health is listed below 10. punch a Hunter together he is pouncing. Dole out 5000 complete Survivor damage as a special Infected. knife at least a bronze medal top top every official Survival level. Sneak past all Witches in a campaign without psychic one. Pounce two different Survivors top top one life as a Hunter. Rescue a Survivor from a Smoker"s tongue prior to he takes damage. cure 25 Survivors v a very first aid kit. make it through the Blood Harvest campaign. Save another Survivor indigenous a unique Infected when on the ground. recreation 50 incapacitated Survivors. Rescue a Survivor trapped in a closet. knife at least a silver medal ~ above every main Survival level. support a Hunter turn off of a pinned and helpless Survivor. Headshot a Hunter while he"s leaping. Incapacitate a Survivor after he has entered and also exited a safe room. finish one round of survival on The last Stand. knife a gold medal on every main Survival level. Single-handedly kill a Tank. endure the No Mercy campaign. Protect any kind of Survivor indigenous an attacking Infected 50 times. kill 10 Smokers as they space pulling helpless Survivors. to win a project with all 4 Survivors. survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Specials. provide pain pills to 10 Survivors. blow up 20 Infected in a solitary explosion. death 1000 Infected with a mounted device gun. Play through a campaign with no Survivors acquisition friendly fire damage. knife a silver- medal in Survival mode on any type of official level. kill an Infected through a single blow indigenous behind. survive a project without being incapacitated. all Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on. kill a Tank without it dealing any type of damage come a Survivor. make it through the fatality Toll campaign. death a Smoker who has got hold of you through his tongue. irradiate a Tank v a Molotov. to win a campaign without ever before using a very first aid kit top top yourself. No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle. earn a yellow medal in Survival setting on any type of official level. survive all projects on Impossible. death a Witch without any kind of Survivor taking damages from her. Survive any kind of campaign top top Impossible. death 53,595 Infected.
101 Cremations
Akimbo Assassin
All 4 Dead
Back 2 Help
Barf Bagged
Big Drag
Blind Luck
Brain Salad
Bronze Mettle
Burn the Witch
Chain Smoker
Clean Kill
Dead Baron
Dead Giveaway
Dead Stop
Dead Wreckening
Distinguished Survivor
Do no Disturb
Double Jump
Drag and Drop
Field Medic
Grim Reaper
Ground Cover
Helping Hand
Hero Closet
Heroic Survivor
Hunter Punter
Jump Shot
Lamb 2 Slaughter
Last Stan
Legendary Survivor
Man vs Tank
Mercy Killer
My Bodyguard
No smoking cigarettes Section
No-One Left Behind
Nothing Special
Red Mist
Safety First
Silver Bullets
Spinal Tap
Stand Tall
Stomach Upset
Toll Collector
Tongue Twister
Towering Inferno
Violence Is Golden
What space You Trying to Prove?
Witch Hunter
Zombicidal Maniac
Zombie Genocidest

Contributed by: Daz_man123, drakiller22

Crash Course achievements

Complete each problem to get the achievements.

Unlockable Unlockable as A Tank hit 20 Survivors v a automobile in the Crash food campaign. survive the Crash course Campaign. Pounce a Survivor for 25 points of damages in the Crash course campaign. Restart the generator in ~ 30 secs of it shutting off. Smoker pull a bile-covered Survivor until you host him throughout Crash Course. win a Versus project of Crash Course. shock a Tank with an to explode in the Crash course campaign. death 5,359 Infected in the Crash food campaign. your team wipes every Survivors ~ the escape auto has opened up in Crash Course. her team incapacitates 3 Survivors within five seconds.
20 automobile PILE-UP

Contributed by: LordAndrew

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