What walk Leer do in Erich Maria Remarque"s novel All Quiet ~ above the western Front? I"m supposed to describe what the major events proficient by this character were.
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Leer, one of the minor characters in Erich Maria Remarque’s novel All Quiet top top the western Front, is depicted in a number of different episodes before he meets his can be fried fate. Those episodes encompass the following:

at one point, as the guys are looking in ~ a poster featuring...

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Leer, among the minor characters in Erich Maria Remarque’s novel All Quiet ~ above the west Front, is illustrated in a number of different episodes prior to he meets his can be fried fate. Those episodes encompass the following:

At one point, together the guys are looking at a poster featuring a young woman,

Leer and Tjaden stroll up; they look in ~ the poster and also immediately the conversation becomes smutty. Leer was the first of our class to have intercourse, and also he gave stirring details that it.

In other words, Leer is connected here with sex-related experience but additionally with a particular sexual crudeness.

Later, Leer is excited in ~ the prospect of having sex v a French woman and succeeds in act so.Later still, however, Leer is fight by shrapnel, is seriously injured, and also quickly dies:

Leer groans together he supports himself on his arm, the bleeds quickly, nobody can assist him. Prefer an emptying tube, after ~ a couple of minutes he collapses.

What use is it come him currently that he was such a great mathematician in ~ school.

Leer, then, is one of many personalities in this novel whose experiences seem very ironic. That is young, healthy, sexually motivated, sexually potent, and also sexually mature, and in every these methods he is associated with life, liveliness, vigor, and also strength. However in a 2nd his life and body space torn personally by shrapnel and in a couple of seconds or minute he bleeds to death. He was “a an excellent mathematician in ~ school” (a truth that unexpectedly web links him also with the intellect, not just the body); he was sexually experienced, self-confident, and successful; yet in practically no time the is dead. Everthing the he symbolized is now snuffed out. His obvious superiority (in part ways) to the other males vanishes in one instant. The typifies the young guys who, during human being War I, died by the millions upon millions. The symbolizes the tragic waste of war, and of that war especially.

Something extra: Leer is a character that invites fist from the view of "archetypal" criticism. This is method to literature that stresses certain simple stories, themes, and also character species that often tend to show up in numerous works of literature and that tend to appeal to readers regardless of your different an individual or cultural backgrounds. Leer fits the archetype of the Virile Young male -- the male who seems destined because that success in life since of his strength, his confidence, and also his appeal come the the contrary sex. Leer seems to embody some type of elemental life force. He seems the very opposite that anything the is weak, sickly, or subject to death -- a truth that renders his abrupt, unexpected death seem all the much more ironic. If Leer had actually been a weakling or complete of fear, his death can not seem for this reason shocking. However he is simply the opposite, and so his fatality drives house to us the horror and waste of war.

Yet Leer seems to it is in an "archetypal" character in another way as well: often in works taking care of warfare, the is specifically such personalities as Leer who are reduced down through death. (A different kind of example of this archetype is the character play by note Lee in the great film around World battle I title Gallipoli.

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) Writers regularly emphasize the tragedy of battle by emphasizing the deaths of young males who seem full of life. Together deaths are practically archetypal in battle fiction, and so Leer is selected by Remarque to play this archetypal role.