Chest have their beforehand origins together far ago as the Egyptian era and also Middle Ages. Primarily, chests were portable storage tools that hosted the possessions a household owned. Occasionally the chest to be the only furniture a household possessed and hence, it served multiple purposes, consisting of a table and a chair.

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However, in the 18th and 19th centuries, cedar chests to be popularized since of their capacity to loss insects and moths native beddings. The characteristic smell of it likewise gave fabrics made fine sought-after.

As the years advanced, the chests take it on an also special purpose. As a young lady approached marriageable age, her family members would gift her a chest containing items standing as contributions come the marriage. Eventually, a bride’s chest has attributed the name ‘hope chest’ for she would carry in items she hoped will support her marriage.

Discovering an impressive cedar chest the was manufactured before the 20th century is a happy find. And if you to be fortunate come come throughout such pieces, you could rack in some hundreds of dollars and at times, thousands.

But just how do you identify such rare pieces? This identification overview will assist you classify an neck cedar chest for value.

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How To confirm A Cedar Chest’s AntiquityMarket Valuation Of neck Cedar Chests

How To check A Cedar Chest’s Antiquity

Now the you are ready to choose up/identify an neck cedar chest, how have the right to you call an original from a fake, redone/ reproduced design that tote the neck look? also some sellers acquire bumped by these scams. There are separating features to aid you identify the antiquity of a cedar chest and also make a successful purchase.

1. Manufacturers

One that the very first sign that offers a clue to the originality of her antique cedar chest is the physical signature that the manufacturer. Antique cedar chests were developed by practically every furniture maker. Together such, there to be physical signatures, engravings or trademarks to assist identification.

Popular Cedar Chest Manufacturers

The adhering to were top rivals of the cedar chest manufacturing market in the 1900s:

The roadway CompanyEd Roos of forest ParlCavalier of Chattanooga, TNCaswell-Runyan in Huntington, IN

2. Wood

Check the assorted wood materials if they are by the very same manufacture and possess the same features. Fake models sometimes have actually woods that room mismatched at the top and also at the bottom

3. Hardwares

The hinges and also metal components of a cedar chest can assist you pinpoint even if it is it is really or not. Most times, these steels are forged by hand by steel workers; and are typically made with pure wrought iron. You deserve to trace the slim imperfections the the steels with your hands.

Another aspect of the hardware you need to think about is the dovetails. Dovetailing is a term used to depict the meshing joints of two perpendicular angles. Due to the fact that a sizeable quantity of antique cedar chests were made by hand, friend can easily detect the flaws in the handiwork

4. Cracks/Worn-out lines

Another significant sign friend would need to issue yourself v is cracks. These worn-out lines space evidences of consistent use the the furniture throughout its expected period. Girlfriend can’t intend well-finished timber to bring these marks. This worn the end lines have the right to be detected on the surfaces of the antique cedar chest or on the inside.

Market Valuation Of neck Cedar Chests

To effectively estimate the possible market value for an antique cedar chest, you require to worry yourself with several interdependent factors. Then, you will need to incorporate these components to acquire a good grasp of the feasible market value.

The adhering to are some factors that affect the value of your antique cedar chest:

1. Manufacturer’s Mark

Antique cedar chest manufacturers significant their products in details ways and at different locations—either v a stamp, steel tag, or brass plate. If you can uncover this information, the would carry out clues as to the value of the item.

When completing companies started producing similar chests, markings to be paramount and discreet. You must check areas out the sight an especially at the bottom that the chest and underneath the lid.Companies like Ed Roos have actually variations in their production marks. Part chests have their unique rooster symbol through an ‘Original’ mark, part didn’t. Various other times, it would have actually a tree symbol or a love heart symbol—for the sweetheart category.Companies like Lane have their mark showed v a tiny brass plate.

2. Age

Most antique cedar chests have actually a serial number engraved or stamped top top a section of the chest. This serial number likewise doubles together their manufacturing day of the chest.

An amazing fact to keep in mind is that the serial number is come be read backward (i.e. From right to left). This invariably way that a serial number would either be six digits mirroring the date, month, and year of creation.

For example, if a chest’s serial number reads ‘2562230’, the production date would be March 22nd, 1965. The first number seen over (or seventh, if you’re reading for manufacturing date) is one extra number that can be present. That is commonly an indication of the manufacturing facility site the antique chest to be manufactured. In this case, this chest was produced at website ‘2’.

If her antique cedar chest was manufactured during the 1920s or 1930s, you can be stop a an useful piece in hand.

3. Craftmanship

A an excellent way to recognize the worth of your antique cedar chest was to keep in mind the craftmanship offered to species the neck piece. If the dovetail joints are cleanly lined and also finished, it a great sign the the piece was machine-produced. However, uneven and also roughly cut joints are indicators of hand-crafted pieces—and these room priced at greater rates.

4. Condition

Note closely the problem of her antique cedar chest. Are there scratches? Possibly lacking pieces? Worn out cedar? every one of these undermine the value of her chest in the market; especially when that is matched with an additional chest in better condition.

Examine if the chest has been re-stained or repainted or includes other adjustments. If so, there will certainly be a diminish in industry value. Part models of antique cedar chests come with stuffing and also upholstery, mirroring their originality. Take her time and examine the bits

5. Style and also Shape

Different providers made cedar chests in miscellaneous styles and shapes. The Lane company was famed for this.

 They had antique cedar chests made in traditional styles (in the 1920s). This chests had the typical hinged peak that can be locked through a key. They supplied cedar to heat the chest’s inners however used a variety of products such together cherry and also walnut because that the exterior. Girlfriend would regularly see in-depth carvings that give the chest a phenomenal lookThe lane firm manufactured cedar chests in the Chippendale and Art Deco style (between the 1930s – 1940s). These chests had actually embellished woods through striking geometric shapes in inlay regions. Some had actually hinged shelving boxes within the chest for storing items. If you own a Chippendale-styled neck cedar chest, friend will notification its distinctive ornate carvings and ball-and-claw feet.They created antique cedar chests in Mid Century and Danish contemporary styles (the mid-1940s – so late 1960s). This chests’ aesthetics were cleaner and also possessed angular feet. The designs additionally had complex wood stains the looked more industrial. Others featured upholstery, drawers, and even rarely Tuxedo-style.

If you have a rare hand-painted chest produced in the 1920s, you can be certain that it would be highly desirable than a single-lid chest made in the 1970s.

6. Safety locks

Chests the were produced prior to the so late 1980s had actually a distinct feature. They contained locks that could catch and lock automatically when the lid shuts. Sadly, this resulted in the inadvertently entrapment and also tragic fatality of some kids who gained shut within the chest and also suffocated.

Consequently, the companies dubbed for a remind of this locks for security reasons. But, back several people took the end the locks, the is estimated that end 6 million that the 12 million cedar chests produced within the timeframe still did not safety and security locks installed.

Thus, the market value of an neck cedar chest without a security lock would certainly be greater as it mirrors an earlier manufactured design.

Pro-Tip: If you gain an neck cedar chest (with the initial catch-and-shut lock) to be used long-term, that is advisable to obtain the lock exchanged or removed for security purposes.

Generally, antique cedar chest deserve to value in ~ $99 to an median of $300-$400. Because that rare and also decorative chests, the price have the right to go together high together $700 if it still holds its original hardwares and is in pristine condition. However, to obtain the precise value of your antique cedar chest and ease the hasle the self-evaluation, you can seek the services of an professional appraiser

Final Thoughts

Antique cedar chests room coveted for their adaptability in mordern times and also phenomenal statemensts. However, you should be on guard when purchasing this neck furniture. The reality that reproduction is possible makes mistakes on acquisition common.

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If friend still feel puzzled at any point, us recommend you consult a professional for ease. In fact, there space online antique sites and communities that could give a guideline to antiquity.