The Ultima Weapon makes its return in Kingdom hearts 3, however players very first need to track down the recipe and materials needed to handmade this extremely powerful keyblade.

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For many fans, Kingdom mind 3 has been a long time coming. V the wait lastly over, numerous players are quickly realizing that there"s a lot come this game, in both story as well as gameplay mechanics. Keyblades are an additional a major component that the KH series, and also like in the vault games, this 3rd entry has actually a number of hidden or unlockable ones the players have the right to come across.

One such blade, the Ultima Weapon, provides its return together the ideal keyblade in the game. The basic statistics alone put the weapon in a course by itself, featuring 13 strength and 13 magic. Together for abilities, the Ultima Weapon is a good melee weapon together it has actually combo boost, waiting combo boost, and also situation boost. It likewise unlocks Sora"s can be fried Form, which provides the player a unique moveset, new abilities, and large attacks with really high damages output.

for such a powerful weapon, it"s walking to take a little bit of effort and also grinding to have the ability to craft it. Here"s just how to unlock the in Kingdom hearts 3.

gain the Recipe

The first step in this process is to obtain the recipe necessary to handmade the weapon. In stimulate to execute this, football player will require to acquire 58 different synthesis materials. These items are relatively common and drop indigenous beating enemies, destroying rocks in the gummi ship, manufacturing them from a workshop, and also being discovered as arbitrarily drops indigenous treasure chests.

players can also head come a Moogle Workshop to check out how countless materials they have by going to Collector"s Goals. When 58 is reached, the Ultima Weapon recipe becomes available to use.

kingdom understanding 3 ultima weapon stats
v the recipe unlocked, players now have the choice to craft the blade, return the requirements and also materials necessary are quite high. The required items are 2 Wellspring Crystals, 2 Lucid Crystals, 2 Pulsing Crystals, and also 7 Orichalcum+. Wellspring crystals commonly drop from luxury monsters and can be bonus from details events like fight Portals in mountain Fransokyo. The various other crystal species can it is in synthesized in ~ the Workshop as lengthy as the requirements are met.

The Orichalcum is a very rare crafting product that is earned as a prize through miscellaneous activities. Several of these encompass finding 80 the end of the 90 happy emblems, recognize a endowment chest ~ above Exile Island and also The last World, gaining a random reward indigenous a Moogle Postcard, defeating the Omega maker Boss in The Eclipse galaxy, finding all 10 Treasures during the Frozen Slider minigame, and earning 3 fruit high scores from all of the Flantastic Seven when replaying worlds.

Once every one of the vital materials room obtained, players can craft the Ultima Weapon from the Synthesize Items page in the Moogle Workshop.

Kingdom hearts 3 is accessible now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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