The weather in a indigenous here has been MISERABLE, rather cold because that this area, the usual rain and also here lately freeze ice and snow. I have been law what I deserve to on the Pete gaining ready to at some point drive end to Scrap, Brian"s home and also do part wiring. I noticed the critical time I started the Pete, that ns couldn"t advanced the idle during warmup, ns noticed that as soon as I drove the truck residence after acquiring the commercial hitch eliminated the Jake brake didn"t work. It to be a couple of days ago when I started the truck ns noticed the there wasn"t any cost-free travel in the clutch pedal, the pedal to be firm right at the top and the pedal sat around an inch and a half lower then it normally did.

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So I began working the network trying to figure out if any kind of of these points were related, it transforms out that they ARE. What I discovered was the the clutch return spring had broken, this is a simple spring you could probably obtain at a good hardware store the trouble is girlfriend can"t even see the darn thing from under the truck. I can see the end that is attached come the frame however I can"t check out the linkage that the other end attaches to. Through this feather being broken, it allows the pedal come drop, this consequently actives the clutch safety and security switch which turns off the Jake brakes and the cruise control. I showed this by beginning the truck and then placing my foot under the pedal, pulled the pedal up through my foot and also the cruise regulate worked to rise idle speed.

So I assumed I had the problem figured out, well ns was right around the clutch return spring but then one more problem led to the same thing come happen, it transforms out that the plunger the activates the air brake as soon as you push down top top the brake pedal to be sticking. Therefore again I began looking top top the net and also found that this to be a common problem top top the Peterbilt"s. So i took the brake pedal out, pulled the plunger the end of it"s casting, cleaned every little thing up and also it currently works similar to a new one.

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But that still pipeline me v replacing the darn clutch return spring, i have worn down every thing I deserve to think of on the net; do the efforts youtube nothing, tried the source guide nothing, looked at every Peterbilt, website I might find nothing, the just thing i did find was whereby one driver claimed that to change his he had actually to remove the air tank that is bolted to the back of the battery box. I had a hell of a time acquiring under the truck to take it a watch in that area and I"ll be darned if I deserve to see whereby removing that air tank would certainly allow access to the area yet it might. I"ll need to wait until the slush melts prior to I have the right to tackle that job. In the during if anyone have the right to offer any kind of guidance just how to change that darn feather I certain would appreciate it THANKS.